Title: Pancake Syrup

Rating: T

Warnings: Pancake syrup. Tongues. And fluff.

Author's note: I HAVE FOUND MY CRACK OTP:D Well, actually I liked this couple for a long time, and had not found the courage to write it down. But here it is! Oh, and if this is confusing to some people, the two of them got stuck in the tower because of Gizmo's explosives in the exit doors. And the two of them can't get out because he had lined the doorway with teleportation blocking devices.

"No thanks. I hate pancakes," Raven stated flatly.

Kyd Wykkyd raised his eyebrows in curiosity. Why?

"I don't know and I don't care." Raven turned away and sipped her tea. In truth, she did like pancakes, but it would be an insult to her pride if she ate ones that were made by a villain. Why oh why did she have to get stuck here with this mute, teleporting psychic villain whose idea of fun was making pillow forts? It just wasn't fair.

Even if he was kind of cute, but no way was Raven admitting that.

Suddenly, she felt something splat on the side of her face and trickle down her cheek. Turning back, she was about to shout at him at what the heck was this on her face, and nearly shrieked when she found Kyd Wykkyd's face inches away from her own. Leaning closer, his light pink tongue licked off some of the dripping golden pancake syrup on her cheekbone.

Finally after five long seconds, he pulled away and put a plate of fresh pancakes in front of her. He then left the room, his long black ponytail flowing behind him as the door shut behind him, leaving a faintly blushing Raven in the room behind him.

Raven, as she began to wash her face at the sink, thought that once she was out of here, she would strangle Gizmo's face till it turned blue. To hell with hero standards. That little brat really deserved it.

"I told he would do it. Pay up guys." Seemore smirked as his grumbling teammates pulled out wads of cash and slapped into his outstretched hand.

Ah yes. Kyd Wykkyd was always horny when he was in puberty, and those guys had better learn it now or his teammates would be loosing a lot of cash soon.