Oh Yeah, Last Chapter of this Story!

Buffy groaned as a sharp beeping filled the darkened room, "Can I kill it?"

The warm body half wrapped around her shook with silent laughter, "Let's play hooky, we can have Andrew call us in sick."

"Greg, you know that he lies badly, Cuddy would know we were faking."

He sighed, "Fine, but if I'm going to work we're doing something fun instead of working."

"After you do your clinic hours," Buffy yawned and rolled out of bed.

House flailed an arm after her, "Come on."

"So far as I know, clinic is after GH."

"Yeah, yeah, but after General Hospital we skip out and take a nap in our office or something fun like that. Please," lower lip defiantly stuck out the older man rolled onto his stomach and rested his chin on his arms.

Resolve fading quickly, the slayer scrunched her nose up, "We'll see how you feel about that later," Buffy responded evasively.

"You're way too perky in the mornings, damn slayer powers, maybe I should start slipping you sleeping pills with your morning coffee," Greg mused.

The blonde woman shrugged, "At least you gave me warning."

"Damn straight, I learned my lesson with Wilson. If you don't warn them, they don't warn you," wincing as he sat up, House reached out to wrap an arm around his seven-months-and-some-odd-days girlfriend and inhaled her vanilla scent.

Surprisingly he liked the smell, he wasn't a big fan of perfume and fruity smells, they hid things. Her natural fragrance was something that he missed when she wasn't around. The shirts she wore of his were unwashed when he wore them the next day.

Unsurprisingly he abhorred smelling vanilla on any other woman, to the point where he would snarl and his sarcasm would rate a seven on the Richter scale.

Vanilla was for her alone. Buffy was the only one that it seemed to suit.

He had come to associate the soft, almost warm smell with happiness, with love. In general he wasn't a touchy feely, cuddle after sex type of guy, he was the love them and leave them type. The slight musk and tang mixed with vanilla after sex had induced him to enjoying cuddling immensely-not, that he would tell anyone that.

It felt right when her small frame was locked against his side, her slight weight pressing against him, trusting him to hold her up. It was nice, a nice he hadn't know in a long time, a nice that even Stacy could never compare to.

Like most mornings today was spent in a comfortable silence, a bit of banter and then the stimulating ride to work on his motorcycle.

A peck on his scruffy cheek, and a wave to Wilson and his girlfriend had slipped from his grasp.

"Don't forget to go to clinic, I'll have one the nurses call you before your due just as a reminder," Buffy called as she backed down the hallway and towards a waiting Chase and Cameron.

"Yeah, yeah, what are you doing today?"

"Cuddy wanted me to help out in the children's ward-apparently they're shorthanded."

Sighing, the doctor tipped his cane in his blonde woman's direction and limped towards the elevator. Despite having to work today, he was in a surprisingly good mood. His leg had been acting up less and less. Not believing much about the psycho something possibilities, he ignored the "progress".

Chase lightly embraced the tiny blonde woman and followed her and Cameron down the hall.

"Mission," Buffy asked grinning.

Chase smiled and dipped down to ear level, "Fait accompli."

"Excellent," Buffy purred, "But Latin?"

Cameron laughed at her friend, "I swear, the devil himself is less evil-or do we prefer wicked today-than you."

Buffy pouted prettily, a smile playing just out of reach, "I'm not the only mastermind behind this little prank. Equal participation, equal guilt."

Rolling his eyes Chase stopped at a Nurse's station and poured Buffy a cup of coffee and pressing it into her hands, "The schedule is switched, and I got Dr. MacContair to agree, and Cameron convinced the nurse on call that the only free room happened to be the one with a broken TV," Cameron winked and smiled proudly.

Sipping the black, steaming liquid, the Slayer grinned, "Okay, I have the nurse calling House down for his shift, Cameron, is Cuddy on standby?"

Allison nodded, her dark hair falling in her eyes, "Cuddy is on call in case House needs reigning. So we're all done."

Chase muttered his agreement, "You realize you're playing with fire, right?"

Clapping him on the shoulder, Buffy turned down a side corridor and called over her shoulder, "Hey, I'm the original fire-starter!"

Practically chugging the last of her coffee, Buffy hesitated outside of the children's ward, she didn't really know if she wanted to do this. Oh, Cuddy was in on her and Wilson's little scheme, but couldn't she have been occupied elsewhere? Walking through the brightly painted archway, the slayer waved to the children who were playing and nodded her head at the attending nurse.

One of the doctors walked towards her and stretched out his hand, "You must be Ms. Summers, I'm Patrick Janeson, but you can call me Jane."

Buffy shook the man's hand and smiled tightly, "Sure, but only if you call me Buffy."

Jane Put and arm around her back and guided her into the waiting room, "Dr. Cuddy told me you were fluent in several languages, do you happen to know mandarin?"

"I do, and ni hao."

Jane chuckled slightly, "Excellent, I have a family who only speaks mandarin, and I need someone to help me out."

"Sure," Buffy nodded finally thankful for the experience of dealing with Chao-Ahn.

Halfway across the hospital, Gregory House placed his usual order for vicodin and played his game boy, after briefly wondering where his staff had gotten to. Wilson had scurried off after ten minutes of conversation, lying about having an early meeting, and his girlfriend was suddenly being helpful-well that wasn't all that extraordinary. Point was, he was alone, and bored, and he was anxious.

Picking his phone up and cradling it to his ear, House dialed and waited for the connection to go through.


Greg sighed, "Yeah. I'm looking for Spike."

The bubbly receptionist squeaked, "Who may I ask is calling?"

"Just tell him it's the doctor."

"Okay, hold for a minute…SPIKEY! Some doctor man is on the phone."

A frustrated groan came through the line and then a cool British accent, "What do you need?"

"New girlfriend…Spikey?"

"Oh, shut up, Greggy. Besides, she's an EX-girlfriend. Now what can I do for you?"

"Do you think she loves me?"

The bleach blonde vampire groaned in mild disgust, "Eugh, you sound like Peaches."

Greg exhaled heavily, "Just answer the question, Spike."

"Did she say she loves you," Spike asked tiredly.

Greg shrugged and tossed his tennis ball into the air, "She said it, but everybody lies."

"Look, I know you love the girl, but there is a lot you still have to learn about her. When she says something like that, she's telling the truth. When Buffy loves, she loves with her whole heart. She's not into flings, and she certainly hasn't ever had a relationship that she didn't want to last forever. I guess this is one of those conversations that I tell you again, you hurt her, they won't find your body, they won't even find the pieces of pieces. That all then, I'll be off to annoy the Great Poofy one. Oh, and she does love you-seems I just had this conversation with her a few days ago," Spike grinned tightly and slammed the phone down.

Pursing his lips, House scratched his cheek lapsed into thought. His life had changed dramatically in less than a year. He used to be commitment phobic, and now he was in a relationship where he didn't care if she lived with him, and she didn't yell at him when he drank straight from the milk bottle. Pain and puzzles used to be his only joy and thought, but now he spent 85 percent of his time thinking about her-more if there wasn't a case, a bit less if there was. His team was collapsing in on itself-his damage earlier in their employment had festered and started to rot away the support beams. There was such good in her, and he was killing things.

Picking up the phone, this time because it was ringing, Greg snapped at the caller, "What?"

"You have clinic in five minutes Dr. House."

Before he could retort he got the dial tone, "Well that wasn't very nice."

Using his well-shined cane, he limped into the hall and dropped into a deserted wheelchair. Snickering the supposed adult raced down the hall popping wheelies as he went. Jamming his cane into the elevator button he grinned as Wilson came to stand next to him.

"What, did Buffy break you last night?"

Greg's eyebrows raised, "Very nearly-and no, I'm not sharing."

Wilson smiled tightly and cleared his throat, "So, what is the good mood about? Did a puppy die?"

Rolling into the elevator car, Wilson behind him, House pressed the button and stared at the now closed door, "No, I'm going to ask her to marry me."

Wilson's eyes widened comically and he slowly twisted to look at his friend, head jutting forward slightly, "What," he asked slowly.

House sighed and looked at him, "I'm going to ask her to marry me."

Wilson didn't move, "Who are you and what have you done with House."

"I'm being serious. I drive people away, I know it, you know it. I…love her, alright, and I figure if she's stuck around me this long and doesn't hate me I shouldn't let her get away."

"Holy crap," James pulled a hand through his hair in shock, "Wh-ho-when did you-when are you going to ask?"

"You're being a girl about this, and keep your mouth shut to her."

Putting his hands up defensively, Wilson smiled, "So, when are you going to ask her?"

"This afternoon."

"Oh my God, oh my God. Do you have the ring?"

Digging into his jacket pocket House pulled out a velvet box opening it he showed Wilson the diamond, "So?"

Wilson was still grinning, "You're getting married."

"You think she'll like it? And I might be getting engaged. Might."

"Like you said, she hasn't run screaming yet."

"Thanks for that vote of confidence-multiple divorce man."

"Good luck, where are you going now?"


"Isn't it almost time for General Hospital," Wilson asked not so innocently.

House's half smile fell, "It is? Somebody is going down."

The elevator stopped and he got up from the wheelchair and hurriedly limped over to the clinic. Wilson smiled happily and then a little mischievously. Everything was going according to plan.

Behind him, he could hear Greg in one of his fits.

"What do you mean the TV is broken, this is a hospital, what if some poor sick kid wants to watch the Muppets or something."

"House, just get done with your work, you have an hour and then you can go watch TV in your office," Cuddy pointed forcefully at the only open exam room.

Scowling, House grabbed the stack of charts and called off the first name. Rushing through them-hey they were all colds, he kept trying to figure out what was niggling at the back of his mind.

After an hour of mindless exams, he shot out of the clinic and chuckled, "I should have guessed."

Leg acting up a bit more because of his irritation, House made it all the way upstairs before recalling his girlfriend wasn't there. House winced as he made his way down the hall. Frowning at the bright rainbow arch, he stalked into the waiting room.

"Looking for my girlfriend, she's just a bit taller than you munchkins-really hot?"

At the blank looks, he growled and scanned the glass exam rooms. His girlfriend was smiling and laughing with some guy. Not a good sight.

Slamming open the door he ignored the onlookers, "So, what disease does he have, giant-ism, 'cause he doesn't look like any kid I've ever seen."

The other doctor scowled, and Buffy laughed, "Hey, what's up?"

"What's up, I was looking for my ever loving girlfriend-who just happens to be a scheming genius."

The doctor swallowed nervously, everyone in the hospitable knew House, and everybody knew not to cross him.

"Thank you, Ms. Summers for your help today. I should go, patients to see."

Jane hurried out the door and Buffy turned and gently smacked Greg on the shoulder, "You went and scared him. He was cute. Like a bunny rabbit."

"He was flirting with you," Greg scowled.

"Aww, are you jealous?"

Buffy leaned into him, smiling, "No," he frowned.

"I think you are, and it's hot."

House leaned down and breathed in her ear, "And I think you helped in some plot to keep me from watching General Hospital."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," smiling Buffy danced away from him and out of the children's ward, waiting for Greg to follow. He caught up to her at the elevator.

Inside he trapped her against the back wall, "Oh, but I think you do know."

Trying to hide her smile she buried her face in his chest, "Maybe."

Chin on the top of her head House grinned, not really upset surprisingly, "What was that, I didn't hear you."

"I taped it. We can watch when we get home."

"Fine, but you owe me. I want the names of your conspirators, and I need my new bottle of vicodin, my office, five minutes."

Taking off towards his office, Buffy spun and headed towards the in-hospital pharmacy. Smiling she took the offered paper bag and headed towards the office. It was nice to have somebody to lean on, literally and figuratively.

Pushing the door open Buffy shook the bag and let the pills rattle.

House smiled and patted the empty spot next to her on the couch, dropping down next to the scruffy man she smiled and leaned into his warmth.

Wrapping an arm around her thin shoulder, House pulled her down and against him, "Two please."

Reaching inside the bag, Buffy grabbed the plastic bottle filled with white vicodin. Twisting the cap off with a little bit of effort she shook the bottle onto her palm. Several more than two fell out and Buffy twisted her fingers to put the extra away when her fingers hit cold metal.

Stopping she peered down at her palm and froze. A gold band with a shiny diamond attached. Breathing stopped, she didn't dare look up at House. His nimble fingers plucked the ring and the two vicodin from her palm. Swallowing the pills he contemplated the ring between his thumb and forefinger.

"Your going to make me say it aren't you?"

She couldn't say anything.

Pulling her around a bit to face him, House leaned in and breathed against her lips, "How do you feel about being stuck with me forever?"

"Even after today?"

"Especially after today, any wife of mine will have to be able to keep up with me"

Letting a smile pull her lips upward Buffy nodded, "Forever sounds good, too short if you ask me."

Taking her hand he slid the ring down her finger and covered her lips with his. The Slayer responded happily, tiny pearl drop tears trailing down her cheeks. Laughing at her girly moment, Buffy wrapped her arms around her boyfriend turned fiancé and breathed deeply. This was something she never imagined would happen, after a while, she stopped hoping altogether.

House smiled, truly happy, keeping their hands locked together, "You do realize that Wilson is going to give a speech, and he's going to cry-like a woman."

Buffy smirked, "That's why I'm dating the James Bond of doctors."



It was silent for a moment and then Greg winced as he inhaled, "You're going to meet my parents-my parents will come here-can we elope?"

"And cheat Wilson out being the best man-of going to a wedding he knows won't end with him and divorce papers, sorry, you and I are going to walk down an aisle and dance to some horrible music and then go home and watch General Hospital."

House smiled, "My kind of woman."

The End

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