Chapter 4

The next morning Gaara found Temari trying to get Hinata to eat. Looking up at him she shook her head sadly and laid the plate on the table. "Maybe she will for you little brother." Gaara sighed taking the vase and placing in it a new Desert Rose.

"Gaara can I please talk to you outside." Temari asked nodding her head at the door. Following her out she smiled sadly at him.

"Gaara you need to do something she is just wasting away to nothing. The doctors will have to intervene if she doesn't snap out of this. I think you are the only one who can bring her back . She has already shown more consciousness around you then Kankuro or I."

"I know Temari but I don't know what to do." Gaara ran his hand thru his hair exhausted.

"I know Gaara but Kankuro and I both agree you two shared something that we will never fully understand. When you almost died when …well… you know. Neither of us could pull you out of your depression. Then

Hinata walked in. I laughed when I saw her. Stupidly miss judging her as weak. Not only during the chuunin exam but when she became your nurse. I was a damn fool! Gaara I truly believe it was her special gifts of compassion and strength not to give up on you that saved not only your sanity but brought you closer to us your family." Looking up at him tears welled up in her eyes. "I am proud to have you as my brother and I owe everything to Hinata for it as do you. She never gave up on you so please don't give up on her fight for her. Maybe if you completely open up to her. Tell her how you truly feel. I know you are in love with her I think you have been since the day she walked into your hospital room. I know you can do it…if anyone can save her it is you little brother. I love you little brother. " She smiled and gave him a quick hug before walking down the hallway.


She turned and tilted her head a small smile gracing her face. "Ya, little brother?"

"I know I don't always show it but…I am happy you are my sister…and…I…I…love you too." He smiled shyly looking at his feet. She smiled and gave him a wink.

Walking into the room he looked at Hinata she was sitting up just staring at the rose he had just brought her.

Sitting down on the bed next to her his eyes searching her face. He sat quietly for a moment trying to work up the nerve to tell her his true feelings. So many years denying love was hard to over come. Reaching over he took her small hand in his and looked at it. It looked so frail but with it she had such power to heal just with her gentle touch. His fingers slowly caressed the soft hand he held it dearly as if it was an anchor keeping him stable.

"Hinata I don't know what to do…you were always the one who healed…not me. Heck, if it hadn't been for you and your persistence I probably would have killed myself when Shikaku was removed. It was your kindness that helped bring me back to humanity and taught me how to love others. Before you I thought I was nothing but a blood thirsty monster. I loved only myself until you came into my life. Hinata you taught me how to smile, to laugh …to love. Please come back to me…I need you." Looking up to her face he gasped. As tears slowly ran down her face dripping on the bed sheets. His hand reached for her face slowly wiping the tears away. "Hinata." He whispered as he looked into her eyes. "Come back to me please I need you."

Her head turned to him as a sob broke from her lips. His arms clasped her small body to his as her small body shook with heart breaking sobs.

"It's okay Hinata…shhh… I am here and I will never let anything harm you again." His hand holding her head his fingers buried in her long silky hair he pulled her shaking body closer.

"Hinata what happened ? How can I heal your pain… please I just want to help you…protect you."

Tears poured down his face as he listen to her heart wrenching cries.

" Hinata I should have never left you . I should have brought you home safe in my arms. I should never have come back to Suna without you."

"Gaara!" She called out his name in between her bitter tears. Pulling back her head in his hands he looked into her moonstone eyes.

"Hinata I love you forgive me for not protecting you!"

"I…I…love…you!" Hers eyes pleading. "It wasn't your fault…I…told them…I… I was leaving . To be with you. My heart belongs to you and only you Gaara. I could not stand another minute in that house with their cold piercing hatred. I only wanted you and your warmth." Tears feel over his hands that he lovingly cradled her face with. Her eyes showed all the pain she had suffered but also offered to him all the love in her heart.

"They tried to stop me. When I refused…they…they…."Her eyes closed she could not even speak of the pain they caused. I never gave in…Gaara I would never give in. I would rather die then to spend my life apart from you in that cold bitter home."

"Hinata! "He whispered her eyes opening to his." You have me forever. You will never go back to that empty cold again. You are my Desert Rose I will protect you." She smiled up into his loving eyes.

"Yes I am your Desert Rose and you are the thorns that will protect me." With that his lips claimed her as his heart claimed hers as well.

The End

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