"Gosh I never knew that things could get this complicated." Hinata thought as she sat down on her favorite park bench.

Whenever she had to think she came to this spot.

It was beautiful, over looking the lake surrounded by forest but across the lake was a clearing so you could see the sunset.

She sighed and held her face in her hands, the one thing in her life that went right had just gone wrong.

Naruto had finally found an interest in her, they had been going out for 4 months before today.

Flash-back-Hinata's POV

I hummed to myself as I walked towards the apartment that Naruto and I shared.

I walked up to the door and struggled to pull me keys out of my pocket.

I slid the key in the lock and turned to the right, I walked in and set the groceries down on the table with a low 'thud'.

Just when I was going to call out to my Naruto I heard a sound coming from the bedroom, it sounded like Naruto was in there with someone else.

I silently crept to the door, it was already cracked so I didn't have to worry about alerting them to my presence.

Heck was I kunoichi or what?

Well as sat next to the door I heard Naruto's on going conversation with the mysterious person.

"Naruto how could you do this to Hinata! She loves you yet you cheat on her with that pink haired slut!" came a mans voice, I recognized it as Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto's best friend.

I heard Naruto snort then look a little uncomfortable "What do you mean? I'm not cheating on Hinata-chan, I just...I just..."

Sasuke started to look really mad about something "You just what? Is she not enough for you? She's everything that any man could ever want yet you want more that her!" Sasuke punched Naruto in the face.

I let out a small gasp as he flew backwards into the dresser.

Naruto got up and chuckled "She's not giving me what I want so I have to get it somewhere so Sakura-chan gave me what I wanted."

I could feel the tears threating to fall from my eyes.

I always knew that he loved Sakura but I thought he loved me more.

All of a sudden a foreign feeling started bubbling in my stomach, why wasn't I good enough for him?

Was I not what he wanted?

I couldn't take it anymore, I burst threw the door, surprising both male shinobi.

"You jerk!" I screamed at him as I threw the promise ring that he gave me at him. It nailed him right in between the eyes.

He looked at me stunned "Hinata-chan what's the matter?" He asked me like nothing had ever happened between him and Sakura.

The angry tears fell freely soaking the front of my new jacket that i had bought just for him.

"I have loved you ever since we were children no you go out with me just to go behind my back and sleep with the girl that had once been my best friend!" I shifted into my families signature stance.

Naruto's eyes widened with shocked as I drove my chakra filled fist into his stomach.

He flew threw the window, make thousands of tiny crystal shards rain down on Sasuke and I as well as the grass below the window.

Man is that boy lucky that we live on the first floor.

I stood there panting for a few minutes, letting the angry tears cascade down my face leaving salty trails down my cheeks.

Only then did I notice Sasuke there.

I blushed tomato red as i realized that i had lost control in front of another person.

"G-Gomenasai I...I didn't realize that you were there. I'm sorry you had to see me in that state." I apologized bowing to him.

He just started at me in shock, it was the same look that the third Hokage had given to me all those years ago.

Sasuke soon collected himself, shaking his head trying to clear his thoughts.

"It's Ok. The baka deserved it after what he did to you. You heard what we were talking about right?"

I was stunned, this Jonin, one of top ANBU black ops hadn't noticed me outside the door at all! Now that was something.

I nodded my head, my tears were from embarrassment, anger and sadness.

He started at me for a long time before talking to me once again "Do you need a place to stay?"

I shook my head 'no'.

"Do you want to talk?"

No again

He nodded and walked out leaving me alone, just as I wanted to be.

I walked over to the window, being careful not to step on the glass and peered out at the blonde haired idiot that I thought loved me.

He was unconscious and had blood trickling down his forehead from were the diamond in the ring had punctured his skin.

Normally I would have rushed out to help he but now I think I'll just let him lay there till someone comes along to get him.

I run out of the apartment to the place I have kept secret from the rest of the world.

End of Flash back

Now this once happy girl sits on the bench and I'm crying eyes out.

The wind started blowing, a soft caressing breeze that made the hem of my kimono dance and hmy hair swirl around my pale face.

The breeze ruffled the leaves in the tree's and made the cat tails wave to me.

The ripples in the pond sang to me in chorus with the wind as they lapped softly at the bank.

A pair of black eyes peered out of the tree's, watching me sitting on the old worn out bench.

He had seen me run out of the apartment and followed me to this breathtaking place that could wow the most stotic mind.

Eventually the sobs raking my body slowed and my ability to breathe without hiccuping came back to me.

I wiped my eyes with the sleeve of my kimono, it was already stained with tears, what could a few more do to it?

I slowly stood and walked over to the bank of the pond, everything that he had said still fresh in my mind.

I dipped my small feet in the cool water and cupped some in my hands, splashing it on her my.

Now that I was alert I sensed someone behind me.

"Who goes?" I asked my voice breaking.

"Me." Sasuke answered, sitting down next to me.

I glared at him "I wish to be alone. Leave me." I commanded looking away from him, staring into the setting sun.

He smiled and stood up, he took five steps then turned around.

I was still staring at the purple, orange and pink sky.

The breeze still played with a piece of my hair and the lighting made my face stand out against the darkness of my long indigo hair.

"Are you coming? Your father already knows what happened. He wants you to move back into the compound." Sasuke said walking away, disappearing into the trees.

I blinked in shock, my father wanted me back? Now that was a change of heart.

I ran back to my , no our old apartment and pulled her suitcase out from under our bed.

I packed my clothes slowly, folding them neatly then locking up the suitcase then walked over to my families estate.

Once I arrived at the gate I took a deep breath then rang the door bell.

A voice crackled over the intercom "Hello, Hyuuga residence how may we help you?" I smiled, I recognized the voice, it was my close cousin Hiro.

"It's Hyuuga Hinata come home Cousin Hiro." SI said softly waiting for his response.

It was silent for about five seconds before a ear splitting shriek echoed through out the estate.

"My Lady you have finally come home! Oh my Lady Hanabi and Lord Haishi will be so happy! I'll go get Neji-san, oh I have to let you in first" The gates creaked open "Well there you go. Ill go round up the family!"

I walked threw the gates and started towards the front door.

As soon as I took her shoes off I was tackled by a blur of brown, black and white.

"Nee-chan! Your back! What happened? Are you ok? Did he do anything to you?" Hanabi yelled as I was trying to get up.

Tears started to swell in my eyes, once again threating to embarrass me further.

At least I know with Hanabi I can tell her anything, I love having her as my sister.

"Oh Hanabi-chan, He cheated on me. He cheating on me with her." Hanabi's happy face instantly was wiped away and the look of anger replaced it.

Anger so fierce that I doubt Neji could stand against.

"What did he do, ne?" She said in a low dangerous tone.

I heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards us.

I pulled her up and brushed both of us off and whispered "I'll tell you later." in her ear as i was trying to calm my tears.

Father burst in the entrance hall with a huge smile on his normally emotionless features, he looked handsome when he smiled.

When he did it was easy to see the man my mother had married when she was just 4 years older then I was now.

He took three steps toward me and hugged me so tightly I couldn't breathe.

"Oh I'm so happy to see you, my daughter." He said holding me out at arms length before returning to crushing me with his love.

Not that I didn't like him hugging me it was just that I thought you could hug someone without STRAGALING THEM TO DEATH!

"Lord Haishi." a voice spoke from the shadows of the door said "She's turning blue."

Father stopped laughing long enough to look down at my light periwinkle face.

"Oh my I'm sorry my dear. I guess i got carried away." He said as he let me go.

Hanabi supported me as I regained my breath.

"Its(wheeze) ok (wheeze) Father." I managed to say as Hanabi guided to me to the living room, sitting down on the plush designer couch.

The voice in the shadow chuckled "I never knew that you could kill someone with too much love." they said as they walked out into the light.

I felt a surge of happiness surge threw me as I squealed loudly "Neji nii-san!"

He walked over to me casually and gave me the warmest hug I have ever received from anyone.

"Welcome back, I just wish that you had come back on more pleasant circumstances." He said smiling sadly.

"Yes Hinata I heard what happened and seeing as you only lived with I'm outside of the estate your going to be staying here I had hoped." Father stated putting a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

I smiled my best smile at them "Thank you all for welcoming me back so fondly." They all relaxed as I said those words.

Just then my close cousin, the one who had let me in burst threw the door, flanked by all my other close relatives.

"My Lady you really, truly have returned to us have you not?" Hiro asked her eyes glistening with tears of joy, she looked more like a child than a 20 year old woman.

I nodded "Yes Hiro-chan I have returned."she let out a squeal as did all of my other cousins.

As she hugged me her tears soaked my cotton dress that I had changed into before leaving our apartment once and for all.

Father stood up and clapped his hands loudly.

Everything instantly became silent "In honor of my daughters return we shall host a party! Hiro-san."

Hiro unlatched herself from my waist and saluted Father "Yes Lord Haishi?"

"Go round up the rest of the family, the branch members to, this is a celebration to behold!"

He stood on top of the coffee table barking out orders, a few people rushed to the kitchen to prepare the food while others set to decorating with the little decorations that we had.

By 3:30(I had arrived at 12:25 in the afternoon) the whole family was gathered into the ball room.

I was standing on the raised portion of the floor with Father, Hanabi and Neji.

I could see just about every face that I had know ever since I was a child, and I knew them all by name.

The cooks had done a marvelous job in preparing the food so quickly for such a large amount of guests.

Everyone was silent as Father stepped on to the podium, he spoke into the microphone there.

"My friends and family we are all gathered here on this wonderful day to celebrate the return of my daughter, our heiress, Hinata!" there was a loud, joyful cry from the crowd a few whistled and others let out wolf howls and war whoops.

Father smiled making a few people gasp in shock.

Hanabi climbed up and pushed Father away from the microphone "Now that that's over let's do what we are gathered here for...LET'S PARTY HARDY!" she yelled signaling the family DJ aka my other close cousin Hizuma.

At once the sound of tech-no music pumped through the speakers set up in the four corners of the room.

Everyone was having fun, spinning and twisting to the music.

Neji dragged me down onto the dance floor and started dancing with me.

Despite all that had happened that day I was happy, there was no feeling of anger or sadness in my body, just pure happiness that my troublesome family had come together just to celebrate that I was back.

I had moved out 4 months ago to go live with Naruto and the whole time the people in the family that I was closest to begged me threw letters, e-mail and telephone to return home.

I could tell that this was as much fun as any of them had have since I left.

Well I couldn't blame them for being sad I did just kind of leave with out telling anyone.

I was tapped on the shoulder, I turned around to see Father standing there with his arms wide open.

"May I have this dance?" He asked as the music changed into a more homey kind of folk song, the kind just fit for fast pace partner dancing.

I smiled at him "Yes you may."

The rest of the family made a circle around the four couples dancing.

The couples were:

Me and Father

Neji and Hasumi(another respected member of the main branch)

Hanabi and Hijimu

Hiro and Kiergi(their husband and wife, Hiro is one of the few who married outside of the family)

We whirled around the small circle changing partners every few minutes till the song came to an end.

The family clapped as we dance and laughed when Me and Hanabi fell down at the end.

All together it was a great evening, everyone had fun and we all were happy.

I just wish that what transpired between Naruto and I had never happened.

I announce that I am tired and wish to be excused to bed.

I say my good nights giving final hugs, before waving to everyone and walking up to my old room.

Someone has already brought my suitcase up, its laying on the bed waiting for me when I walk in to my room.

It's the size of my old apartment, and left exactly as it was when I left Only that someone had dusted and a fresh vase of white roses have been placed on the bed side table.

I sigh and breathe in the familiar sent of vanilla and green tea.

I walk over to my bed and pick the suitcase up and put in in the huge bureau that still held all of my clothes.

I grab a fresh pair of pajama's and head to the bathroom to take a shower.

Theres a full bottle of vanilla scented shampoo still on the table next to the bathtub.

I turn the water on, first hot then the cold.

I test out the temperature then I quickly undress and watch as steam fogs up the mirror I am now staring into.

Could it be that I wasn't pretty enough for him?

I quickly shake my head, I can't think of him now I'm free now.

I turn my attention to the bath tube which is now almost over flowing with water.

Hey it might be the size of a hot tube but it fills up pretty fast.

I step into the hot liquid relief, I sigh as i submerge my body in the hot water.

I let it un-knot the muscles in my back, it also calms my pulse.

I sniff my hair to see if it needs washed.

Ew, I still smell like him.

I quickly dunk my head in to wet my hair then I reach for the shampoo.

I pour a big glob of it into my hand then scrub my scalp till I feel as if I Have just brushed my hair with a brush with spiky metal bristles.

I rinse that out then start the process all over again.

It's 10:45 till I get into bed.

I sigh and hug one of my plush pillows close.

Slowly I drift off into a dreamless sleep that I have been awaiting all day for.


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