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Lightning split the air outside the Logan house, little Rem Logan shivering in her room. The darkness seemed to coalesce around her bed, writhing like a snake, and the tiny star night light did little to drive it away.

So, grabbing her stuffed rabbit Mr. Trix, she got out of bed and ran towards her parents room.

Raven tossed around a little as she felt something shake her before finally opening her eyes.

Her seven year old daughter was looking at her with wide eyes.

"What's wrong sweetie?" the empath said.

"Scared..." Rem replied, holding out her arms. Raven picked her up then and placed her where her husband would normally sleep. But he was out of town thanks to a call from Robin and wouldn't be back for a few more days. "It was dark...monsters..." Rem whispered, causing Raven to hug her a bit tighter.

"It's alright Rem, nothings going to hurt you," Raven said, as soothingly as she could.

The empath wasn't quite ready to be both the strict parent and the fun one in lieu of Beast Boy's departure. And holding Rem close like this scared her. Ever since her daughter had been born she was terrified of losing control if something happened to her. Rem would see what a monster her mother really was.

And then she'd hate her.

Raven shivered a little at the thought but she felt something hugging her gently then and forgot about her fear for a moment.

"You scared Mommy?"

"A little..." Raven admitted.

"About what?"

"Being a monster," Raven decided to say. She was about to laugh it off in front of Rem when she felt two lips kiss her on the cheek and a tiny form cuddle closer to her.

"Mommy is mommy, not a monster." Raven laughed a little at her daughter's logic and returned her hug.

"Mommy..." Rem asked several moments later.

"What is it baby girl?" The child then handed her the stuffed bunny.

"Mr. Trix will protect you. But be sure to give him back, 'kay?" Raven had a confused expression on her face which caused Rem to giggle. "Give him a hug, he likes you!"

So Raven complied and hugged Mr. Trix.

"You know I was a rabbit once," Raven said softly. Rem pricked up her ears at that.

"Really?!" Raven nodded. "Did you have big ears and a cotton tail?"

"Yes I did." Rem started laughing once more but soon started to close her eyes.

"Love you...Mommy..." she whispered.

"Love you too Rem, goodnight," Raven replied.

As she watched her daughter drift into dreams she realized something.

She wasn't afraid anymore because she had Rem and her husband.

And that was enough to drive all of her monsters away.