Hello dear readers!

First thing first, I wanted to thank all of you guys for your support and messages I received. It'd really warmed my heart so thank you sooooo much.

I have a great news : I confirm, there will be a sequel of "in the elevator" !! :D

I still hadn't finish it though and there is still blanks in it so if some of you guys have ideas, feel free to tell me! I can't promise that I will use all your ideas (it's my story after all ;P ) but I will really read them and take them in count to help me.

I hope that you aren't angry because it will take me some times still to write the sequel but I really wish to satisfy you all and that kind of things take time.

I will wait your propositions for the new story.

Take care,

Sweetest Angel

A/N (17th april 2009)


for those who will read this author's note, well I just wanted to say...the sequel of "In the elevator" is on!!!! It's called "In the office". The chapter 1 is already online. I hope to hear your opinion and ideas for this new story!

much love,

sweetest angel