Opposites Attract

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Snow was falling outside and Raven had just gotten a cup of her favorite herbal tea in her right hand and the newest Clive Barker novel in her left. She had just gotten comfy when Beast Boy appeared behind her, a fistful of snow in his hand. The empath couldn't react fast enough and ended up with snow going down the back of her shirt. Her body shivered at the cold and she frantically tried to remove it but it had already melted. She glared up at Beast Boy who had a huge grin on his face.

"I got you Rae!" Raven's angry glare soon disappeared and she covered her face in her hands. Sobs soon racked her body and Beast Boy started freaking out. "C'mon, don't cry. It was just a little prank. Please I'll do anything to make it up to you!" Instantly Raven's sobs stopped and she grinned at him. A devilish grin that let the changeling know in no uncertain terms that he was in trouble.

"Anything eh? Well how about this: From now until this time tomorrow you are not allowed to kiss me." Beast Boy's jaw dropped and his eyes widened.

"Are you serious Rae?"

"Deadly serious Gar."

Ever since they had started going out a few months earlier Raven had become a lot more open. Because of her father's death she could now show emotion just like any other person but it was a hard transition for her to make after imposing such control on herself.

Beast Boy then went off dejectedly muttering about how cruel his girlfriend could be to his poor lips. About 5 hours later and even more chapters Raven was growing restless.

"Damn you hormones!" She raged but the empath put her book down and teleported to Beast Boy's room. As soon as she saw the changeling she hugged onto him tightly and kissed him deep on the mouth. When they pulled apart due to that pesky thing called breathing Beast Boy had a huge smirk on his face.

"I knew you couldn't resist my charms babe."

"I can so."

"Can not."

"I bet I can."

"What do I get if you can't do it?"

"I'll play Game Station with you for a week but if you come looking for me you'll have to meditate with me for the same amount of time, got it?"

"This will be easy."

Half an hour later both teens were kissing each other on the couch. Over the week that followed Raven learned an appreciation for the plot of Final Fantasy 7 while Beast Boy tried not to fall asleep during meditation.