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His Desert Rose

Gaara walked through the streets of Konoha his mind going back to the last time he had been in the Leaf village. He had been close to death. The Akatski had finally managed to take his demon Shukaku from his body leaving him for dead. If it had not been for the old lady and Tsunade he would have perished. There were many days in the hospital he wished he had. With Shukaku out of his body he seemed to lose control of all his emotions. His lust for blood was gone also. He felt he was slowly spiraling into madness till she appeared. At first he thought the Gods were truly punishing him when this small shy stammering girl entered his room carrying flowers. "H…hello Kazekage…m…my n…name is Hinata…I am y…your…n…nurse today. I..I.. thought…y…you might like some f…flowers to c…cheer you up." She smiled shyly at him as she placed the flowers in water and placed them by his bed. " I don't want you damn flowers…leave me the hell alone." He growled at her knocking the flowers off the table. Her smile never left her face even after the vase crashed to the floor shattering into pieces. She simply told him that it was okay and with that same sweet smile asked if he was hungry. He could hardly believe it had been a year since he had last seen her.

Oh how he missed her sweet smile. His thoughts going to those days with her in the hospital.

His thoughts were interrupted by a woman's scream. Running down the road he realized the scream was coming from behind a large wall. Popping the cork to his gourd he jumped into the nearest tree. Peering over the wall he found himself staring into a large courtyard next to a large mansion. It was then a girl with indigo blue hair was dragged by her hair out of the home screaming. Her back was covered in long bloody gashes as if she had been whipped. An older gentleman followed behind.

"You worthless waste of a daughter. " The man screamed slapping the girl across the face. "You will never be heir . Hold her while I place the seal on her!"

"Lord Hiashi she is too old for a curse mark. You know after age ten only half survive it." Gaara recognized it was Neji holding the girl down.

"It can't be ?"Gaara thought.

"She sealed her fate when she failed her clan."

"F…father please." The girl sobbed. Gaara 's eyes widened when he heard the voice. It was her. Dropping down to the courtyard his sand swirling around Neji and the other man holding the sobbing woman he tossed them into the wall. The sound of crushed bones filled the air.

"Don't touch her!" He yelled his sand wrapping around the old mans neck. Bending down he lifted the girl into his arms.

"You have no authority here Kazekage." The man gasped as the sand tightened. "She is mine to do as I please." Gaara looked at the choking man with a piercing glare his voice like ice.

"From this moment forward she belongs to the Kazekage and the people of the Sand Village. Come near her again and I will not spare your life or your clans." Calling his sand back he jumped over the wall rushing back to the temporary quarters he was sharing with his siblings.

Kicking the door in with his foot he laid her gentle down on the futon couch.

"What the hell Gaara don't you remember how to turn a door knob?" Temari yelled stomping into the living room. She gasped when she saw the girl.

"No shit baby brother you woke me from my nap." Kankuro whined rubbing his eyes. When he saw the girl his eyes widened. "What the hell?"

"Temari she needs medical help." Gaara pleaded as he knelt down next to the girl.

"Then take her to the damn hospital …what do I look like a medical Nin?"

"Temari it isn't safe for her…you have the medical knowledge to help her." His voice pleading.

Temari had never seen her brother act this way. "Help me get her in the bedroom. Kankuro get the med kit." She sighed, "What are you getting us into little brother?" Gaara picked her up and carried her to the bed. Her eyes fluttered open for a moment then blackness dragged her back down into unconsciousness.

Gaara brushed the hair from her face as Kankuro and Temari entered the room.

"Holy shit is that who I think it is?" Kankuro gasped. Gaara just nodded as he took her small hand into his. She was so cold.

"Hinata it's going to be okay." He whispered in her ear.

"Gaara who did this to her?" Temari asked as she dabbed ointment to the cuts and bruises on her face and arms.

"Her father and that damn Neji Hyuga." Gaara's voice full of rage.

"You didn't kill them?" Kankuro asked quietly. "Not… like they didn't deserve it for…doing this…but we just resigned the peace treaty between our villages this would not be a good time for disagreements."

"Don't worry I didn't kill the bastards…even though I wanted to." The hand not holding Hinata's clenched into a fist. Temari began to unbutton Hinata's shirt. Seeing this Gaara gave Kankuro a sharp look and jerked his head to tell him to leave.

"Gaara I need to check her back can you help me get her shirt off and sit her up. I need to clean the wounds and wrap them." Temari seeing his face blush sighed. "Here just put the bed sheet over her chest."

Gaara did as she said. He braced her chest against his body. Her head lying limp against his shoulder.

Temari gasped when she saw the vicious gashes all over her back.

"Oh Kami…Gaara what did they do to her?"

"Temari I…I… think they whipped her. I just don't understand how anyone could do this to her." His face pained as his hand caressed the back of her head. Her silky hair soft between his fingers.

Temari sighed, "Hinata is the sweetest most caring person you will ever meet. How could those monsters do this to her?"

After Temari wrapped bandages around her chest and back Gaara helped put a new shirt on Hinata and laid her gentle down on the bed tucking the covers around her.

"Gaara we need to talk." Temari said gentle to him taking his hand and leading him to the living room. Kankuro was pacing the room nervously.

"Gaara I don't think all of those wounds are from today. Some looked older."

Clenching his fists so hard that the nails dug into his palm. "That's it I am going to kill them for this!"

"Gaara you can't…not with the peace treaty" Kankuro said placing a hand on Gaara's chest to calm him.

Gaara sighed dropping his head he knew his brother was right.

"Kankuro I need you to go and talk to the Hokage let her know what happened. Let her also know that Hinata Hyuga is no longer part of the Leaf village and that she is now protected by the Kazekage and the Sand village."

"Done." Kankuro nodded as he went to the front door.

"Wait Kankuro…also tell her we will be cutting the rest of our visit and will be leaving tonight." Kankuro nodded and left.

"I guess I better get our stuff packed." Temari sighed. Looking up at Gaara she walked over and hugged him.

Since the Shikaku had been removed Gaara had slowly opened up to his family. Temari had always thought that those months in the hospital with Hinata's gentle ways was the true reason he could show love now. Now she wondered if he had it in him to heal her broken spirit. When Kankuro returned he let Gaara know that the Hokage gave her blessing to take Hinata. Going into the bedroom to get her .He sat down on the edge of the bed. "Hinata?" His voice whispered. Her eyes fluttered open she looked into his eyes but said nothing. "I am taking you to my home. You will be safe with me." Gaara caressed her cheek gently as she closed her eyes. Lifting her up they made their way towards Suna.

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