#30 Comfort


She clenched her fingers around her skirt, listening to the rain patter around her. Normally, the rain would have made her smile and she would have closed her eyes to bend to a rhythm all her own. She did not lift her hands to bend while she sat in the rain. She did not make a move to smile. She could hear someone move towards her and sit beside her in a puddle. She made no move to look at whoever it was, but she knew he was not enjoying his moments in the water.

She heard his hands clench the ground, roughly crumbling whatever sand stone had been. She heard the hiss of steam and automatically knew who it was. She took a side-glance at him and noticed how his hair was plastered against his forehead and he looked a little more distraught that he usually looked. She flicked her eyes back in front of her as she saw his golden irises move her way.

She felt his hand pull hers from her skirt and twine their fingers together. Heat rose in her cheeks. She turned her head his way and noticed steam lifting off his face. She smiled softly and leaned against him, the cool water around her evaporating and her own flesh becoming warm. He slid a little closer to her, dirtying his pants in the process. She lifted their hands into her lap and leaned against his shoulder.

The patter of the rain and the hiss of steam comforted her while she closed her eyes, smiling, and bent the rain to her own rhythm.


This is a posting from LiveJournal by myself. I hope you enjoy my first Zutara writing.

With Love,