Once upon a time there was a princess lying on the cold hard ground of the ndundulu forest. She was lost and alone. As she was weeping her eyes out she wished she hadn't disobeyed her father. She had searched and searched for a way out, only the forest was so complicated. She had been missing for about a week. As she walked through the forest she tried to take her mind off her empty stomach. She saw a bush with all theses blue berries on it. She crawled over to the bush and tried to pick a few berries. As her hand touched the bush she couldn't feel any berries. It has happened a couple of times before so she figured she was hallucinating. She turned around and saw a very attractive guy. She walked over and felt for his shoulder. It was actually there. "What are you doing?" he asked. "I was feeling if you were real." "Well of course I'm real. What gave you the idea that I wasn't?" he replied. "Well I have been imagining things lately." I said. "Oh." he replied.

"What is your name?" she asked. Before he could reply she had fallen to the ground. He ran over and picked her up. As he picked her up he realized she looked familiar. As he pondered the thought he took her to a near by stream. He took a small washcloth from his back pocket and soaked it in the water. As he dribbled some water on her head he heard a strange noise. He looked down and the noise was coming from the girl. As he heard her groan again he saw her eyes flicker. As she opened her eyes he said, "By the way my name is Edward Cullen in case you were wondering."

"OH I was. By the way my name is Bella Swan. In case you were wondering."

"I know who you are Miss Isabella Swan."

"Please I prefer Bella"

As I stared into his perfect, flawless face I noticed I couldn't look away. He was just too beautiful.

"So what is a princess doing in the woods all alone?" He said.

"Oh I wasn't in here on purpose I got lost." I whispered kind of embarrassed.

"Ahhhhhhhhh" he said. I was surprised he could hear me because I was speaking so low. There was something strange about this guy, he didn't seem human and I was about 93 percent sure he wasn't.

"What" he asked as he noticed my confused expression on my face.

"Oh it's nothing you just don't seem human."

He looked really surprised when I said this like I had figured out secret.

"That's silly of course I'm human." He said.

"Oh really then how come when I spoke so low you could hear me and how come you're extremely beautiful. I mean I am not even that beautiful. I don't even think I am beautiful at all."

"Of course you are beautiful." He said to me as comforting as possible.

I felt he hand on my shoulder. I shuddered as his cold hand picked up mine and he helped me up. My legs wobbled under me like I was going to fall again. As soon as he noticed my struggle he picked me up and carried me out of the forest. His arms were so comforting that about a third of the way from the exit of the forest I fell asleep.

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