Here is my first chapter of a dragon booster and storm hawks crossover!!

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There is another story with the same crossover (see Storm Dragons, by Dragon Eye Girl), but they are NOTHING alike. Seriously.

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The Condor drifted through the clear blue sky towards its destination.

We must be getting close, Aerrow thought to himself as he looked out his bedroom window. We've been traveling for hours now!

He flopped onto his bed, and pulled out a small grey medallion from under his shirt.

"Daddy! Come on," an eight-year-old Aerrow called out from his backyard picnic table.

"Don't worry squirt, I'm coming!"

It was Aerrow's eighth birthday, and his father, Leo, threw a birthday party for him. All of his friends were there. Since Aerrow's mom died when he was four, Leo had to take over both sides of parenting.

He ran outside with two boxes. One was small, about the size of a watch box. The other was considerably big, but light for its size. He set them on their back yard picnic table along with all the other presents from his friends and family.

"Okay Aerrow. You can open them now." He smiled as his overly excited son took a wrapped package and looked at the tag attached to it.

"It says: To Aerrow, from Piper!" His blue-haired best friend smiled as he ripped apart the purple wrapping paper. As he took the last of it off, a bright yellow glow burst out of a small crystal.

"It's a solaris crystal! My dad said that they can power anything, as long as there's sunlight in the sky!" Piper said as Aerrow picked it up and examined its beautiful glow.

"Awesome! Thank you Piper!"

He opened the rest of his presents and with each one, gained a bigger smile. Finn gave him a wooden sword set, Junko gave him a remote-control mini skimmer, and Stork gave him some sort of shoe-bottom that supposedly would keep him from falling. Now, it was time to open his dad's presents.

He took the small box and tore off the wrapping paper. Inside was a beautiful grey medallion in the shape of a hawk.

"What's this dad?" he asked as he took it out of its box.

"It's a luck medallion in the shape of the Storm Hawks symbol. You always said you were going to join the storm hawks, or start your own storm hawks squadron. This will give you good luck in doing so. Now, open the other gift!"

Aerrow strung the medallion around his neck and started to rip open the other gift, only to jump ten feet in the air as a small grey-blue ferret-thing jumped out at him as he lifted open the top. He laughed as it started sniffing him over.

"You've always said you wanted a dog, but I found this little guy in the tree over there just a few days ago. I figured he would make a great friend," Leo said with a laugh as he watched his son play with the little animal. "He could also make a good co-pilot some day!" Aerrow loved how his dad believed in him so much. He looked at the ferret-thing and decided to name him.

"I'm gonna call him Radarr, because his ears look like they're little radar antennas!"

They all laughed as the newly-named Radarr scurried over the table, jumping onto Finn's head.

He snapped back into reality as he heard a knock on the door. "Aerrow? Aerrow, are you all right?" Piper asked from outside his room.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he called. He tucked his medallion underneath his shirt and walked out into the hallway. "Did we reach the dig site?"

Piper nodded. "Everyone is ready to go when you are." They headed into the garage and mounted their rides. "Remember guys, this machine is thought to be a weapon, so be careful with it. It could still hold a charge," Piper reminded them.

"Okay Storm Hawks, let's ride!" Aerrow called out, and with that, they headed off into the Cyclonian dig.


At the dig


The Storm Hawks flew through the air towards the oncoming cyclonian guards, lead by the Dark Aces himself.

"I'll take the Dark Ace, you guys take the rest!" Aerrow called out over all the noise. Finn gave him a thumbs-up and headed with the others towards the cyclonians.

"Why Aerrow, what a pleasant surprise," Dark Ace called out in a mocking tone as he switched on his blade, giving it a red, demonic glow.

"Dark Ace," Aerrow called back, as if acknowledging that he was there. He, too, lit up his blades, giving the metal a bright blue color. Without another word, they clashed their blades together, and started the battle.


A few hours into the battle


Piper, Junko, and Finn had all managed to take out just about all the talons that had come after them, but they still had a few left to take care of.

Aerrow, on the other hand, was having no luck in defeating the Dark Ace. Though he had used his lightning claw move a few times, he still couldn't get at the cyclonian champion.

"You seem to have gotten better…" Dark Ace sneered as he started towards the red-head once more. "…but I'm afraid 'better' isn't enough!" With that, he sent a red flaming energy blast towards the teen, but he ducked his skimmer out of the way just in time. Instead of hitting Aerrow, it hit the mysterious machine. A low humming noise filled the air as it lit up. Its narrow firing end started to move to the closest target, which just so happened to be Aerrow.

"Uh oh," were the last two words that escaped his mouth before he was zapped by a bright grey energy beam. And with that, he vanished. The only sound that was heard was his teammates' gasps and yells.

The Dark Ace ginned and motioned for his talons to head back with him.

"Leave them," he started, "without their leader, they don't stand a chance."


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