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Chapter 1: Destroying the peace

It was just another day for Jiro and Nao, guarding the gates of Konoha was one of the most boring jobs anyone could have. Nothing ever happened these days with Orochimaru and the Akatsuki destroyed, the excitement seemed to have drained from the village and well as meantioned before; nothing ever happened. Although today everything was silent, too silent; Jiro looked up when he noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere. He nudged the girl beside him she also looked up.

In the distance leading out of the forest a figure moved towards the gates. He was tall with milky white skin, jet black hair and lifeless black orbs for eyes. Jiro gasped he hadn't in seen the young man a long time; he was thought to be dead. But here now after almost 5 years the prodigy has returned.

Uchiha Sasuke was back!


Naruto was walking down the streets almost deserted streets of Konoha, it was early in the morning, and he cursed his luck, he was late again for one of his missions.


The fox growled slowly he hated mornings.

'You have no right to be angry Kyuubi; after all you were the one who broke the damn alarmclock'.

'The beeping sound annoyed me,' the fox slowly grumbled laying back to sleep.

Naruto knew that arguing with fox was pointless, he would just be ignored as usual when the demon went into his 'sleep' mode. So instead he quickened his steps to hurry towards headquarters to be able to get any kind of mission before all of the good ones were taken away. When he was younger he only wanted C+ rank missions but now he was glad he could get a job.

It took his mind of many things.


Sasuke was lead to Tsnuade's office by four ANBU, all of them keeping a slight distance from him. He smirked inwardly; it seemed like even his presence brought fear into people's heart, he was glad.

Tsunade was waiting for him; she like many others also thought that Sasuke had died, and to be true she was not happy to see him. Uchiha's as far as the two brothers were concerned are not meant to be trusted.

Sasuke sat down in front of her, his face expressionless. She could already tell that this was always unnerving, and not to mention uncomfortable.

"Why are you back Sasuke?" she asked, her voice giving away her slight discomfort.

"Can't I come to visit once in a while...?" his voice was smooth, and cold; it sent a shiver down her spine.

"After what you did, I think not. Tell me why you are back." She bit out.

Sasuke looked at her for a while; there was a small glint in his eyes as he smiled a genuine smile at her. And for some reason it only made her feel even more uncomfortable.

"I came back to claim what is mine." He said.


Naruto was halfway towards his new mission when he suddenly turned around; something was wrong, but he couldn't tell what it was.

'Oi, Kyuubi is it only me or does it feel like today is going to be a bad day?'

The Kitsune grumbled and went back to sleep; Naruto just shrugged and went on ahead.