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"P-please stop" he wailed desperately, backing away.

Since Reborn had become his tutor, most of Tsuna's days had been labeled as "worst day ever". However, today was beating all records. First, a rival mafian family decides to attack him during school time. With explosions, swords fights, a dying will, punches gallore and even electric shocks the school grounds and some rooms went to heaven in a second.

And of course, Hibari wasn't pleased at all.

So Tsuna was summoned. But since Lady Luck either hated him or ignored him, some bullies had decided to use his friends' absence (two had club, one went home with Tsuna's mother and the other sent to the hospital) to torment him and try to take his X-gloves. Even if he survived the bullies Tsuna doubted he would survive Hibari for being late.

A bully smirked and aimed a punch at his face, but Tsuna's instincts were quite good after two years with Reborn and he dodged it. The guy ended up hitting the wall with full force and howled in pain and rage. Another bully then kicked Tsuna, sending him into the ground and spitting blood. Kicks and punches rained on him. Tsuna would have probably lasted longer if a kicked hadn't reached his head. Everything went black.

Tsuna opened his eyes to find himself staring at a familiar ceiling; his.

"You're awake" said an emotionless and familiar voice. Surprised, Tsuna sat up, besides his bed was Hibari.

"Hi-Hibari-san? What...what are you doing here? Wait...what am I doing here? Wasn't I in-" Hibari growled in annoyence so Tsuna shut up.

"Some deliquents were hitting you, you had fainted. I stopped them and brought you here." he said plainly.

Why did Hibari-san help me? And why is he still here? Tsuna wondered. It must have shown on his face because Hibari answered,

"Your blood was staining Namimori"

Tsuna was surprised to find that he felt a bit disappointed at the answer but he didn't have time to dwell on it.

"And you still have to pay for the damage you and your herd did earlier to my school"

"But...but it wasn't our fault Hibari-san! Those guys attacked us!"

"Exactly. The school was destroyed because you are in it, therefore it's your fault and I have decided that biting you to death isn't enough"

I´mgoingtodieI´mgoingtodie"T-then what..."

"You will obey my every order for one week starting Monday and as a first order-" Hibari then grabbed Tsuna's arm -but lightly Tsuna observed- and put the red band of the Disciplinary Comittee on him "you will be my personal secretary during the school festival."

The school festival was in fact an event that brought together many schools in the region, with contests for each club they had. Each year the event would be held in a different school and this year was Namimori's turn. The festival was next weekend.

"O-of course but...why me?" Hibari's eyes narrowed.

"You are supposed to have good eyesight and instincts do you not? And no more questions"

"Ah...ok" said Tsuna. In fact he wasn't ok at all. His head rang with red alarm bells. But he couldn't refuse, what if Hibari tried to punish his friends? Tsuna looked down at the red band and tried to think on the bright side. "Just helping on the school festival isn't so bad..."

That was, apparently, the wrong thing to say. Strong hands pushed Tsuna down on the bed and instantly Hibari was over him. His legs on either side of Tsunas' keeping the boy from moving.

"Who said it was just that little herbivore?" Hibari growled near his ear.

"Hi-Hibari-san?" Tsuna stuttered, his heartbeat was erratic and he felt his face going red.

"Remember; you are to do anything I tell you" Hibari whispered as his lips slightly touched Tsuna's earlobe, sending shivers down Tsuna's body.

Then he got up and was gone.

Why...why did he...

"LITTLE BRO!!!" the door flung open to reveal Dino, crying with happiness. He looked around the room. "So he's gone already...oh well..." he looked disappointed. Then he noticed Tsuna and his smile came back, he jumped and started hugging Tsuna, still crying.

"Such a happy day!!"

"Eh...it's nice to know you're happy Dino-san, what happened? And why are you here?"

Dino played with Tsuna'a hair "I had some business in China and decided to stay a few days here now that I've finished it. And why I´m happy?! Isn't it obvious?! Your mother just told me everything! To think my little brother is marrying my student...will you be the bride? You'll look cute as a bride! And can I be the bestman? Pleaseeee? Wait, I have to ask Hibari for that don't I? Well if he says no, can I be a bridesmaid? I always wanted to be a bridesmaid!"

For Tsuna, the room was spinning. He shook his head and counted up to 20 Hibirds(something he did when he needed to stay calm with Lambo)

"Dino-san...what has my mother told you?"

"Everything silly! She told me how she opened the door today to find you being carried bridelstyle by my cute student! Oh, she asked me to tell you she's already making the food for you lover, so you can call Hibari tonight. So: bridesmaid or bestman Tsuna?...Tsuna?...MRS SAWADA! COME QUICKLY! SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH TSUNA!!HE'S NO RESPONDING!!!!!!!!"

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