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Tsuna sighed in relief when he passed through his door. He had never seen rain so strong in his life and he was wet and cold everywhere. Well, not everywhere, one of his hands was strangely warm...

"Let go of my hand, now" Hibari growled beside him.

Tsuna jumped and hastily pulled his hand away. Now he remembered: in the confusion to get away from the rain he had grabbed Hibari and went running to the nearest place he knew: his house.

Sighing at the terrible luck he seemed to be having, Tsuna went up the stairs with Hibari following right beside him. Half way up he turned and groaned at what he saw; the way they had come was soaking wet and Tsuna knew his mother would make him clean it.

"What is it now?" Hibari asked him. Tsuna explained while noticing that at least his mother was out with everyone else, maybe the rain would get better and Hibari would go away before his mother came back. He wondered where Reborn had gone though.

Relief flooded Tsuna when they reached the bathroom. "You can use any towel" he said politely to the ever silent Hibari. Hibari made no sign of having heard, staring intently at something. Tsuna followed his gaze and instantly turned a traffic light red. Among the simple towels there was one that was pink, with small Hibirds and what looked like chibi versions of Hibari inside red hearts all over it.

"T-That's not mine! It's I-pin's she has a crush on you!" he said quickly. Tsuna wondered if Hibari even knew who he was talking about but he didn't seem to care either.

Not that he thought Hibari would have any other reaction. Tsuna shook his head to try and focus and began to open the buttons on his shirt when it hit him: he was about take his clothes off in front of Hibari, who would soon take his wet trousers off as well. Oh shi-

Going red, Tsuna quickly turned and tried to get out of the bathroom as quickly as possible.

Not quickly enough. Hibari grabbed him by the collar.

"Where are you going?" said Hibari

"Hum...to grab some clothes in my room. I think there's something that might suit you-"

"You're still wet"

"That's fi-" the words dies in his throat as Hibari turned him around to face him. Hibari was too close and staring at him suspiciously.

"You said you would have to dry the house yourself, so why are you doing something that would get even more of the floor wet?"

When Tsuna failed to supply an answer Hibari smirked and brought his mouth to Tsuna's ear.

"Are you scared to take your clothes off?"

Yes! "N-No" Hibari moved his head away again.

"Then take them off"


Hibari's eyes narrowed but, To Tsuna's relief, his hands let go of his shirt collar.

His relief was short lived when Hibari's hands started to unbutton his shirt.

In Italy, Mafiosos ran over each other trying to place their bets on what would happen next while in the background a chorus of "Sex! Sex! Sex!" could be heard coming from the Varia, led by Dino and Squalo, who had forgotten their differences and where now jumping up and down in excitement.

"Wha-? No! Don't!" said Tsuna feebly trying to stop Hibari.

"Tsunaaaa are you there I'm home...oh..." Tsuna turned his head around to come face to face with...his mother.

She took one look at the scene and fainted. The only strange thing about it was that she was smiling.

In Italy, Dino collapsed sobbing hysterically in Squalo's arm while all the Mafiosos cried at their loss.

"Mother how many times do I have to tell you, there's nothing between us! Hibari isn't my boyfriend!" cried Tsuna while keeping one eye on the food he was making.

"Honey, it's OK, mother understands that you are still in denial about something so powerful as love..."

If the frying pan hadn't been full of their dinner, Tsuna would had hit himself with it. He sighed once again.

After being woken up, Nana had pretended she had seen nothing. She promptly dried the floor, made Tsuna prepare dinner (something she always did) gave Hibari some new clothes and made him take a bath. The bath, Tsuna soon found out, was just and excuse to talk to him alone.

"Mother I've told you, there's nothing between us!"

"Oh? Then what was happening in the bathroom?"

Tsuna hesitated, Hibari was trying to take my clothes off didn't sound like the best answer.

His mother however, didn't wait for one. "It doesn't matter though. Tsuna, there's something serious I think it's time to talk to you about..."

Tsuna had a bad feeling about this...

"I think that, at your age, you must be aware of how babies are made, in other words sex..."

Red alarm bells went off inside Tsuna's head as his brain cells desperately tried to find how to turn off his ears...

"But with boys it's different. You see-"

Luckily for Tsuna's sanity, the sound of someone coming down the stairs made his mother stop. She turned and her mouth instantly fell open. Curious, Tsuna turned to look at the stairs and his felt his face going red again.

If the girls at school thought Hibari was hot without a shirt, it's because they hadn't seen Hibari wearing a tight, sleeves navy blue shirt and jeans that hugged his hips tightly.

Nana recovered first, put one arm around Hibari and ushered him into the living room, out of Tsuna's vision.

It was only after twenty minutes (used to calm himself down) that Tsuna wondered what the hell those two could be doing in the living room. Moving closer to the door he was able to hear what they were saying.

"-and this is when a chihuahua came out of nowhere and started to lick him, he was so scared...oh! This is my favorite! You see, Tsuna has an aunt who didn't know if he was a boy or a girl so she sent this really pretty pink dress..."

Instincts took over as Tsuna instantly ran towards the living room. He jumped and did a medal winning jump over the sofa, grabbing the photo album in the process.

"Now dear, that wasn't very nice was it?" asked Nana and, noticing how red her son was stood up "sit down I'll finish dinner" she said with a smile.

As soon as she was out of sight however, Hibari grabbed Tsuna by the neck. "Give me the photo album" he growled. Tsuna quickly complied and sat as far as he could from Hibari on the sofa. The, deciding he had better things to do then watch the boy look at all his embarrassing photos, Tsuna turned on the TV.

One the first channel, there was a movie about two cowboys and a mountain. The film was going on fine...until the cowboys started kissing each other.

Click. Tsuna changed the channel. All the movie channels were showing the same movie. And now the scene was getting hotter.

Desperate, Tsuna decided to watch an anime.


He started watching something called Loveless. A boy with cat years and a blond man were in a park. So far so good...

The man kissed the boy. Click.

Click. Click. Click...

"Just turn it off" suggested Hibari, smirking at how red Tsuna was upon finding that all his TV channels seemed to be airing BL. Tsuna did so and closed his eyes, hoping to get some sleep. His dreams surely couldn't be worse than reality.

But Hibari wasn't done with him yet "Sawada?" Tsuna's eyes opened.


"You look good in a dress" Tsuna turned, horrified, to see Hibari smirking at him, holding the photo of when he was five and wearing a pink dress with lots of ribbons and frills.

Tsuna's face flushed (again) "Please put that picture back Hibari-san" he begged, hand stretching out to get the photo. Hibari's smirk now resembled Mukuro's.

"I think I'll keep this, for blackmail" he answered, moving his hand so that the photo was out of Tsuna's reach.

More blackmail? Tsuna thought On top of the horrible week I'm having?! I can't let that happen!

Desperate, Tsuna jumped on Hibari and grabbed the photo. His victory was short lived, however, as Hibari recovered from the surprise and grabbed him by the wrist. The action made Tsuna fall on his back, but he managed to put the photo on his mouth before Hibari recovered it. He then tried to push him away with his free hand, but Hibari also grabbed it. Now Tsuna couldn't move, or shout.

"Open your mouth" Hibari demanded in a deadly whisper "Or I'll bite your lips until you do"

Tsuna's eyes widened and he almost did open his mouth. But then he remembered that what Hibari would be able to do using the photo as blackmail would be ten times worst. So he shook his head.

Hibari's eyes narrowed "Fine then" he lowered his head so that his lips almost touched Tsuna's...

"Dinner's ready...oh! Was I interrupting something?" a cheery voice said from over them. "Never mind, I respect your privacy. Please come to the table you two."

What privacy?! Mother is misunderstanding everything! Tsuna thought as Hibari got off him and he spit out the now wet photograph Still...I wonder what Hibari's lips would have felt like...EH?! What the hell am I thinking!? Arg, I watched too many Bl shows, that's all there is...

He looked up to see his mother give him the thumbs up and wink.

One hour later Tsuna walked slowly, collapsed in the middle of his bedroom and started banging his head on the floor. Through the half closed door he could hear the conversation between his mother and Hibari.

"Here is your toothbrush and some sleeping clothes that will fit you"

"Thank you Mrs Sawada"

"Oh, and if you want to phone anyone..."

"I have a cellphone, thank you"

I wonder who he'd call...thought Tsuna. Apparently nobody since he entered the bedroom a second later. Just as Tsuna was about to close the door his mother appeared.

"Dear, I'm afraid we don't have space for Hibari since he can't stay in my bedroom..."

"Fine, I'll sleep on the couch downstairs"

"Mrs Sawada, " said Hibari "Sawa-" he stopped, sighed and continued through gritted teeth "Tsu-chan can sleep on his bed, I'll sleep downstairs"

And that was the reason Tsuna had been banging his head earlier; during dinner Nana had almost ordered Hibari to call Tsuna 'Tsu-chan'. While Hibari seemed to be taking it well now, Tsuna was scared at what might happen to him when they were alone.

"Oh nono!" cried Nana "I could never do that to a guest! No! I'm sure..." she looked towards Tsuna's bed as if seeing it for the first time "I'm sure it would fit bo-"

"Mother we have and extra futon! Remember!" Tsuna asked desperately, seeing what his mother's objective was.

"Oh...yes, we do...I had forgotten..." for a second Tsuna thought this would be the end but his mother wasn't over yet.

"One more thing" she said in a whisper "The walls are thick so don't worry, I won't hear any-"

BANG! Tsuna slammed the door on his mother's face, ignored Hibari (who was looking at the window with no expression at all ) and went to sleep. Maybe this would turn out the a nightmare...

It felt as if only seconds had past when he woke up again. The room was completely dark now and it was still raining outside. That's when Tsuna head it.

"ttttthhhhhhh" a low, strange moan came from near the window, along with the sounds of something walking, no, dragging itself along the roof towards his window...

"eeennnnn" the horrible moan came again, closer and sounding different. Tsuna hastily got out of bed to run when he tripped on something and fell on what felt like warm skin instead of cold floor.

That's when he remembered Hibari was sleeping next to his bed.

"Get...off...me" Hibari growled in the darkness, standing up before Tsuna could do anything.

"S-sorry " Tsuna began then stopped when Hibari suddenly turned on the lights and he was momentarily blinded. When his eyes got used to the light, Hibari was standing up next to him, arms crossed and glaring down at him.

"What were you doing?"

His question was answered when a sound came from just outside the window. Tsuna stood up quickly and went to hide behind Hibari. Both boys looked and...

"EEENNN!!!!" came the moan and a hand gripped the window glass, trying to smash it over. Tsuna now completely scared, hugged Hibari from behind. Hibari instantly stiffened but instead of pushing Tsuna off him, he twisted around so he could look at the petrified boy. The hand still hammered on the window glass.

"Hey," Hibari said and Tsuna looked up at him "I'm supposed to be that cloud guardian thing right? So quit worrying, what ever comes in I'll bite it to death" his tonfas magically appeared in his hands.

The smaller boy blinked in surprise and then his face broke in into a sweet smile.


Crash the window glass broke. The hand grasped the window sill and a body pushed itself inside, falling face down on the floor. It looked just like...

"eeennnnnttttthh, teeeeennnnnnnnth" he moaned.

"Go-Gokudera?!" Tsuna gasped, running to help his friend off ht the floor. When he managed to get him into a sitting position Gokudera smiled as if he was dying. From the state he was sin, that might just have been true.

"Ah...Tenth..." he said breathlessly "they-they wouldn't let me come, they locked me away but I will always protect my boss!"

"Aren't your legs broken? How did you get up here? Who locked you away?! Protect me from whom?!" Tsuna asked desperately. Hibari just watched, clearly bored. Gokudera gave Tsuna another 'dying' smile.

"Ah...I dragged myself over the roof, no broken legs would stop me from saving you. The people who locked me..."

Suddenly a sound came from outside the window. Açthough the rain drowned most of it, the words could still be heard.

"EXTREME RECAPTUREEE!!!!" ropes came from outside and coiled themselves around Gokudera. Then the were pulled and Gokudera flew out of the window (banging his head on the wall and fainting in the process). Tsuna just stood frozen on the floor, trying to understand what had just ha-

Click the lights went off.

"Move, I'm going to sleep" said Hibari.

At least someone seemed to be acting normal.

"That's it?! No nighttime kissing...no sex?! They just went to sleep? Oh come on!!" complained Squalo watching some time later as Tsuna and Hibari slept. "And that mother...interrupting at the best moment...arg!"

"Hold it a sec...could you repeat that? Squalo is screaming besides me..." asked Dino into his cellphone. Squalo glared at him.

"You were the one who started crying when they didn't kiss!" Dino ignored him when he heard what reborn had to say.

"What?! You mean...tomorrow you'll make them go where?! Ah! That's wonderful, I can't way to see it. I'll get in touch bye!" he giggled excitedly and turned to the Varia, who were all looking at him "it seems Reborn will use the weather bazooka to make sure Tsuna has to stay over at my student's mansion! How exciting!"

"Eh? Mansion?" asked Marmon.

"Why, yes, I guess you guys don't know. I found out while I was in Japan that Hibari's family is very, very rich"

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