Chapter 14


It was morning and the train had finally reached its destination. The first thing I was going to do in our new home was to take Ritsuka to a doctor.

After I flagged down a taxi I told him to take us to the nearest doctor's office and the driver did. I told the nurse we where new in town and need to see a doctor, so I could know how to treat my boyfriends injuries. At first she looked at me strange, but said nothing and instead look down at the boy in my arms and paged a Doctor Kim, child specialist.

After examining Ritsuka Doctor Kim decided we needed to take x-rays to see what was wrong on the inside. After studying the x-rays she came back to talk to us. Ritsuka had woken up by then. She said his broken bones had started to mend but he had broken the growth plates in his leg and arm and might need surgery in later years. She also said after all his bones had mended he was going to need surgery to correct his knee and ankle, but for know she just wanted to get his bandages changed and get him home to rest. They replaced his casts on his leg and arm and taped his ribs again so they would not move. As the doctor was getting Ritsuka all set a nurse was showing me how to work a wheel chair, which Ritsuka would be in for the next several mounts or so. Doctor Kim was not sure at the moment; it deepened on how fast he recovered. When he came back out he gave me a look that said please forgive me. Which confused me because what was there for me to forgive him about. He did not cause this himself. It was the result of our psychopath mother hate for him. Doctor Kim broke me out of my thoughts but talking to me. "I will need to see him back here in four weeks for a check up." I said thank you to her and she smiled and said no problem and waved good bye to Ritsuka, who waved back. I made the appointment with the nurse and we left.

The apartment we were going to live in was only 11 blocks away from the doctors office, so I decided to walk.

When we reached the building Ritsuka looked up at it in amassment. "How many families live here? He asked me in aw. "10, one for each floor." He turned his head to look at me, his expression was unforgettable. I walked up to the door and handed the man at the door our cards. "Welcome back master Seimei, it been a while." He said. He then bended down so he was at Ritsuka level and said "Welcome home master Ritsuka, it is a pleasure to meet you at last." Ritsuka only nodded not really knowing what to say. The man opened the doors and we went in. I punched the down arrow on the elevator and weighted for it to arrive. When it did I punched the button for the tenth floor and the door closed heading for our floor.

We the doors opened We got out and I went up to the keypad on the side of the door and swiped my card typing in my password for the door to open. L-O-V-E-L-E-S-S the door open with a click and the two of us went inside. "We will set yours up later I told him, as I closed the door behind us the machine already relocking it from the outside. The next thing I did was give Ritsuka the ground tour of the house. I told him that any of the eight bedrooms could be his or if he wanted he could share one with me, and we could turn another into a study for him. He said and said he liked the second idea better.

With that we went into our room to relax. I picked him up out of his wheel chair and placed him on the bed then I sat down next to him.

Could we finally live in peace? Ritsuka and me? Only time would tell.

To Be Continued…….

This is not the end. This is just the beginning.

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