The sun shone like a moonbeam as it slowly crept into the sky. As the sun rose, it exposed the glitters of the ocean. The morning air was crisp and cool. In the tent that occupied the island, a young Asian girl stretched in her sleeping bag among the other campers. Melissa woke up after a good night's sleep. She felt great, until she remembered what happened yesterday. She frowned. She had ruined Taylor's shirt when she accidentally borrowed it. Taylor had gotten so mad that she exposed Melissa's deepest secret- her crush on Jackson. Each camper had a secret video diary that he or she could just vent on about the problems that came with being stranded on a strange but beautiful island. Melissa had revealed her secret in there, and when Taylor discovered it, with the help of Eric, she broadcasted it so that everyone could hear it- including Jackson. Melissa, being so embarrassed, ran away, but she fell off a cliff. After Melissa being gone for a couple of hours, everyone at camp was starting to worry about her. Jackson and Nathan went after her, and rescued Mel. Now, as she recalled Jackson's words after she got rescued, she felt her heart breaking. When Melissa talked to Jackson later, he gently said that it would be weird if they got together. Melissa shut her eyes tight, remembering what she had said after that. "It's okay. Please, just forget it ever happened. I'm so embarrassed. I know we're just friends." With that, she had walked away, hoping that he would come after her, and say something to make her feel better. But he didn't.

Sighing, Melissa slowly opened her eyes, and got out of her sleeping bag. She suddenly had the urge to go for a walk along the beach while everyone else was sleeping. Quietly, she crept out of the tent, and inhaled the fresh, but cool air. But then she noticed that she wasn't the only one awake. She saw a figure sitting along the edge of the beach. It was far away from where Melissa was standing, but immediately, she saw that it was Jackson. Panicking, Melissa slowly hoped that he would not notice her watching him. She quietly escaped from the camp without him noticing, and she ventured off into the forest. As Melissa walked, she felt miserable. How are things going to be now? Things are going to be so awkward between us, and it's not like I can avoid him. We're stranded on an island! I have to get over him. It's the only way! Besides, Jackson is not that great of a guy. I mean, if he was nice, he would have done something else to make things less awkward between us! And he didn't even bother speaking to her after their last conversation. So, technically, it shouldn't be that hard to get rid of him. Melissa sighed. "Who am I kidding? " She said aloud. "I've fallen so hard for him. Oh well, I can at least try." Melissa knew that, deep in her heart, she couldn't let a boy run her emotions. She knew that he wasn't worth it if he didn't bother to get her back. So, Melissa made up her mind. She was suddenly determined to not let Jackson to run her emotions. She was going to get over him, once and for all. It wasn't going to be easy, but she knew that she would, one day.

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