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Chapter One


A toddler who was about two, looked at his father who was trying to make him understand what was happening. President Shinra decided to say it in terms his sone would understand "I marrying Elanora Storm, son, you'll have a new mummy."

Rufus looked at his father "I don't want a new mummy, I want my old mummy" he pouted. Rufus's father "I told you Rufus she's gone to the life stream"

"Don't care I don't want a new mummy" Rufus sulked never the less, two moths later Rufus found himself having Elanora as a mother. They didn't like each other much as Elanora thought that Rufus was a spoiled brat. Elanora also brought a one and a half year old girl (A/N I wasn't sure how many years older Gun was to Elena, so I guessed) into the family.

Gun and Rufus didn't take violently to each other either, and formed an unspoken agreement to leave each other alone. About nine months later three year old Rufus got another little sister, Elena.

By the time he was five Rufus had decided having a two year old half sister wasn't so bad. It was obvious from an early age that Elena worshiped Rufus, much to the disgust of her mother and older sister. Despite this Gun and Elena got along fairly well.

All three lived a privileged and lifestyle as both their parents were rich. It was clear that Elena loved sports and was tom-boy. Though she loved athletics, gymnastics and swimming, by five Elena wanted to learn self defence and, weaponry (A/N not sure if that's a real subject, but sounded cool), however Elanora refused as she deemed them "in-elegant, un-lady like and men's sports".

Gun also took gymnastics and athletics but had less enthusiasm then her half sister. Gun had also stopped swimming, and agreed with her mother about Elena's new found interests.

Luckily for Elena Rufus thought it would be good for her to learn self defence and weaponry. So persuaded his father to get Elanora to allow for Elena have her way. Elanora reluctantly agreed. Elena was a fast learner, and was soon learning more than basic self defence.

As eight year old Rufus cared about and was protective of his half-sister (not so much his step sister Gun), he decided teach her how to shoot (something his father had insisted he learn). Elena was ecstatic, as she had admired her older brothers shooting. Rufus knew he was a good at shot, and knew that Elena learning how to shoot would tick Elanora off.

He was surprised at how fast she learned how to shoot, though she had a way to yet at least her bullets hit the targets. Rufus would never tell anyone, but he was close to the chatty blond, who always seemed to be happy.

Though they weren't the happiest family on earth, the children at least were happy with their lives, and liked the way things were. Unfortunately shortly Elena's 10th Birthday (Gun was 12, while Rufus was 13) their time as a family ended as their parents divorced. Elanora had had enough of her husbands, beatings and womanizing ways. The divorce was messy and as result both girls hated their father (or in Gun's case stepfather).

Rufus and Elena both excelled in computers, but in different areas. Rufus was always designing and building computers, while Elena was always finding her way into secure sites, in which she shouldn't have been able to access. The companies never found out that it was a kid who hacked their system. All three children were highly intelligent, as all their scores were in 90 and above, and knew that things would not get any better, at least for a while.

The girls went into custody with their mother while, Rufus went with father. Rufus didn't mind this until Elanora made it clear that neither, Rufus or his father would see the girls again. This didn't bother President Shinra he didn't really care for the girls much; however Rufus was upset as he cared about Elena. He and Gun liked each other well enough as step siblings went

On the day that Elanora and the girls were supposed to leave, Rufus managed to talk to Elena alone. "Laney, Elanora won't let me visit you, so one day when I'm older I promise I'll come to find you" Rufus vowed.

The blond looked at him with her dark brown eyes and frowned and said "But Rufus, there's thooouuussands of people how on this planet, how will you be able to know it's me?" Rufus thought for a moment "I know we'll make up a password that only we know. Not Gun, your mum, or our dad only us". Elena nodded her agreement the said "good idea big bro, what's the password?"

Rufus once again in thought "how about-" Rufus began "Chibi Chocobo" Elena interjected suddenly.

"What?" Rufus asked startled.

"Chibi Chocobo" the chatty blond restated and continued, "No-one'll ever think of that"

Rufus chuckled "true, true, Chibi Chocobo it is sis"

"Elena where are you? Come here now!?" they heard Elanora coming towards them.

"Coming mother" Elena called, then quickly whispered to Rufus "promise, we'll meet again one day Rue? Promise?"

"I promise" he replied "Till then bye"

"Bye Rue." She whispered

Elena then went to her mother. As they left, Rufus saw that Elena was trying not cry, even Gun was subdued. That was the last time Rufus saw Elena.

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