I'm going to acknowledge reality in this chapter. Amber's reaction is close to what mine was when I heard that Sam Orton was pregnant. Obviously it's going to be in Amber context though haha.

It's high time she realised what a shit Randy can be.

The next chapter is the last one. It's been a good time, hasn't it?



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Chapter 19-All The Things You Never Said

"Randy...I can't. I'm sorry. We've had our fun. I love Jeff, now, Ra Ra. We're making a go of things." I explained, turning away from the door. I laughed "Maybe you can pick up Estelle?"

He smiled in spite of himself "Yeah maybe I can."

I kissed him on the cheek and said goodbye. I'm a good girl...or I can be. Right now, Jeff is who I want and I intend for it to remain that way for a very long time. Who knows, maybe I'll marry him.

My cell phone screen lit up and the name 'Estelle' flashed up "Hello?"

"Hey sis. I'm just calling to let you know that I have your man...more than you ever will"

I stopped dead "What? Estelle...why have you..."

"Everything I wanted, you always had. Now I have what you want. Goodbye Amber. I'll see you in another lifetime...when we're both cats"

She hung up. That bitch. If she's going to kill herself...well she can see if I care. I need to find Jeff.

"Has Estelle been in here?" I screamed as soon as Jeff opened the door. He flinched

"No...why?" Jeff asked, hugging me. He smells good.

"She's a bitch." I rolled my eyes and flopped down onto the bed

"Does it run in the family?" Jeff joked. I hit his arm "Sorry."

"Hmph" I pouted "I hate you."

He kissed my neck "You do?"

I smiled and surpressed a moan "Today is backwards day."

RAW. Afternoon meeting before the show. Amber is running through her match with Melina when the meeting is called.

Mel and I stopped what we were doing and got out of the ring-I went and sat next to Jeff, she went next to Liz.

"Alright. Before we start this meeting Randy would like to share something with us" Vince announced. I laughed;

"Your test results again, Ra Ra?" Everybody laughed but him. He looked like death, he really did. My poor baby. He needs me to look after him.

"Uh...I figured that as only a select few of you have met Sam, that you should all meet her now." Randy stuttered. Who in the fuck is Sam? I know he has that big ass tramp stamp on his arm...he told me that it was his Mom's name. I've met Randy's mother...Bob was not calling her 'Sam'.

A small woman, if I could call her that, she seriously looked about 14, walked into the ring. She went on her tiptoes and kissed Randy right in front of us all. Okay, fuck me looking after him. I'm going to kill him.

"Hey everybody. I'm Samantha Orton...Randy's wife." she spoke timidly and I felt my legs go out from under me. Randy came over to me but I shoved him away, tears in my eyes. I furiously blinked them away and accepted Jeff's hand as he helped me up.

Randy returned to Sam's side and smiled "We're expecting our first child"

You know that cliche where your brain turns to mush, your eyes swim and the room spins around you? When he said those words all of them happened to me at once. Melina, Tiff and Liz ran over to me and literally dragged me to the back.

"He's married?" I managed to croak "Since when?"

"September" Randy's voice came from behind us and I screamed, running at him, my fists punching every part of him I could until I pretty much dissolved into tears. Instantly his arms came around me and he pressed me to him as I cried.

"How could you do this to me? To her, even? I couldn't give a shit about her, but...Randy..." I faltered and looked up at him "Are you crying?"

He nodded slightly and I wiped his eyes, my face level with his as I stood up straight once again "You have no reason to" I said coldly "Go back to your family."

Randy stared at me, his blue eyes vivid. He shook his head and turned on his heel to go back to his wife. His wife. This is fucked up. I grabbed my cell out of my pocket and dialled the one person I knew that could possibly help me.

"Estelle? It's me. I need you."

I lay back into the sofa as my sister handed me a bottle of Southern Comfort. I smiled weakly, she always knew when a glass wasn't needed.

"You thought I meant Jeff" she said, lying back into the sofa opposite mine "I didn't, darling, I meant Randy"

I stared at her "I didn't understand at all what you were saying."

"I had Randy's biggest secret. You wanted to know all of them and he told you every single one apart from Sam."

"And their baby."

Estelle sat bolt upright "Their what?!"

"Sam is pregnant." I groaned and glugged from the bottle "I think that Jeff hates me now, because of my reaction towards the news. He must've figured out about Randy and I."

"Hate to break it to you, but everybody knew anyway" Estelle laughed a little and poured herself a glass of red wine.

"They didn't know that I loved him." I shrugged "Or love him, whatever"

"Apart from wallowing in your own self pity, what are you going to do about it?"

"Absolutely fucking nothing, Estelle. I'm going to get in my car, drive back to the arena and act as if nothing is wrong."

"Okay. I'll see you on Christmas Day." Estelle smiled, took the bottle of SoCo back and threw my purse to me.

"Hey babe" I knocked on the door of our faction's dressing room and went in "Mel...what's wrong?"

"Dave rang me and said that you went to see him." Mel looked up at me

"Indeed I did. What's he said?"

She grinned and threw her arms around me "He apologised and asked me to move in with him!"

"YOU BITCH! I THOUGHT YOU WERE MAD AT ME!" I laughed and hugged her back. I like it when my friends are happy. Even if I'm totally fucked when I see Jeff.

Jeff. Oh yeah. That's who I came back to see. "Mel? I need to go and find Jeff."

She nodded "Good. He's distraught."

"Oh God. I love you babe!" I called as I ran out of the door.

I ran through the corridors, trying to find Jeff's dressing room. I eventually found it, knocking about twenty times, each one getting louder and louder.

"Jeff?" I called "Jeff?" Whatever, don't answer then. "I'm coming in, Jeff!"

I opened the door "Oh my God, Jeff!"

He lay sprawled on the floor, with scattered empty pill boxes around him.

This isn't happening to me. Not Jeff.

Anybody but Jeff.