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PS: The translation of Aran's jutsu is roughly "Lava Style: Impact Magma Bomb". Youganton is part of Aran's kekki genkai, which utilizes earth and fire to create a powerful offensive and defensive attack. He'll be in a later fic, with this story applying, so yeah, it WAS important.

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"Deidara, honestly! You're never home anymore, are you? I even told you beforehand I was coming back to the village!"

"A-anna! I had to do a job, un!"

"Hmph. Well, whatever the case, I guess you got here in good enough time. I still wonder though, what kind of job keeps a person out of the village FOR FIVE DAYS?! I had to rent a hotel room because you didn't even bother leaving a key to the door!"

"B-but Anna, I--"

"And one more thing." Anna suddenly stopped yelling, and threw her arms around Deidara. "I missed you so much."

"She missed me then, sure." Deidara mumbled to himself in a tone of deep depression, haunted yet again by the ghosts of his past. "I wonder how she would have felt...If she knew I'd murder her one day."

Two days ago, Deidara was banished from Iwagakure. Since those two days, he walked aimlessly into the land of earth. It was only a matter of days before he became public enemy number one, but his feelings wouldn't allow him to stave off the beaten path.

That night, he felt broken in so many ways. Torn from his life, and never able to get them back. He didn't even care about the village anymore. He just wanted a way to make things right. Though this was impossible. No amount of art or power could undo the damage.

Ever since he heard those grim words from the Tsuchikage, of Anna's death, and Aran's injury, there was this horrifying pain deep inside him. It wasn't physical, still hurt. Loss and heartache were likely the cause, he concluded.

Once, when he was in the Iwagakure Ninja Academy, he remembered hearing of an age old shinobi saying. 'Those with weak hearts are unable to find the power to become great'. A weak heart...It's what he had, but remembering this quote did nothing for him. It would have been more useful if he knew a quote that could help him eliminate this weakness.

That previous night, one of the kunai he held with him looked...inviting. But he couldn't bring himself to end his own life. Something was holding him back. Was it his own cowardice? Or maybe...he still held something dear to him.

The arts. Maybe they were the only thing binding his will to live. But what good was it to live with such a pain. He couldn't stand it, and it made him so confused. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!?" he yelled suddenly in the middle of the pathway. Birds in nearby trees flew away in clusters, as his cry of anguish echoed across the valley where he walked.

"It doesn't make a bit of difference how much I think about this, un! Argh!" The blond kicked a stone lodged in the dirt, knocking it into the air, right before falling to the ground, and pounding his fist to the earth. "There's no point! So why the fuck am I still brooding over it!? What's done is done! Why can't I...why can't I just...forget?"

After a few moments, Deidara stood up, and glared at the road ahead. Cast into the outside world with a weakened disposition. No means of protection save for the bags of clay at his side, and the kunai knife in his pockets. Was he going to be alright this time?

Light peered in through the curtains of the hospital room Aran rested in, and for the first time in days, the red haired child awoke, cringing at the pain from his sudden movements. "Ack! Ouch, this sucker hurts!" He looked at his left arm. It was completely bandaged, but from the stains of red he could see, his arm was busted open. But how?

"Oh, crap! I remember!"

"Remember what, son?" The Tsuchikage suddenly walked into the hospital room. "Are you feeling okay?"

Aran turned to his father and nodded. "Mhm. I'm okay. But...what about sempai? Is he--"

"Hmph. Deidara has been banished for what he did to you, son. Don't worry. He will never hurt you ever again."

Aran's eyes widened. "Wh-what?!? Father, you can't be serious! You banished Deidara-sempai?! How could you?!"

Toriyama's previously kindred face suddenly became stern, and he began to raise his voice in anger. "Not another word about it, Aran. Regardless of what you may think of him, the guy was a madman. He is lucky I am a man of honor and gave him the chance to live for his deeds to our village, but he is far too dangerous to be kept around. Especially around my first born son!"

This time, it was the eight year olds' turn to speak above his father. "FATHER, LISTEN TO YOURSELF! You are just being a stupid douche, thinking that the greatest person on the planet is a psycho?! Did you even look into this stuff at all?!?"

"Aran, don't you talk to me that way. I am your father, and you will speak to me with honor and res--"


His son's outburst was retorted with a mighty blow, right across his face. The impact gave him the incentive to silence himself at that moment, but his words didn't fade. Rather than cry, he stared his own father in the face, as if to relay his message in silence.

"I don't expect you to understand, since you aren't even a graduate of the academy yet, but I will lay down the law here and now." Toriyama's voice suddenly became harsher, and his face scrunched into a piercing scowl, causing Aran's own glare to break, and for him to back off in fear as his father ushered close to his face. "The Tsuchikage is the law of Iwagakure. Anything I say is written in stone. Others may abuse this power, but I do it to protect the ungrateful people like you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! I AM THE LAW!"

Aran was too paralyzed with fear to answer verbally, and merely nodded. Without another word, his angered father got out of his face, and walked out of the door, slamming it with so much force that the ceiling shook.

Aran turned his head towards the window. A storm was apparently on its way, due to the black horizon. It was an omen, he was certain. "Deidara-sempai...I never even got to show you my latest drawing..."

It was only a matter of time before he had come across one. Not even an hour later, Deidara had come across a Buddhist temple. An old one at that. The blond looked up into the sky, and noticed that the weather was about to take a turn for the worse. But even that wasn't the reason he began to walk up the stone stairs. Though he was never a religious man, the thought of some sort of comfort in his darkest times, however small and insignificant it was to him, compelled him to enter the large red doors.

The inside of the temple, however, was dark, and empty. Normally, there were monks inside these things, weren't there? "Hello?" he called out. "Anyone here?" Not even the chirping of a cricket. To him, this was a good thing, he guessed. He wasn't big on prayer, and didn't want to offend anyone by doing anything wrong. Not only that, but praying, at least to Deidara, seemed like a sign of weakness. Maybe it was that very opinion that kept him from being a man of faith. Maybe it was also the opinion that kept these dreadful events from lightening the burden placed upon his shoulders.

Even through the pitch blackness, he could see the brilliant architecture. The statues gleamed bright gold, even in the little amount of light that invaded the room from outside. Though it wasn't prayer or anything of a sort, it made him feel more comfortable. Perhaps, he figured, this was why people prayed at temples.

"It's magnificent, is it not?" came a deep, raspy voice from the blackness.

Deidara whipped his head around, scanning the room. He couldn't feel anyones' presence there. Just then, the lanterns that hung from the ceiling began to light up on their own, one by one, giving a tiny bit of light to the room with each small blaze. Slowly, three figures in black cloaks were revealed in the fire light. Two whom he recognized as Itachi and Kisame. And a shorter one, whom he had never previously seen.

The blond backed down a bit when he saw Itachi. He would never forget that face for a moment. Those cold, heartless eyes. It was almost as if, even now, he was gazing into his mind, seeking every means of intimidation he could find, and was using that knowledge all at once. A genjutsu user for certain, and no doubt responsible for that incident the other night. The one who ruined his life.

Deidara knew that he had to play it cool. If he showed no fear, maybe, just maybe, he could intimidate them and get them to finally leave him alone. Acting, too, was also an art. Standing up straight, the artist took a deep breath, and spoke in the most confident tone he could muster. "So, Akatsuki you say? Is that the name of this organization you guys keep begging me to join?"

Kisame nodded. "Yeah. And since you don't have much place else to go, maybe you should just join us."

Deidara changed his tone to sound more angry, even though being in front of these three terrified him. He knew that if they decided to attack, he would be dead in a minute. "Like hell if I care about that. Just leave me alone, and don't interfere with my enjoyment of art ever again."

"Enjoyment of art, you say?" Itachi said. "And here we thought you came here to seek divine aid of some sort. I suppose looking at statues can be comforting as well though."

The short one, who Deidara now recognized as the voice that called out from the dark, began to speak to Itachi. "So, I really have to make this brat my partner? He's got spunk, but from what I can see, he is the kind who ends up getting himself killed before you know it."

Itachi shrugged. "It's the leader's orders. His abilities will serve our cause."

"Hmph." retorted Sasori. "The kid wouldn't last ten hours. I don't see why the leader even bothered. Looking into his abilities."

"There's something that bugs me." said Deidara. "You people know about my abilities already? Who the hell are you anyway? Only those who have ties with Iwagakure could even get a hold of my basic profile, let alone know my abilities."

It was Kisame's turn to reply again. "You have been involved in anti-nationalist terrorist cells in surrounding countries, causing a number of explosions, correct? Well, we just so happen to get word on power like that quickly, and let's just say we have our means of looking into people we seem interested. Tell me, though, for what reason would a rogue ninja like yourself do such things?"

Deidara folded his arms and rolled his eyes. "Reason? Why would I need one of those? I merely take on contracts to blow things up. With my art, that is, hm."

Sasori raised his attention to the blond. "Your 'art'?"

The blond was finding it difficult to stay calm in this situation. Three guys that could easily kill him, and one that he wanted to take out himself. Seeing this as a window of oppourtunity for him to at least have his revenge, he reached his hand into the clay pouch, and began working the clay into the form of a deformed chubby spider with paper thin legs, and pulled it out for the trio to see. With any luck, an opening would be provided.

"Behold! Aren't you impressed? The product pursuing refined line-work matched with two-dimensional deformation! Hm! Now this is art! But my art doesn't end here. None of my works are static. When they have physical form, they're little more than models, hm! But they explode, too! And with that explosion, its essence is propelled to greatness, at that moment becoming the true work of art I intended!" He rose his right arm, showing the mouth on his palm to them. "And it's in that fleeting moment of grandeur that I see true art, hm! Art is a bang!"

Even though he was looking for a chance to nail the Itachi guy, he half expected them to be impressed by his speech. Perhaps, even in this time of depression, he still retained a shred of his former self. Still, when he looked at the trio rolling their eyes and turning every which way, a vein pulsated in his head.

"Damn, he's annoying." Sasori grumbled.

"Is he done now?" Kisame asked.

"Who knows?" replied Itachi.

"Grr...Listen, you ignorant tasteless barbarians, I don't care who you are, but I'll blow each and every one of you to kingdom come if you--" He quivered a bit when he saw Itachi step forward.

"Enough already." the black haired man said. "I'll take care of this." At that moment, the Uchiha closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them again, chills went down Deidaras' spine. Those eyes. The tri comma markings again.

Still trying to put on his act, Deidara assumed a combat ready stance, extending his arm out. 'What ARE these eyes?' he thought to himself, gathering his courage. Perhaps killing Itachi here and now would soothe the pain he was feeling. "You want to fight ME?! Well don't underestimate me or my art! My ninjutsu is the very pinnacle of artistic accomplishment, hm!"

"If I defeat you...Then you WILL join Akatsuki."

Deidara reached behind his back with his other hand, and grabbed a handful of clay, working it into the shape of a centipede, then having it spring to life, and burrow into the ground behind his leg, and out of sight. Then, using the clay spider he had formed earlier, he threw it directly at Itachi as fast and hard as he could. Itachi responded in a most unusual way, though it worked out for him. The Uchiha actually took a wide leap backwards, making him soar back into a wall.

'Ha. This guy is shitty at fighting, it looks like.' thought Deidara, bringing his hands to his face, and sending a surge of chakra to the clay spider, now within a mere two feet of his enemy. 'Those mind tricks are all he has going for him. Rotten loser.'

The explosion went off, and covered his view of Itachi. For a moment, he thought he had him beat. But there was still movement from within the cloud of flames. Sure enough, Itachi burst out of the explosion from the sides, almost skidding on the wooden floor of the temple. He took control of his stance, and looked at Deidara.

The blond smirked again. Now he had him. From beneath the floorboards, the clay centipede burst forth, and wrapped itself around the Uchiha's left leg. "Is that all you've got?!" Deidara taunted. 'Game over, hm!!'

Itachi began to struggle as the centipede put him further in its grip, wrapping all around his body. But oddly enough, the fiend was smiling. "You...should take a look at yourself first."

"What do you mean, I--" Just then, the artist realized what Itachi was talking about. He too felt bound, and looked down at his body to see what was wrong. His own clay centipede had ended up wrapping around him. But how? It was around Itachi and--Itachi was no longer standing in the place he was a moment ago?

"That was a close call." said Kisame. "You were just about to blow yourself up."

Sasori muttered under his breath. "Like I said, he's going to get himself killed in no time."

"Genjutsu?!?" exclaimed Deidara. "When did you manage to--"

"From the very start." Kisame interrupted. "You were bound by the illusion from the moment you looked into Itachi's eyes."

A light began to shine on the side of Deidara's face, and he turned towards the wall Itachi had previously jumped into. It was utterly demolished between two statues, and standing in it, shaping the flow of light into the room, was Itachi, who murmered something out loud to the stunned artist.

"This is...Art." he said.

Deidara suddenly lost the will to command the centipede, and the clay creation fell limp onto the ground. He held his hand to his face to hide the sudden wave of frustration, now turning his face red in anger and shame. Itachi was mocking him. 'How could I be called out by someone elses' abilities like this? You're telling me art?! Spare me. I won't admit it. Ever!!'

"You've lost."

Deidara fell to the ground again, unable to cope with what had just happened. Now, even the supremacy of his artistic talent was stolen from his life. And again by Itachi. Damn him to hell.

Itachi pointed over to Kisame, and ushered for him to follow. The two then walked out of the temple. "Sasori, you can take the floor from here." Kisame said. "He's all yours."

The puppet master scoffed, and walked over to Deidara, who was still maddened on the floor. "I don't care much for you already. But I must know now. Are you in? Or are you out?"

Too much to bear. Nothing was ever going to be the same again. Itachi had ruined his life, and he didn't even have the power to kill him. But maybe, just maybe, if he did join with Akatsuki, he would have his chance again. If he didn't join, however...he may never have the chance to fight Itachi again, and claim vengeance for what he did. With this weakened heart, much could he actually do?

Just then, something inside of Deidara snapped, and he began to degrade his thoughts into maliciousness. There was a way to become stronger. Then, he would join Akatsuki, and kill Itachi once and for all. He looked up at Sasori, and nodded to him. " in. However...there is one final thing I want to take care of back in my village."

Back in the hospital, Aran tried and failed to get to sleep. The lights were out, and for the most part, the hall was quiet, but the storm outside was horrifying and loud. It had to be the worst he had seen in his life, and in a mountain region, storms were few and far between. Beyond that even, Aran hated the rain. It made him feel scared to hear the drops pounding at his window.

Moments after the last crack of lightning, the door to the room opened, and Aran's father walked in again. "They said you shouldn't move for awhile because of your injuries, but you can come home."

Aran slowly turned to his father and nodded. Toriyama was just about to say something else, when another Iwa nin walked in the door. "Tsuchikage-sama! Deidara was spotted within the village limits! Not only that, but he took out several of the border guardsmen!"

Toriyama turned his back on his son, and spoke in a panic at the ninja. "What?!? Tell me, where is he headed?!"

"The Shrine of Murakami!"

Aran's eyes widened. Deidara was in the village limits, but...he was attacking the villagers?! Something terrible was happening. The youth looked towards the stormy window and gulped, struggling to rise himself out of bed and stealthily open the window.

His father was too busy to notice his sons movement. "Then he's after...Hurry and dispatch as many special elites as you can to that point!"

"I already did, Tsuchikage-sama, and I--Wait, why did your son jump out the window?"

"Huh?!" Toriyama spiraled around, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw the empty bed and open window. Rushing over to the exposed outside, he hung his head out the window in enough time to see his son cut the corner. "ARAN! WAIT! Shit!" The Tsuchikage turned and ran out the door. This kind of defiance was exactly why he laid down the law, yet it always seemed to repeat itself.

Wind howled through the dark of night, and the mighty crashing of thunder echoed through the heavens. The bells above Marakuda Shrine wavered and dripped in the storm, clanging together. The shinobi that were stationed at the Shrine were hidden in the shadows, waiting for the one they knew would come.

Rain began to pour endlessly, as though desiring to drown the world. Lightning branched to every corner of the sky, and illuminated the path to the shrine, revealing a shadowy deranged person emerging from the top of the stone staircase. Hunched over, and on the borderline of insane, Deidara shot a powerful glare down the stone road, and placed his sights on the Marakuda Shrine, his target.

The shinobi in hiding watched the bomber walk slowly towards the shrine, reaching into his bag hanging from his side. And when another powerful lightning streak ripped through the skies, the shinobi of Iwagakure leapt from their hiding places in the trees and bushes, and came at Deidara from many angles, kunai and swords in hand, aiming to skewer the banish Iwa nin.

Without speaking a word, Deidara pulled his hands out of the bag, and ducked down low, throwing several clay spiders onto the bodies of the incoming ninjas, and waiting until they all landed. He took his left hand to his chin, and formed a hand seal with his middle and pointer finger, and shouted louder than the rolling thunder. "KATSU!"

The shonbi about faced, but just then, each one was engulfed in a large explosion, the size so large that Deidara himself was caught in the flames. The explosion cleared, and Deidara stood where he was moments before, unharmed other than his shredded clothing. He grabbed ahold of his tattered shirt, and ripped the remains of it off, causing water to flicker in a spray as he tossed it aside.

The rain continued to pour harder, and Deidara looked up into the sky, allowing the drops to collect upon his face and pour. "Looks like heaven is finally weeping for her. Fuanna..." Shaking his head, he turned his eyes once more to the Murakami shrine, and walked towards it eagerly, tears mixing with the rain on his face.

The heads of the villagers turned as Aran passed them in the streets, running with all the might and speed his tiny body could muster. He hated the rain. It was so cold, and made him feel weak. But his sempai was at stake here. If he didn't hurry, he would lose the chance to see his mentor again. The gates of the village were finally in view.

"Almost there! Deidara-sempai...Please, don't leave!" Despite the gates being closed, he continued to charge towards it as fast as he could. The guards at the gates noticed his mad dash, but since he was just a kid, they did nothing.

Aran performed a swift series of hand signs, and focused as much chakra as he could into his stomach. As he dashed, he arched his torso back, and took a deep breath. "YOUGANTON! SHINTOU BAKUHA MAGUMA!" He lunged his head forward, and spat out a ball of liquid magma. Despite the heavy rainfall, the orb of magma didn't seem to lose any heat, and shot right into the village gates, exploding on impact. The smoke from the explosion quickly cleared, and in the village gates was a large hole, the sides steaming with chilled magma.

Before the guards could react to this, Aran had already slipped through, not having changed his pace of foot. "Marakuda Shrine is only half a mile from here!" Aran said to himself. He looked off into the distance, past the ravine that loomed over the path, and in the direction of the forest that held the shrine. He could hear several blasts coming from it just now. But they weren't from thunder. No. He didn't have much time, and hastened his running.

Deidara stared at the forbidden scroll of the sculptor Marakuda with longing. The doors to the shrine where it was sealed allowed a glimpse of the scroll through the weaved holes in the design. But getting it out wasn't as easy as unlocking the doors and opening it, as he learned when he reached for the handles.

His hand was electrified by an unseen barrier of some kind, and he quickly pulled his hand away. "They were expecting a thief this time I guess.When I was little, the scroll was treated as myth, and the shrine was left unprotected. Now they've become a bit wiser about it. But something as little as this..." Gathering all the nerve he had, Deidara grabbed hold of the handles with both hands, willingly letting the electrical barrier surge the energy through his body, making him yell in pain. "THIS...THIS IS NOTHING! THIS IS NOTHING A ALL, UN!!! HAAAAAA!"

Thunder rolled across the land, and the storm increased in its ferosity, as the sound of the shrine doors breaking off of their hinges echoed through the shrine courtyard. The doors flew behind Deidara's back, and smashed onto the ground like aged cypress. Deidara took a moment to catch his breath, his entire body smoldering in agony. "This pain...Is absolutely nothing. Nothing compared to the pain I have to live with now." He reached for the scroll, and opened it up, spreading it across the dry inside of the shrine, and performed the hand seals. "Last time, I had no time to memorize the jutsu. After today, I'll never even need to use this jutsu again. The forbidden kinjutsu of the artist Murakami, which it was said he traded his soul to a demon for. The scroll that replaces the users' most useless features with useful ones. He cursed his own weak art, like I did. We are similar, I suppose, because I too used this when I was younger, hating my weak creations."

He finished the hand seals, and stopped for a moment, then slowly placed his left hand upon his chest. "But unlike him...I will use this again. First time, I replaced my hands, which brought me unsatisfying art. This time..."

Suddenly, a dark glow emanated from his hands, and shot into his chest. The skin began to rip slowly, and agonizingly. "This time...I'll replace my heart, which binds me to the world in guilt and sorrow, so that one day...I can have my revenge against that Itachi...For ruining my life." Right about then, Deidara yelled in a horrifying and agonizing screech of pain, and the sound of warping flesh cracked across the courtyard. The water draining across the pavement became a dark red, noticeable only in the flashing lightning.

Aran ran up the steps, barely able to keep his body up anymore. But he was almost there, he could feel it. However, his anticipation of joy upon seeing his sempai was washed away when he noticed the stream of blood trailing down the paved stairway.

"N-no! DEIDARA-SEMPAI!" With a final burst of energy, his last burst, he emerged at the top of the stairs, only to trip and fall weakly upon the final step. His body wasn't giving him anything more. All he could do now was look up, and see what had become of his teacher.

The moment he did look up though, a quick feeling of joy flowed through him. Deidara was okay, and walking his way. "Se-empai..." he called out weakly. "Tha-ank goodness you're alright..."

Something wasn't right, though. Deidara was walking toward him too slow. If he knew his sempai, he would be rushing over to help him. And when Deidara walked up next to Aran, he stopped without turning toward him. A flash of lighting lit up the sky, and Aran became horrified to see...a mouth upon Deidara's chest. Right where his heart was located.

Another flash streaked across the heavens, and the blond looked at his student. Aran noticed it. The cold, merciless eyes of a madman. Even though he didn't know what it meant, he became afraid. Deidara did not pay Aran any further heed, and continued to walk until he was out of sight.


The youth, overcome by his own loss, and weakened by his injuries and strains, slipped away into the cradle of his own unconsciousness. Deidara was gone now. The sempai he knew and loved, the man who had been a big brother to him, or even as far as a father, vanished from Aran's life that night. And when he awoke many hours later, in the same hospital bed he ran from, he would not even realize that his teacher had joined Akatsuki, never to return again.