Chapter 1 (Semie) Watching and weighting

His school lets out soon, and I can not weight to see his face. My heart aces for him, it always has. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do to leave him. As I look towards the school I suddenly see Soubi turn the Connor, and anger fills my head. It should have been me weighting for Ritsuka to come out of that building. It should have been me he smiles to when he comes out of those gates. It should have been me he hugged and walked home with. But no.

Here I am standing in the shadows having to act like I do not exist, and let

Soubi, take every thing he has to give, that should be mine.

I start to quietly laugh, thinking about how very soon the tables will turn, how very soon Soubi will be the one on the outside looking in. I lost him once but not again. Never again. Ritsuka is mine.


The bell just rang and I stand but slowly walking down the stairs. For some reason things seem out of place. I can not shake this feeling that something is out of place. That something my heart has always aced for will soon be in my grasp. But what is it? What is it do I want so much, I would die for it. Nothing. I stop, and just stand there on the step watching as every one else runs by. What do I want so much I would die for it? There is one thing, and only one thing in this world and that is Seimei touch. I shake my head and remind my self bitterly that Seimei is dead; he died over two years ago and is never coming back. I slowly pull out the picture of and smile.

Tucking it into my jacket pocket I start off again.

I quickly run down the steps knowing Soubi would be weighting for me.

Soubi, that name but a smile on my face. Soubi is my escape from my need of Seimei, Soubi loves me for who I am. Not because I am Loveless.

I bust into the sunshine, and run to the gate and stop. Their is that feeling again. Something is a miss, but what I have no clue. Shaking off that feeling

I turn my head to see Soubi smiling at me. I walk up to him, and he leans down slowly and softly kisses my lips. A branch snaps, and we stop. But no one is there. I speak to Soubi. "Let's go to the park I want to make more


Soubi smiles and takes my hand and we head off. I never notice that the picture I hold most dear slips out of my pocket and flutters down to the side walk.


No I scream in my head. That is my Ritsuka; Soubi needs to take his hands off of him. I stand here quietly watching Ritsuka watch me. He new something was wrong. That something was not right. But I could not help it. I had to see him. My baby brother. No, he was more than that. He was my lover, the boy I could not stop loving no matter how many years I was gone. He was my every thought ever moment of every day. He was the only one to keep me sane.

Suddenly, out of the conner of my eye, I saw it. I saw Soubi lips lightly touch my Ritsuka. I snapped the breach as a distraction, knowing they would stop. Ritsuka again glanced over at me his large purple eyes staring into mine, his perfect cat ears twitch every so slightly. Oh how I longed to touch them.

After they where gone I jumped from the tree and stand there on the sidewalk watch the spot where they stood. Suddenly I noticed something lying on the ground. Quickly walking over, I saw the object was photo of Ritsuka and me.

It was taken on his 8th birthday. When I had taken him to the amusement park. I smiled, that was one of the best days of my life. Just me and him and no one else to bother us.

I turned it over and saw he had written a small caption of the back.

"Seimei, my beloved Seimei. This day I never will forget. And never will I forget you no matter how long you stay away. I always love you. Ritsuka." I started at the photo again and hated my self. How much pain had I but him though? Well very soon it you be all over. Very soon he would be mine again. My Ritsuka and no one else's. Very soon. I started to walk away the picture held firmly in my hands. He would never leave me again. Never. And not Soubi or anyone else could stop me from taking him.