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Akito had finally let go of her zodiac.


Hatori watched the silent goddess sleep. She'd been so sick as of late. Kyo's departure as one of the Zodiac had thrown her into a fit of heartbreak. It was slow, but all of the Zodiac where leaving the cures behind. The cat had escaped and the other souls where free. Akito had gone through such pain that she could barely stand.

"Hatori. Hatori. Carry me."

Where had that one gone. Why was Akito so cruel. Her fathers death was the first time they'd seen Ren come out in Akito. Normally Akito was calmer, easier to deal with. Then it came down to the end of this time. Akira-san's death, her very birthday, he died.

"Hatori? What's it like to be free? To leave this cage?"

How long had it been? How many times did she ask that just to see his eyes light up? How was it that she understood him the best? She was god, but to know him so well was scary. Akito turned and looked at him. Her black eyes lifeless. She reached out and touch a piece of his hair, "Hatori? Why is freedom so painful? Why are they leaving this cage?" Hatori felt tears jump into his eyes. How could he not cry? Kana had been his last love, his first. He'd never be free until death.

"Because their leaving, because they can." Akito turned his face to hers.

"Why haven't you left?"

"I have no one to go to. Kana is married to another man." Akito kissed him gently and smiled.

"I released Shigure. I could release you, too." Hatori grabbed Akito's wrist and flipped her onto her back while sliding over her hips. Akito gasped as he started to kiss her neck, "Is this a yes? A plea for me to let you go?" he didn't answer, "Hatori! I asked you a question!" he bit her neck roughly then licked away the pain. His hands let go of her wrists and removed her kimono. Akito didn't see lust in his gaze. Just love.

He was releasing her.

Akito closed her eyes to enjoy his touches his kisses. The warmth of his aroused body and the passion that released her. She loved it. It felt like being held by your mother after it seemed she'd rejected you. To Akito, this was the only was she would want to be released.


Rin looked up from the book she'd been reading. Tears where running down her cheeks. Haru, who sat next to her, had them too. Momiji and Hiro felt it to. Yuki and the others who where free looked to Akito's room. Their eyes blurred by tears.

"Akito… isn't god anymore." Kyo's voice was soft and quite as he cradled his and Tohru's child. Tear ran down everyone's faces. They were truly forgiven.


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