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Epilogue – Short Epilogue of DOOM

« Prepare yourself, filthy beast of meat and hair. Your magical love adventure begins NOW! » -Zim (Tak, the hideous new girl)

It took several weeks before anyone at Skool even noticed the subtle change in Dib and Zim's interactions. They still argued a lot and very loudly, over stupid subjects that held no relevance whatsoever to the rest of "normal" people. They still fought sometimes, but always seemed to disappear soon after and nobody even cared where they went. They walked sometimes side by side, discussing animatedly of boring subjects, like the paranormal and science and taking over the world and why you shouldn't try it again, Zim. They still called each other names, but somehow the meaning of Space-boy and Dib-thing had become softer, more like pet names. They never held hands, but the knowing smirks they sometimes shared could reveal it all to someone who took the time to notice. But nobody cared, and nobody bothered. They were left alone and liked it that way.

Nobody was fool enough to confront Zim about his brand new shirt, a drastic change after so many years of wearing his uniform. No one asked about the ambiguous meaning, because no one wanted to provoke the wrath of the green psycho who managed to break Torque's jaw. No one even asked about the matching tattoos they both wore behind their necks and the meaning behind them, but that would be assuming that people knew that there was a meaning.

The best thing, in Dib's opinion, was that nobody ever bothered him anymore. Because Zim had made clear that no one, and I said NO ONE, touched what was his and HIS ALONE.

Dib could live with that.


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