Hi my lil Munchkins this is Lilbakasaru,

I hope you all enjoyed 'My Uzumaki' to the fullest. What has it been now almost 3 months I think since I started this story, but now it has sadly come to an end (all say awww, and grab a box of tissue). Either way it was a delight to write, and I'm glad that so many people stuck with this story till the very end, and with my whining of course. This page is for you dear readers my thank you to you all. First of all a major glomping thanks goes to my amazingly tolerant beta reader 'ilovenaruto2007'.

Well I tried to put all of the readers names on but after a while... well lets just say my eyes are hurting and my fingers are in a lot of pain as now well. So here are the people who gave me all their support through this story. I know I missed some out and I do apologies for that but I kind of lost my orientation after a while (nervous laughter) (please don't kill me):

1animegal, Akida-Sen, Akuryou-x, Ancient Spirit, Anime Fan PR, BlondXRaven, Brisa-Chan, Butterfly-Wings-From-Hell, Chainedcherryblossom, Crescent Ice, Dark Angel Maybe, Dark God Anubis, DarkAngelNaruto18, kendonoall, DarkShadow93, DarknessMelina, GaaraLove09, Shimaki-33 &Cousin, Ichihime, Cat, Leo, Tianna-ItachiLover-Fang, takuya, bluewolfeyes, KawaiiKaneko89, Taloola, Black-Dranzer1119, the girl in the mirrior, Coco Geisha, ichigo 14, mwth06, iloveme5895, SakuraKrissy, KunochiDreamer, Meeca-Myiozaki, SlashnYaoi, Rakuen Tachibana, ppkitaa, Shikarules, Joni-Lee, Mink-chan15 aftermath Lunacom1, yourbabykitsune, Ritoko chan, kit, shipet100, NAOMEof thesand, mad hatter 1712, kitsune16487, inumoon3, iLoVeGaArA666, ObsessedReader, heakfreainyes, MalikLove, iamie, Mirae, love it, Katarina Sensei, aylan, Kaosu and Aki, Lugga, Yuki-Shinra-Lu, crimsonmist, solitare1, narutofangirl, wierdchick, neji'sgir236, Manic the hedgehog, timme, Silverlight424, lovewritermaiko, Chiya chan, Ai Enmaxjigoku shoujo, Sharingan Kyuubi, Jaocan, lyzikira, Detective Pyro, pride 1289, The Great Naxa, shirilye, elloshort, Akuryou-x, SoSickOfNyQuil, Sasemoboy876, Multi Colored Sharpie, Dragonheart321, amaya, Akida-en, Sazuka-Chan, sans-fire, Haganemaru, mrk33, LegionOfDoom, Hellcat of Lore, Might Fox, Riku, KumikoRyu-chan, inuyashachicka04, goth-punkchick, Heaven Cobra, random, unseeliedarkness, Sozomi, Sasuke-luves-naruto, roseearered, Kuro Fuyu Mitsukai, darkfire can purehearts, Social disorder, Timbits, Master of the Rebels, Dark Mican, NemesisMuse, Nitchu Mikata, ShAdOwDeMoN15, Anime Writer2, vampire-anime-lover19, rukiah, Katjie-kun, Alicia's power, blue-nuriel, lisiza, arelando, SassyOMG2282, Soulcaster, KuramaKitsuneRyu, Lainie12777, blossom for me only, roboguy45, Panda Luver 4 Life, Pic's-Pixie, dragonfire04, fuki-chan, Spiggy-sama, JadeChan, nAoMi aYaMe, sweetdreamer, Melinda, realworlsiscruel, Sailorkitten Silver Winged Firefly, SilverMoonRyu, Starlit-Knight, Ravie33, Naruto-cool, Princess Yunalesca, Ryou-la-lune, ecdragon00, awesome-emo, hiei'smate, inari92, music-is-luv, lulu7, nekonoation, shadow15wolf, shironeko-hime, starlitangel99, xXxTylerxXx, rokuni's imouto, Faber, -IrresistibleEnvy, 3v1l1t0k1tty, Angel Wing Sky, AngelOfComtemplation, Dayxxdreamer, FoxBlood, FuzzyLeafe, HanhsWithCorpses, KV5 Egypt, KariNeko, MaroudersJr, Multifox, Leannamiko, Nebulee, NightWhiteWave, Plot Bunny Stew, Psycho Supernova, Playful-Neko, Nemu AME, Yaoi Dreamer, Tsuki No Eizou, Wild Inu, blanzer2688, blairwitch, The Fair Maiden, Tsukiyo07, Undercover Rocker, broken-music-maker, can you say lazy, darkness0is0beautiful, fluffy24, googlilgirl314, iyanome, jaican, lunabasketcase, sakuralilian, shaerin, smrtangel, xxcriticxx, tintagel, starfire0638, unknown angel, rae, PoisenKisses, n-jim, moon the fox alchemist, mistyElk0, dayday1223, deathskeith, Evellesa-ai, KageOokami69, Kisanei, LadyDrosselmyer, Luna-and Artemis, Nitchu Mikata, Ongaku-sama Ey, Ladyblue17, Superlovba, Tina Kimura, XxSpikesLoverxX, Yanita24, Zac92Him, alexthered, angelcatvampkaneblood, gothicrobin, jku333, lulu7, inari92, jam12, Late-sleeper-sama, Twillight canvas, A kistune's light, Chevonne Knowles, and finally looking-to-the-sky.

A cookie for everyone for first of all managing to find there name on the list, and for sticking with 'My Uzumaki' for so darn long! Of course I will be writing new stuff soon, I have so many ideas floating around in my head; I need to release them or my head will most likly explode. (How about a Naruto Harry Potter crossover now that would be interesting)

Lots of love, and huggs!

Lilbakasaru xxx