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Chapter Summary

Ankh has cared for Isis under the order of Pharaoh Hakizimana. She is much better and for a little while, life goes on much like it had before. Suddenly, Isis receives a heart shattering vision... Jesus the Messiah has been crucified! Isis returns to Shada and then suddenly disappeared! Where could she be? Can Ankh find her before something terrible happens?! R&R!

Isis woke up not knowing where she was, but when she caught sight of Physician Ankhare, she knew that she would be alright.

"Ankh, I..."

The raven haired, copper skinned, green eyed youth shook his head, putting his pointer finger to her lips.

Ankh noticed that even though she was obeying his wishes, the apprehension in her dark blue eyes showed that she wanted to tell him something.

"What is the matter, Isis?" Ankh asked gently.

"We must not continue this my lord...it is death to us both!"

A small sad smile graced Ankh's lips. Though they were in no danger of death, he was awed by her concern for him as well as her faithfulness to her husband.

"We have nothing to fear, my Lady. We have done nothing wrong according to the Law."

Isis nodded looking down sadly at her hands. Gently, Ankh lifted her chin with two fingers.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I do not understand how I could be such a fool!"

Isis jumped as the physician slammed his fist upon the table beside the bed.

"Ankh!" she gasped.

Ankhare looked up and into her ocean blue eyes, swimming in tears. Oh how he wanted to wipe her every tear away and take her into his arms!

"No matter how much I love her, I will not disobey You, O Lord." with that prayer, and a heavy heart, the physician rose and quietly walked to the door.

Silent tears streamed down his face as he prayed for Isis' protection.

Walking down the hallway, Ankh did his best to shut out the sound of Isis' sobs; the evidence of her shamed and shattered heart.


Mahado took a lantern from one of the holds. He had been alerted that Lady Isis had been kidnapped, and Lord Shada was nowhere to be found!

Mahado had been trying the physician ever since. He'd searched the palace inside and out, but he could not find Ankhare anywhere.

Finally he found Ankh in the kitchen; an empty bottle on one side, and a kneeling Mana on the other.

It seemed as if Ankhare was unconscious and Mana was trying desperately to wake him up.

Mahado touched her shoulder lightly. She turned, her big brown eyes welling up with tears.

"Oh, Master" hurriedly she wiped her eyes. "Easy Mana, all is well... what is the matter?"

Mana looked back helplessly at the physician.

"He told me that Lady Isis thought herself a fool for all that has happened to her, and how he was furious with himself that he could not do anything for her."

The girl stood up and finished wiping her eyes. Mahado looked down at the physician with slight aggravation in his eyes.

"So now he has drunken himself past all comprehension" he surmised.

Mana nodded.

Mahado leaned down next to Ankhare, not noticing or caring that his courtly robes were getting wet from the recently cleaned kitchen floor.

"Ankhare" he said.

The physician opened his eyes slightly, turned them on Mahado, and shut them again; he was a little annoyed he had been woken up out of his stupor.

"Ankhare, wake up! Isis is in danger! Shada has taken her!"

The physician murmured something incoherent.

"What?" Mahado asked, leaning his ear closer.

"Isissss iss hiss wife. {hiccup} Let him do {ic} what he wantssss...she iss of no {c-concern} to me now."

Amun Re! Must a man be so foolish?! Mahado thought incredulously.

A short year ago, this young, brave, slightly bashful physician who was respected in all of Northern Egypt professed his love to a young woman that he swore to protect.

She has now been kidnapped by her "husband" and now he wants to give up?! O Set no!

Mahado grabbed the physician by the arm and dragged him all the way to the horse trod.

"I did not come up with the plan to set you two up for nothing! You are a fool if you think I am going to let you give up now!"

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With that, the courtier dunked the physician's head into the water. Ankhare gasped.

"Do you understand?" Mahado was asking.

Ankh shook his head.

"You are NOT going to give up now after all we have been through!"

"Mahado! Why are you yelling?" Ankh asked.

O_O "Oh!" Mahado scratched his head. "I forgot!"

Ankhare rolled his eyes and shook his head. He looked up suddenly.

"How did I get here?"

*O_o "You were drunk"

Ankhare looked at his friend as if he had grown two more heads.

"Me, drunk?"

Mahado slapped his forehead "Of course you were drunk!"

"Tell me...you must tell me...wine or beer?"

Mahado looked at him funny. "What?"

"Wine or beer? Was I drinking wine or beer?"

"Wine, why?"

Ankhare breathed a sigh of relief.

"According to the Law of my God, I am not to drink anything spirited."

(A/N:Though Egyptians did drink beer, in Biblical times, wine was the main alcoholic beverage)

"Oh" Mahado said.

"Where are Isis and Shada?" Ankhare asked.

By now he had stood up and was walking toward the stables with Mahado and Mana at his heels.

"We don't know...it appears as if they have vanished into thin air!"

Ankhare nodded, took the horse's reins from the stable boy, and lifted himself onto Ebony's black saddle. The horse nickered as Ankh pulled the reins to turn the horse around.

"Where are you going?" Mahado asked.

"I am going to find Isis" Ankhare answered, wondering just where they might be.

Kicking the horse in the side, Ankh nudged Ebony on. "Hai!"

The horse reared and whinnied, galloping on into the cold desert night.


Shada walked the halls of the Palace, very pleased with himself. It was best that his wife be punished than she try to betray him.

After all, what use was she to any man if she could not bear children?

Shada had made a promise to that foolish physician; that Ankhare would be sorry. The evil malicious man smiled to himself.

He'd made two pitiful lives suffer with the price of one!

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Ankhare was halfway to the ending line of the desert border when he realized that he had forgotten his medical sack.

He turned Ebony around, heading back to the Palace.

Every instinct in his body told him to turn around, not to worry about it, but reason overrode his logic.

He turned around and rode on, praying reverently to Jehovah that Isis, wherever she was, would be safe.


Shada was on his way to his bedchamber when he felt that someone was watching him.

The lord scowled and turned around; no one was there.

Shada continued walking...still having that ominous feeling of a follower.

Turning around, he drew his knife. "Alright, I know you are there... show yourself!"

Two big green eyes met his aqua ones.

"Excuse me Lord Shada, but have you seen Lord Mahado? He was due to give me my lesson twenty minutes ago."

Shada looked dumbfounded as he sweat dropped.

While fearing the unknown, Shada had bumped into Mana, Lord Mahado's servant and student.

Sheathing his knife in embarrassment, he answered her.

"I do not know, Mana...perhaps he is in the flame room."

Mana smiled. "Thank you!" with that, she skipped off leaving the uneasy courtier jumpy and nervous.

Summoning up his courage, Shada approached his stalker. "I know you are there! Come! Come out and fight me like a man!"

"As you wish" someone whispered.

Then he saw it. BAM! Shada was punched, his head hitting the ground, knocking him out cold.

When he came to, he felt a pair of hands lift him off the ground, and shove him into the wall.

It was then that he came face-to-face with the furious physician.

"Do NOT speak!" Ankhare growled. "I know you did something to her... where is she?"

Shada growled and spit in the man's face.

"Why should I waste my breath on the likes of you? My wife's whereabouts are my business, so don't think that you will get anything out of me!"

The physician muttered something incoherent under his breath and let go of the courtier, letting him drop to the floor.

"If you will not tell me where she is, then I will find her myself!"

With that he stormed off, his cloak flowing behind him.

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