Yoshi's Newspaper

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: LOL look at me, I'm practically attempting to pathetically increase the word count, even though it doesn't matter because I just like writing fanfics and one-shots about Yoshi! ...(crickets chirp) Okay, don't look at me like that. You creep me out. (runs away)

Disclaimer: We don't own anything related to Nintendo. Heck...I think it's time I pay my debt to Peppy Ankylosaurus and Dr. Hoshi after mentioning them in this story by disclaiming. (silent for several seconds) ...Aw nuts!

It was your typical warm and sunny day in Nintendo City, in the center was Oval Park, the location of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, blah blah blah...

"Do the Mario! Swing your arms, from side to side, come on it's time to go do the Mario!" Mario sang merrily, dancing in the living room of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion along with his brother, Luigi, and his good friend, Pikachu.

Princess Peach Toadstool and Princess Zelda were both having a burping contest, seeing who can burp the best, with Samus Aran and Fox McCloud being the judge. Kirby was pigging out the refrigerator, eating all the food he could eat. Bowser was in his room, playing Wii Sports with Ganondorf while Mewtwo was on the computer, looking up data on the Great Depression.

Outside the Super Smash Brothers Mansion and the craziness and usualness inside, Yoshi the friendly neighborhood green Yoshisaurus yawned as he went outside to get the local newspaper. He bent down and picked up the newspaper on the soft, green grass, and as he got up, he turned around to see Mr. Game-and-Watch standing in front of him. "Eh? Mr. Game-and-Watch?"

Mr. Game-and-Watch chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. "Hey, Yoshi, what's up today, how are you?" He plucked the newspaper from Yoshi and started to look at the contents. "Hmm...nothing, nothing, nothing. Bah!" He tossed away the newspaper.

Yoshi fumed. "Well, that was rude! I haven't even showed this to the other Smashers!"

Mr. Game-and-Watch scoffed, folding his arms. 'Your point is?" The black, 2D figure retorted.

Yoshi growled, letting out a sigh and shaking his head. "Look, how about I just put the newspaper-"

"Who bothers reading the newspaper nowadays?" Mr. Game-and-Watch argued, getting into Yoshi's face. "We have plenty of news on television and the Internet! Why, back in the days of my grandfathers, we would go to the theater house to watch thew local newsreels-"

"Now see here, Mr. Game-and-Watch," Yoshi pushed back against Mr. Game-and-Watch, dusting off the newspaper as he picked it up, "I know you're old and all, but do know that I'm from the past. And although I do respect you in all form and matter, I have a right to being extravagant about this newspaper."

Mr. Game-and-Watch only stared blankly at Yoshi. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the wonders that is the newspaper!" Yoshi began to explain, as the Star Spangled Banner theme started to play in the background, "The newspaper is the one thing that you can count on. It's published, it's written by the good critics and has been approved head-on with the other news sources, and further more, it offers several other published things, like the comics, the weather, the..." He trailed off as Mr. Game-and-Watch simply went back into the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, leaving Yoshi to explain the greatness of newspapers to no one.