Yes, I am finally updating this story! Sorry for the very long wait, I was waiting for the Gamera section to get bigger, which doesn't seem to be happening. Anyway now we learn whats happened to Ayana and the world in general. Also, you might be happy to know a certain Atlantian cult from Gamera 3 will be a central part of this fic. Enjoy.

New Beginnings

JSDF HQ, Tokyo, Midday;

Ayana Hirasaka has changed her life. It is ten years after the battle in Kyoto in which Gamera self-destructed to obliterate the Gyaos swarm, in that last noble act, Gamera replenished the earth's mana and showed mankind what he was willing to do to save them. In response to the Gyaos swarm, mankind had learned its lesson. The Gyaos awakened because mankind had polluted their world and they knew should they keep polluting, the devil birds would return. This is why nearly all of mankind's pollution had been eliminated, it was hard work but the threat of fighting the Gyaos again without their protector was enough to scare the world into the right mind set. This didn't mean that the Gyaos were gone however.

For the last 10 years, the anti-kaiju forces of the Japanese Special Defense Forces had been cleaning up the survivors of the final battle and Ayana was at its head. Knowing she had awakened Iris and thus helped weaken Gamera, Ayana decided she needed to help fill the void left by Gamera's noble death.

"Commander!" yelled one of the men in the control room.

"Yes officer?" asked Ayana.

"Gyaos sighting, one Hyper Level Gyaos and three infants, over the see off Hokkaido."

"Deploy the Guardian Squadron."

In the docking bay set a squadron of specially designed jets. Each jet was equipped with armor that was replicated from Gamera bone recovered from the bottom of the sea, they made sure not to disturb the graves of countless Guardians out of respect for their own Gamera, they'd only took a small piece and that was enough. The synthetic bone armor wasn't as strong as Gamera's shell but was still enough to withstand the sonic beams of the Gyaos. They were also equipped with missiles that were designed to replicated Gamera's fireballs, predictably, these too weren't nearly as potent as those used by Gamera but they were good enough to be able to bring down Gyaos. Each jet was also equipped with a newly designed 'maser' cannons. Theses weren't as strong as the missiles but required no ammo and offered continuous fire.

Derek Malcolm was the squad leader of this fight force. He was a well built, six foot tail American that had 30 Gyaos kills under his belt, without help of his squad mates. Naturally he was a logical choice for his job. "Alright team, you heard the lady!" he said. He hopped in his cockpit. "Squadron Captain Malcolm, ready for launch." he said, receiving confirmation from his squad mates.

"Guardian Squadron, you are cleared for takeoff." said Ayana.

"Roger. Lets go kick some Gyaos tail!" yelled Derek. He launched his jet out of the hanger, followed by his squad mates. He loved the rush of launching out of the hanger to shoot down a rogue Gyaos. It appeared that despite some Gyaos remaining, the restoration of the Earth's mana had the additional effect of lowering the reproduction rate of the Gyaos, making it so mankind could effectively shoot the beast down and keep their number's low. He check his radar and in a few minutes, one large blip and three smaller blips appeared. "Alright team, prepare to engage." he said. He throttled the engine, like nearly all major energy sources, the jets ran on plasma power sources, something once more learned from Gamera. Soon the purplish flesh of the Hyper Gyaos and the deep red flesh of her offspring came into view. "Take out the chicks first." Derek orders. The jets open fire on the young Gyaos with their masers, before the adult realized her offspring were in danger, one was flaming chunks of flesh raining down into the ocean. The adult roared in fury and got her young behind her. "That got her mad." he said as the Hyper Gyaos fired her sonic ray. The jets barrel rolled out of the way and fired their missiles. The missiles flew behind the Gyaos and did a turn to hit the two remaining infants, blowing both young terrors to bits. The adult was furious.

Gyaos flew forwards and fired her sonic ray. The jets dodged again, though Derek's wing was hit, the artificial bone armor withstood it, though it disrupted his flight path. He stabilized his jet, this was why they dodged despite the fact the jet's armor could survive the sonic beam, it could cause them to crash inadvertently. "Alright squad, lets send this ugly monster back were she belongs!" he yelled. He rolled as the Gyaos attempted to bite down on his jet and fired the maser right into the monster's eye, getting a satisfying screech of pain from the monster. The other jets fired their missiles at the beast, blowing holes in her wings. Gyaos fired her sonic beam but the agile planes dodged it. Derek looped around further in front of the monster as she opened her mouth to fire her sonic beam. All at once the squad fired their missiles into the mouth of the monster, severing the monster's head from her body and sending a flaming corpse crashing into the Pacific.

"Mission accomplished, Gyaos have been killed." said Derek to HQ.

"Good job commander, come back to base." said Ayana.

"Yes Miss Hirasaka."

Unknown Location, 3 pm;

Two figures hidden in darkness watched the battle that had occurred. "It appears we can't count on the Gyaos to do their intended function, they're failing just like that Iris monster." said one, female.

"No matter, our project will soon be released to assist them." said the other, male.

The two walked over to a glass window where a huge tank full of green liquid set, inside was a massive serpentine shape. "Garasharp will be the instrument of the destruction of this decadent civilization."

So Garasharp is being created as we speak and I'll give you three guesses who is creating him, note I'm not refering to a person, its a group. I don't know when I'll post again but I'll try to update more frequently.