The Remington Docks were located in the southern part of Capital City. It came as something of a shock to River to realize that even having lived her entire life in said city, she had never, in fact, been to the docks. Her father had his own private launch pad and shuttle garage, thus there had never been any need.

This, River was discovering, was a terrible shame. The docks practically seethed with life. Every five feet something new and interesting popped into view that she would loved to have studied to greater extent. As it was though, Jayne maintained a firm grip around her waist and steered her expertly through the thick crowd. A vendor called out to her, offering some exquisite bronze jewelry. River really might have entertained the notion of stopping but Jayne would hear none of it.

"Why can't we stop and take a look at the plethora of goods being offered?"

Jayne chuckled derisively. "I conjure yer playing fast and loose with the term 'goods', darlin'."

River laughed despite herself. "I disagree, some of these products are quite charming."

"Well alright, next time we're down here I'll buy ya an ice planet but none of that jewelry I seen ya eyein' up. It may look shiny but I'll bet my manly parts you'll end up with tetanus the second you let that luh sah near yer skin."

River let out a shocked laugh at his dry humor. She slapped his chest lightly and they laughed together. They walked through the throng of the market until finally they hit the boardwalk, where the ships were locked into their ports. Jayne spotted Serenity way down the line and pointed her out to River.

"That's her. Serenity, the firefly I crew on."

River squinted and admired the older ship. She stood out against all the flashy new ships and cruisers parked near by her, but River liked her just the same. She had a perplexing shape, almost bird like. As they got closer, River could see her better. The ship rose taller above them and River took in everything she could. From the battered look of her metal to the slight misalignment of the port thruster. The ballerina slowly exhaled in wonder.

"She's lovely."

Jayne shrugged. "Guess that's so."

River's awe was not swayed by his calm acceptance. They came right up to the open ramp while Jayne just clomped right on, but River stopped short. Jayne turned to give her a quizzical look. His ballerina found herself at a crossroads. She most definitely wanted to continue her exploration of the ship, but she was overcome by a sudden case of nerves. Nerves were strange and foreign to River. She hadn't had nerves since her first recital at the age of two and a half. She wasn't always good with people, and in more ways than one she continued to be surprised by how good she managed to be with Jayne on a consistent basis.

"S'wrong, darlin'?" Jayne asked, looking around for any physical entity that might be causing her distress.

River sighed. "I shall put this in basic terms, I think. I find that… oh, go se. What if they don't like me?" She murmured.

Jayne cracked a wide grin. He thought it a bit silly to be nervous about that. It wasn't like the crew was his for real family, and for that matter, it weren't like they was for real sweethearts neither. The kind that took to seein' each other regular, like with steady dates and dinners. They was just folk, friends really, who liked to sex and spend time together. It did not occur to Jayne that that was a perfectly suitable definition for 'sweethearts'.

"No worries on that account princess. They'll like you plenty. Fair sure they'll like ya more'n they like me."

River laughed. "Unlikely."

"Ac'tually, quite likely." Jayne insisted, beckoning her towards him.

River blushed and extended one delicate dancer's foot fully in front of her, setting it down gently on the aging ramp way. Then came the other foot in the same manner. Jayne considered her carefully, confused by her expression. As she came level with the first wall of the airlock, she laid a gentle hand on the smooth metal there, ghosting across the worn surface almost… politely. She smiled to herself and continued up the ramp at a quicker, yet still leisurely, pace.

Jayne had never seen not a single person experience the cargo bay like River. She spun around with her mouth open like a kid surveying his very own candy store. "It's so big." She whispered. "From the outside, it doesn't look so cavernous. But she is more than she seems."

"The ship?" Jayne questioned, looking at her strangely, though still fondly.

"Oh yes. She's exquisite. Brilliant, actually, in her simplicity." River smiled shyly. "Like someone else I know." She said with a pointed look and a wink. Jayne chuckled in that way that reminded her explicitly of the activities they'd been engaging in not an hour ago. River came forward to take Jayne's hand and he led her further into the ship. River's eyes widened as she started to take in every miniscule detail.

"Jayne… I think I might leave you for this ship." She said jokingly.

"Lord knows it'd be a step up." Said a familiar voice from above them.

Jayne sneered at the Captain, who had appeared on the walks above and was making his way down the many flights of stairs down to the deck. "Hello, Captain Reynolds." River said with a gracious smile. "Thank you for inviting me into your home."

"Weren't no trouble Miz Tam." Mal said, reaching the bottom of the stares and walking over to shake her hand. "Bet you'll want the full tour."

"Oh yes, please!" River agreed enthusiastically.

"Right then." Mal said, clapping his hands excitedly and offering her his arm. Jayne rolled his eyes. Cap was always a tad too eager to show off his ship. Not that Serenity weren't a bit of shiny, just maybe not accordin' ta every soul in the verse. River slipped an arm through Mal's but turned to make eye contact with Jayne and ascertain that she was still doing the right thing. Jayne smirked. That was just cute as all hell. He nodded a bit and made to follow the pair.

Mal raised his eyebrow at Jayne. "Where you goin'?"

Jayne frowned. "Around the ship?"

"No such of a thing, yer headed to the galley."

Jayne scowled. "I'm what now?"

"Going ta the galley, whip up some food. Fresh supplies in there and everythin'. Well, they're under the stairs, ya still gotta carry them up." Jayne let out an irritated growl and glared at the Captain.

River frowned. "Then let's view the galley first. We can see the rest after dinner." Mal shrugged, but looked a little put out, which Jayne found odd. He was probly plannin' on interrogatin' River as to what she was doin' with a hun dan like him, the mercenary realized. The fact that without even breakin' a sweat, his girl had foiled Mal, made Jayne grin a bit.

"Sounds shiny, darlin'." Jayne trotted back down the stairs and ducked under them to pull out the large wooden crate resting there.

It was pretty big, maybe around 3 x 5 feet and roughly 4 feet high. Now he could see why no one else was able to get it up to the next level of the ship. River's eyes widened.

"Shouldn't he have help? It a very large crate and--" River cut herself off as she witnessed Jayne heft the entire box up into his arms and then walk backwards with it up the stairs. "Oh my." She muttered softly to herself.

Mal sighed and nodded. "Yup. S'why we keep him around. Well… that and the deadly aim." River cocked her head to the side and studied him. Aim? She pondered over what that could mean.

Jayne got up to the top of the steps, forehead beading just slightly with sweat, and River fogot about anything else except him. He was quite an exceptional specimen of the male variety. She took a moment to just admire the swell of his biceps and the curve of legs up to his broad, strong back. She almost sighed but stopped herself. Jayne caught her eye and blinked confusedly for a moment. Her lustful glances had caught him off guard. But after a spit second he winked at her and put a little more flex into the arm she could see.

Mal remained unaware of the entire exchange and walked along at a lazy gait in Jayne's wake as he turned to go to the galley. River remained just about a half a step behind so as to get the best possible view of her lover's backside. No, they certainly never grew them like that in the Core.

The galley was bright and cheerful. Small purple flowers blossoming on curling green vines wound their way around the whole room. It made River smile. In the way that she sensed many things she wasn't supposed to, she laid her hand on the wall and felt an echo of the love and care the flowers were born of. The aging wooden table gave off a similar feel of camaraderie. The whole ship sang to her of family.

It made her think of Simon and of her parents and suddenly she found she missed them.

Jayne set the box down carefully by a set of metal doors that River suspected led to a pantry of sorts. "This here's the mess hall." Mal noted, stating the obvious.

Jayne rolled his eyes. "Thank fer clearin' that up." He muttered.

Mal turned towards him. "Whad'ya say Jayne?"

"Need a crow bar ta open the crate."

"Really? Sounded like--"

"Said I need a gorram crow bar."

Mal looked cheerfully confused. "Right then. I'll go run tell Kaylee."

The Captain moseyed over to the other door that led away from the galley and shouted at top volume through it. "KAYLEE!"

"WHAT?" A female voice shouted back seconds later.

"Need a crow bar."

"What fer?"

"What's it matter what's it fer? I told ya I need a crow bar!"

"Settle down, I'll be by in a second."

"One Mississippi…" He said warningly.

"Alright, alright." There was the sound of many metal tools clinking about and sliding against each other. A girl a bit older than River came jogging down the hall a moment later, cow bar in hand. She breezed right by the Captain and tossed the crow bar to Jayne who caught it one handed.

River examined her carefully. She had bright, cheery brown eyes and a sweet smile. She was pretty for being covered in grease and wearing unflattering coveralls. Kaylee smiled at her brightly when she noticed River standing there.

"Oh! Are you River?! The ballerina?"

River nodded. Kaylee held out a hand which River took and the older girl excitedly pumped it up and down. "I'm right pleased ta meet ya! Never met no professional dancer a'fore. Never even met no folk form the Core, really, save Inara."

River smiled at her. In an instant, she knew who had drawn the flowers on the walls and who made the ship a home. "It's lovely to meet you." River said genuinely.

"Yer stayin' fer dinner?"

"Yes, the captain has already approved."

Kaylee's smile widened. "Shiny!" She said.

Jayne hid his grin at the pair of them by turning away slightly to pry open the box. It was strange, but in some way, it pleased him ta know they got along. He couldn't pin why but Jayne supposed that maybe he was glad because it made things less complicated. Some deeper part, way down, though, whispered that maybe it was more like because yer crew became yer kin after a while. An' everyone liked when their girl and their kin got along.

Jayne threw the top of the crate to the side and began to examine the contents. His jaw hit the floor. That was not what was usually in their food crates. Mal looked at him curiously and wandered over to see what the fuss was. River and Kaylee continued to chat happily in the background. "What's up?" Mal muttered, coming level with the box.

Jayne just pointed and Mal's jaw hit the floor too. "What?" He whispered.

"How?" Jayne whispered back.

"Maybe a mix up in shipping? Like some fancible rich politician's got our protein and we got this?" The Captain offered, now smiling widely.

Jayne laughed to himself. "Some mix up!" Jayne had his own theories about where such decadence had come from but chose not to say anything out loud.

"Really!" Mal agreed, perfectly willing to accept that this was all some happy mistake.

In the crate was everything Jayne ever pretended to be eating when he was shoveling down more protein mash. There were fresh vegetables; lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, peas, rice! Everything. And fruit too. Peaches and pears and strawberries (Kaylee was gonna flip) and cherries. Three bags full of just cherries. Jayne actually had to close his mouth so he wouldn't drool all over everything.

There was meat too, off towards the corner of the top under packs of ice. Steak and once Jayne took a closer look, bacon and veal. This was like Christmas, Chinese New Year and his birthday all rolled into one. Jayne plucked a cherry and a strawberry from their respective bags and wandered over to the pair of girls now talking animatedly about the mechanics of an engine. Jayne silenced them both when he held out a fruit to both of them.

River smiled at him in that way that practically melted off his knee caps, taking the cherry and popping it into her mouth gratefully. Kaylee though, she gasped and looked at him in wonder. She snatched the strawberry and practically mouth-sexed it, her eyes closing in rapture. A funny notion occurred to Jayne just then. That it might be a bit strange, for him anyway, to be more affected by River just smilin' at him than by Kaylee gorram near creaming her jeans over a strawberry. River had gotten him semi-hard with once glance, Kaylee just made him chuckle, more than anything.

Once she'd absolutely ruttin' experience every last damn inch of that strawberry she opened her eyes again. River was giving her an amused look.

"Where d'ya even get one those, Jayne?" Kaylee said hoarsely.

"Check out the mix up the delivery guys made." He said eagerly, jerking his head in that direction. Kaylee and River moved over and while River just nodded, looking impressed, Kaylee squealed with joy. Right ruttin' close to Mal's ear, which he glared at her for, but she took no notice.

"Jayne is that lamb?" She said, rifling through the box. Jayne peered closer.

"Sure as gorram hell is!"

"Run-tse duh fwo-tzoo, real flour! And sugar!" Kaylee was actually bouncing.

"What's all the ruckus?" Wash's voice echoed down the hallways from the direction of the bridge. He and Zoe entered seconds later. Kaylee held up a fresh green pepper.


Wash mimed enthusiasm. "A pepper?! Good Buddha to have delivered unto us a pepper!" He said over dramnatically.

"You aint gonna be jokin' when ya see what's in the crate." Mal said, leaning against the wall and smiling.

"What is it, sir?" Zoe asked.

"A peck of pickled peppers?" Wash guessed cheekily.

"See fer yerself, oh non-believer." Kaylee said, stepping aside so the married couple could observe for themselves.

Wash sure enough stopped looking like everything was a big joke. "Ai ya!" He exclaimed. Zoe remained mostly stoic, except for the curl of her lips into a half smile.

"Who do we have to thank for this?" She asked slyly.

Mal shrugged. "Probably some green-horn delivery boy over at the docks."

Zoe laughed. "Rare bit of life when fortune smiles on us."

Mal smiled fondly. "True, true. An' Jayne's in the rotation for cooking tonight."

Wash rubbed his hands together, much in the style of an old cartoon villain. "Excellent!" He whispered feverishly. Everyone laughed, even River.

Wash turned and noticed the new laughter. "Well hello." He said extending his hand towards her. River shook it and then turned to Zoe, shaking her hand as well.

"You Jayne's River?" Zoe asked.

River smiled beatifically. "Indeed, I'm Jayne's River." Jayne smirked and threw an arm around her.

"Damn straight." He said arrogantly, kissing her temple.

Zoe's eyes sparkled with silent laughter and Wash openly stared at Jayne confusedly. "Well, only beauty ever could tame the savage beast." He murmured to himself, though everyone heard him and began to laugh.

"I aint tame, little man!" Jayne said, throwing a quality death glare Wash's way.

"I should say not." River agreed softly, her lips tilting up slightly in an intimate smile. Wash looked a little grossed out and Zoe raised an eyebrow in Mal's direction, who shared Wash's general discomfort. Kaylee sighed dreamily.

"So," Zoe said, breaking any residual tension in the room. "What's for chow?"

Jayne shrugged. "Dunno, whach'yall want?"

"Oh… Maybe…"

"Whatever's easiest… unless…"

"You always maybe could try for…"

"I think it's a good night for…"

"Stir fry." Inara said, speaking what everyone else was thinking as she entered the room.

"What a good idea!" Mal and Wash exclaimed in unison.

Jayne rolled his eyes. He knew that everyone loved his stir fry, but for some reason none of 'em could ever bring themselves to ask for it straight out. Never the less, he knelt and began rummaging in the crates for the ingredients he would need.

River smiled at Inara warmly, who returned the favor.

"Mei mei," Inara greeted, holding out her arms for an embrace. River stepped forward and hugged her.

"It's been so long."

Inara nodded. "Too long." The companion replied.

They both took seats at the table and began speaking so quickly in mandarin that Jayne caught only one word out of every three. Jayne shrugged, figuring womenfolk would be womenfolk and set about to cookin' up the stir fry.

It was I little… nice… actually hearing River's voice while he cooked in the galley. Next time he got to missin' on her out in the black, he'd at least have this memory to call himself back to. Not that he did that sort of thing… well, a lot anyway.

He was concentratin' on River's voice so much, that he barely noticed when Inara came level with him over at the cooking station and started to fix some tea. Her presence so close made him remember he had a theory he'd like to test out.

"Quite a stroke o' luck all this food is an such." Jayne murmured in her general direction. Inara cast him a sideways look and nodded.


"Hard to even find that much stuff round the docks let alone pay fer it. Someone'll be awful fussy if'n they figure out where their shipment went to."

Inara nodded, continuing her preparation of tea.

"Wonder who had 'nough authority and all that to get the whole damn shipment in one crate, since usually they come separated."

Inara's hands stilled momentarily over the tea leaves. She sighed lightly.

"So you know."

"Figure I'm the only one."

"That's just as well."

"So…" Jayne lowered his voice to barely above a whisper, but still appeared busy. "Why?"

Inara smiled. "I know Mal, and I know River. It was incredibly likely that if she asked to see the ship, Mal would let her. And I just… I wanted her to have the best time possible her first time here. In a selfish way, if you continue seeing her, I do as well."

Jayne nodded. "Yer a right sneaky one."

Inara smiled and laughed a little. "I think I'll take that as a compliment." She said.

Jayne grinned. "Good choice."

It was after dinner had been cooked and served and eaten and enjoyed that the real tour of the ship began. Ever eager, Kaylee had pulled River into the engine room and explained pretty much how the whole damn thing worked. River, bein' the genius that she was, managed to ask Kaylee some really pertinent questions, to which the mechanic responded in full detail that gorram near put everyone else in the room to sleep. At least, Jayne figured it was because River was genius, cuz he didn't know nobody that knew that much about engines just offhandedly.

The tour continued downward, past the vacant and rarely used infirmary and paused in the common area. They all sat for a spell, digesting and chatting. River and Kaylee were getting along famously, with Inara smiling warmly at the two women she basically considered sisters. Even Zoe, it seemed, was taking an unlikely shine to the young ballerina.

Jayne couldn't help but feel an inkling of pride. She was doin' everythin' right. Laughing at the Cap'n's jokes, humoring Kaylee's engine talk, politely inquiring about Wash's experience's in flight school. She just connected with all the folk around her. Jayne was almost approaching a feeling resembling some sort of sadness that the tour would be over soon. All that was left was the bridge…and maybe a bit later his bunk.

Jayne's eyes bugged out. His bunk. The very same quarters with nudie pics still hanging up and dirty clothes and such every which way. Well, that wouldn't do. Jayne cleared his throat. Mal looked his way.

"I'm gonna hit the head, be back in a jiff." Mal frowned and Jayne didn't blame him. A jiff? This mode of verbal suckage he seemed to be stuck in around River… when they weren't sexin' anyway, really needed to end. Still, Jayne hoisted himself up off the couch, squeezing River's hand as he left.

Jayne even went so far as to head in the actual direction of the bathroom until he was out of sight and then doubled back along the upper catwalks towards his bunk. He unlocked the hatch and dropped down expertly.

The second his feet touched carpet he was a whirlwind of cleaning power. The dirty clothes got shoved into the laundry shoot first, then he quickly straightened out the bed and the surfaces. The nudie pics were unceremoniously ripped down in one fell swoop, damaging most beyond repair, before he considered the sink… pondering how much time he had before he was expected back and out of nervousness, gave it a quick scrub. The guns on the wall were already polished and nice lookin, although Jayne gave a moment's pause as to whether or not she'd like 'em there. But in the end, there just weren't enough time to hide 'em proper like (that is to say without roughin' up their polish or their finish) before it started to get weird that he was bein' gone so long.

Jayne huffed in resignation and took a vain look in the mirror to check his appearance. He grinned. Handsome as ever, if he did say so himself.

He was up and out of the bunk in record time. Then he stealthed his way down the staircase and onto the lower catwalks. Once he had walked back around the middle level, he casually slowed himself to walking pace and descended the stairs back into the common room. He felt sneaky and spy like. The whole crew plus River was laughing at some joke Wash had been telling. His girl smiled up at him as he entered. He smiled back.

"Well, River, I reckon the only thing you aint seen is the bridge." Mal said, apropos of nothing. She nodded just the same. Wash clapped his hands excitedly.

"Well come on, let's go."

River and the pilot got up and the rest of the room followed suit. The whole gang trooped up the walks to the upper level and then past the crew quarters and onto the bride, which was ruttin' tiny with so many people crammed in.

Jayne realized in a detached sort of way that there was really no reason for anyone cept' Wash and Riv to be in there, because everyone on the ship had been on the bridge more than ten times each. And for that matter, there was no need for the rest of the crew to have followed anyone anywhere, because the same was true for the rest of the ship, they did live there after all. But even as he thought about it, he reckoned that that didn't matter none, on account of it was still a fun group activity.

The merc frowned a tiny bit when he realized how many fun group activities he excluded himself from. Not that he really regretted it, per say, and that wasn't to say that he didn't join in on some activities. But there was a definite portion he just distanced himself from, not wantin' to get too close to anyone. He made the discovery then, that that was sort of a really stupid thing to do, considering the whole damn lot of them had already gotten under his skin and taken to River like she was his for real girlfriend and he was introducing her to his for real family. Huh.

Jayne shook himself from his thoughts but it turned out that he couldn't understand a damn word of the current conversation mostly cuz it was all technical jargon Wash was spewing at River. The smaller man gestured emphatically to the three switches above the pilot's chair and River nodded fervently, pointing questioningly to star charts and the dinosaurs lines up along the consol, all the while buzzing about vectors or some such other thing. When Wash had exhausted every avenue of explanation about his beloved bridge, Mal sighed in relief.

"Guess that's about it." River nodded, still glowing from the technically informational session she'd just indulged in with Wash.

Jayne shook his head though. "Nope."

The crew frowned at him as he tugged River by the hand towards him. She landed with a gentle thump, pressed in one long line against him. She giggled and rested her hands on his chest. Jayne grinned rakishly.

"There's definitely still the matter of my room." He said in low tones, directly into her ear. She shivered. "Ya'll fell free to stay here fer that."

Mal made a disgusted noise. "Don' worry, I will."

Jayne didn't even spare him a glance as he led River down the hall and to his hatch. He kicked it open gestured for her to walk down. As she grabbed the ladder and began her descent, Jayne looked up at the semi-shocked crew and tossed them a jaunty wave and salute before winking and jumping down after her. Jayne landed noiselessly beside River, who was very intently studying his room.

Her eyes currently fixed on the guns displayed above his bed. She tilted her head as if to study them from another angle.

"So you are Mal's assassin then?" She said, frowning at him and crossing her arms under her breasts.

Jayne frowned and fought not to get tetchy. "How'd you figure?"

"You keep your whole arsenal in arms reach, Mal says he keeps you around for your remarkable strength and aim. You pulled a gun on Mal for sneaking up on you while we had that wave conversation. Which means that one: your first instinct is to shoot and two: you always have a weapon of some kind on your person. A man as large as you should be heard coming a mile away but you move like a cat. You have… scars, hundreds of them. None noticeable at first glance, but they're all there, knife wounds and bullet marks. Where else would you get them? What else would you be on a smuggling ship like this?"

"We don' smuggle--"

"Jayne I'm not an imbecile. This is a Firefly. Any ship between class codes 03-K60 and 03-K70 have every nook and cranny a smuggler could dream up to hide stolen goods. I… I don't have a problem with it. Generally speaking the Alliance doesn't do nearly enough for the Rim planets and so someone has to get the goods out past the Core. There's no love lost between the Alliance and I. That's why I'm not going to tell anyone about the ship or the fact that two Browncoats run it."

Jayne stood stunned. "How…?"

River smiled in a worn way and tapped her temple with her index finger. "Genius."

Jayne exhaled loudly and let out a startled laugh.

"Just be honest with me. Are you an assassin?"

Jayne shook his head, frowning. "Aint no assassin. I work as a hired gun fer Mal, keep the crew safe."

"You're a mercenary. Synonym, same thing." She said angrily.

"Aint. Assassins is high profile work, lot more pay, and a lot more dangerous cuz yer killin' much more important people. An assassin is what I used to be, in the war, now I'm just a garden variety merc." Jayne explained.

River didn't stop frowning. "What side did you kill for in the war?"

"Both." He grunted, highly uncomfortable. And somehow unable to tell a pretty lie to her just to end the conversation like he normally would.

"And Mal let's you work on his ship?"

"Mal don' know. Best he don'. Never really killed any higher ups on his side anyways. Browncoats paid better, more willing to fork over illegal goods like medicine and such."

River sighed and sat down on his bed. "You kill people for a living. Ironic."

"S'pose that's so." Jayne muttered, fidgeting nervously.

River sat for a long time, staring at Jayne's shoes, though he didn't think for a second that that was what she was thinking on. She looked up at him eventually, staring him dead in the eye. She looked troubled.

"I… still really like you. It's troublesome."

Jayne smirked a bit. "Heard that one a'fore."

River laughed. "I can only imagine."

Jayne smiled and sat down next to her on his bed. He put an arm around her and she cuddled into his chest. "This is strange." She said after a beat.


"You and me. We… we're so very different but I find… I find I like you better than any other man I've ever been with."

Jayne was absolutely thunderstruck by her admission. This was definitely the Jayne Cobb cue to push her away and run as fast as he could into someone else's arms. But he found he was comfy where he was. It damaged his calm a bit. He also felt that maybe this would have been someone else's cue to return the sentiment, but Jayne was not so far evolved as some who could just toss that kind of thing out there without some thought behind it. His way of communicating that he felt similarly was to nod at her. And in some strange, uniquely River way, she looked up at him with intelligent brown eyes and he could tell that she knew what he'd meant.

"Maybe you could teach me to shoot a gun sometime." She said, breaking their silence.

Jayne laughed heartily. "Sure baby. Sure."

By mutual decisions they laid down on Jayne's narrow cot on their sides, curled into each other. They stayed that way for a very long time.

Occasionally they kissed, but mostly they talked. River talked about her early years, growing up. Jayne talked about various jobs, some during the war. They talked until it was time to walk River back and even as they held hands and strolled back, they still whispered to each other.

River's apartment complex loomed ahead of them and Jayne pushed down a sigh. At her front door he spun her to him unexpectedly and laid his lips on hers passionately. The doorman just inside the glass sliding doors turned away out of embarrassment.

River gasped in surprised. Jayne cradled her face in his large and hands and tried to put into the kiss what he had been unable to say earlier. When he pulled away he rested his forehead against hers. The air was cold enough so that their mingled breathe became a cloud between them.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He said softly. She smiled dreamily.

"Yes. Your tickets will be waiting at the door. Under the name Cobb."

"Thanks. Go--" River pressed her lips to his suddenly, silencing him effectively. When she pulled away she was smiling.

"Don't say good luck. Good luck is bad luck in the theater. Tell me to break a leg."

"Why in the hell would I want you ta do that fer?"

"It's just what we say. The leg is metaphorical. Because good luck is bad and vice versa if you tell me to break a leg I will dance supremely well." She said, with a tiny giggle.

Jayne shrugged and sighed like he was quite put upon. "Alright baby. Break a leg. But don' break no real one."


Jayne laughed at her. "Night." He said, with one final, gentle kiss on the lips.

"Good night." She replied. And they parted ways until the morrow.