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Peace was going through the village hidden in leafs the people were happy with it the war with the hidden rock was over and everything was recovering nicely everyone was happy under the leadership of the fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato.

While the people were happy the Hokage himself was miserable he was forced to battle the very evil of the village hidden in the leaves, the hated "paper work."

After signing over another document Minato let his mind wander as to how to get this done faster, until he remembered the forbidden technique called Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Which would create a solid clone of himself and when that clone dispelled he would gain all the facts they had learned, it was perfect.

Until he remembered that it was a high-ranking Jutsu that was not meant to be used for such inappropriate things, but he hadn't slept for two days because of the paperwork and he needed a break so he formed the hand sign's and said "Kage Bushin no Jutsu" and created four clones. He than proceeded to jump out the window and run straight towards forest outside the village.

Once Minato was in the middle of the forest away from everything he felt at peace at least, until heard a women scream in pain. "What was that" he asked out loud and ran to the noise.

When Minato came to a clearing where the noise was coming from he noticed a woman with red hair, a very beautiful face, ample size breast, and a bright red kimono. She was bleeding pretty badly and was in pain but what really got his attention was the fact she had red eyes, claws, whisker marks on her cheeks, two fox ears on her head, and nine tails behind her.

As Minato crept closer he could hear her whispering something "damn you Yamata, you snake bastard the next time I see you I'm going to tear your eyes out your head all eight of them."

After hearing this Minato decided to approach to women to see if he could help so he walked into the clearing and got her attention "umm miss do you need some help"

The women looked at Minato and glared at him her red eyes blazing with hate "what do you want human" she snarled at him.

Minato was taken back by human thing but with her features she was most likely a demon but that didn't bother him she need help and one of the few useful things his Sensei thought him when he wasn't peeking in on women was that if a women is in need help her.

Minato got as close to her as possible and said to her "you look like you could use some help."

The women just looked at him with even more hate then before and shouted at him "I don't need the help of some filthy human I am the great Kyuubi no Yoko the strongest of the tailed beast and I don't need help from you so leave me alone mortal" Kyuubi said while hissing in pain and holding her shoulder.

Minato was stunned, this was the Kyuubi no Yoko? This rude, ego-monastic, and beautiful woman was the Kyuubi?

Minato pondered this but focused on the task at hand he wanted to help her whether she liked it, or not. He pulled her hand away form her shoulder to look at the wound, it was severely bruised and blood was pouring form it. A green substance was leaking from the wound which he guessed was the poison of the Yamata no Orochi.

Of course this pissed Kyuubi off that this human had the nerve to touch her when she specifically told him to fuck off and leave her alone, so she shouted at him. "How dare you touch me you fucking hairless ape what gives you the right to touch me? Just leave me alone before I deiced to make you into a meal. You're nothing but-" Kyuubi was interrupted by Minato "will you shut the fuck up, I'm trying help you here so will you just shut up already and let me help you."

This had socked Kyuubi, that this human no this man would dare tell her the Kyuubi no Yoko to shut up. He had guts, to this she had to admit.

Minato soon spoke up "this wound on your shoulder looks really bad we need to get it looked at or else it could get worse."

Kyuubi didn't like were this was going she knew that the poison of Yamata would kill her, with her chakra so low even a simple human could kill her so she had no choice but to swallow her pride.

She looked at Minato and said to him "what can you do to help human?"

Minato just looked at her like he was slapped in the face the Kyuubi no Yoko strongest of the tailed beast was asking for help from a human it was amazing.

Kyuubi was getting annoyed that he wasn't replying, "Hey baka human what can you do to help"

Minato snapped out of his trance and replied, "I know some healing Jutsu that could work but we need to get you to the village were an expert can help."

At hearing this Kyuubi wanted to object she could accept the help of one human but going to a human village that was out of the question.

And she decided to voice her opinion "No, there is no way I'm going to some filthy human village I would rather die."

Minato just sighed why do women have to be so stubborn "all right we won't go to the village, lets at least get started on healing that wound" he said calmly and began the signs for the healing technique soon green charka surround Minato's hands and he placed them on the wound and slowly it began to heal.

Once Minato was finished he asked kyuubi "does it feel any better" Kyuubi mover her arm a little, the pain was dulled but it was still there "it still hurts but the pain has dulled thanks, umm what's your name anyway" Kyuubi asked to which he answered "Namikaze Minato."

Kyuubi just looked at him after hearing his name and thinking "Namikaze Minato it's a nice name for a human."

Once he finished the wound Kyuubi looked at the wound it wasn't fully healed but the poison was mostly gone but the sign of infection was still there.

Minato just looked at the wound and at Kyuubi seeing that he needed to have and expert look at it.

Minato sighed and looked at Kyuubi saying "that's the best I could do but were going to have to have an expert look at it so you have to come back to the village."

At hearing this Kyuubi glared and at him and said "NO, I WILL NOT GO TO A FILTHY HUMAN VILLAGE."

Minato left eye began to twitch in annoyance and he began to say in an angry tone of voice, "You're going with me to the village and that's final!" as Minato said this he reached over to Kyuubi grabbed her and put her on his shoulder.

This pissed Kyuubi off and she let him know about it, "How dare you, you filthy hairless monkey, put me down this instant! I am the Kyuubi no Yoko and you will put me down now you Hentai! You filthy filthy Hentai hairless monkey" she said while banging him on his back and hitting his head with her tails.

Soon she had given up and stopped, deciding to just lay there while he walked to the village. Once they were almost there Minato looked at her and said, "We're almost to the village now I can either let you down and let you walk there with some dignity, or I can keep carrying you like a child though the entire village."

Kyuubi was shocked he was calling her a child and was going to mortify her like that, she may not care what humans think but she still had some pride as demon.

She looked at Minato and said with her teeth clenched together, "I will not run away please put me down."

Minato did what she asked and they walked the rest of the way soon they reach the village gate's and were greeted by two Jounin "Hokage-sama where have you been?" they said at the exact same time.

Kyuubi looked at Minato in shock thinking, "This baka is the leader of a village?"

Minato looked at the Jounin and said "Take this women to Tsunade and tell her that I'm calling in that favor from awhile back."

The two men looked at the women and instantly knew what she was, they looked over to their leader. "Hokage-sama with all do respect you want us to take this demon to Tsunade-sama?"

Minato just glared at the two, "If that's a problem with you to you can do D-rank missions for the next 2 years instead."

The two flinched 2 whole years of D-ranked missions was a Ninjas worst nightmare and without missing a beat they two replied, "We will gladly escort the young women to Tsunade-sama right away!"

Minato smiled and replied to the Jounin "Good! Then I'll leave her in your capable hands," he then turned to Kyuubi and said, "I'll come by and check on you later. Ja Ne Kyuubi-chan." And with that Minato used Hiraishin no Jutsu to leave.

Kyuubi just stood there thinking about what Minato had said, "He called me…Kyuubi-chan"

Soon the three were walking though the village, Kyuubi stood behind the two Jounin and listen to the people whispering about her to which she just ignored.

Once the Jounin had arrived at the hospital they now stood in front of a blond haired woman wearing a green coat and a jewel on her for head.

The two Jounin walked up to her and calmly said "Tsunade-sama the Hokage-sama whishes for your medical experience in order to help this women behind us."

Tsunade just sat there staring at them not moving or anything.

The two just looked at each other and repeated what they said to her "Tsunade-sama the Hokage-sama whishes for your medical experience in order to help this women behind us."

Tsunade still did nothing, the two Jounin looked at each and one of them waved his hand in front of her and snapping his fingers as well nothing then they got real close to and began to hear her snoring.

The two Jounin looked at each other, "She's asleep with her eyes open again."

At hearing this Kyuubi was getting annoyed that Minato wanted this woman to heal her, she walked up to the desk the Jounin wondering what she going to do.

Kyuubi stood right in front of Tsunade with a scowl and then kicked the desk while screaming "hey baba wake the fuck up!"

This got Tsunade attention no one called her a hag and she looked at Kyuubi and said, "Who are you calling a hag you little bitch."

This pissed Kyuubi off because Inu and Kitsune had never gotten along and to be called a dog was a huge mistake so she decided to let Tsunade know it "how dare you call one of those filthy flea bags? I'm a fox for your information."

At hearing this Tsunade finally noticed the fox ears and nine tails she had and came to the conclusion and said nervously "you're a demon."

Tsunade then looked at the two Jonin in anger and said "you brought me a demon to my office."

The two were scared now and said "We were only following orders form the Hokage he said you would do it because of a favor."

Tsunade figured out what they were saying and rubbed her temples and mumbled, "I hate that gaki sometimes," she then turned to Kyuubi and said, "Follow me and we'll see what the problems is," she then turned to the two Jonin and said, "go find Shizune and tell her to meet me in examining room one."

The two-replied "hai, Tsunade-sama" and left.

Once in the room Tsunade had Kyuubi remove her clothes to check her wound, seeing the bruising as well as a small trace of poison still left behind.

As Tsunade was examining her she noticed that Kyuubi was blushing a little and refusing to make eye contact, at that Tsunade smirked and said to her "you don't have to be embarrassed, you have a very beautiful body," this caused Kyuubi to blush a deeper red.

Not long after Shizune showed up to help Tsunade by taking the poison to see if she could produce an antidote for one of the most deadliest poisons ever.

Once they were done Tsunade put some bandages around the wound and put Kyuubi in a hospital gown and looked at her "the wound is nearly healed but were not sure about the poison so you'll have to stay her for a few days" Kyuubi wanted to protest but Tsunade interrupted with a "doctors orders" and left.

After awhile Kyuubi was bored out of her mind she had officially come to hate Hospitals, and she was about to leave and make a run for it when she heard a knock at the door.

When it opened there stood Minato with a smile on his face and some flowers in his hand.

Kyuubi just stared at him and wondered why he brought a bunch of flowers to her, "Human what are you doing here and why did you bring flowers with you?"

Minato just smiled at her and answered, "I came by to see if you were okay and the flowers are just a gift to show someone that you are happy they are okay."

Kyuubi blushed a little and asked, "Are those…for me?"

Minato just smiled and said "Of course they are, who else would they be for but a beautiful woman like you?"

At this both demon and human blushed with Manito saying, "Did I say that out loud?" Kyuubi nodded her head.

Manito began to panic and wanted to leave and as he was about to walk out the door, but as he turned away from Kyuubi he felt something tugging on his arm. He turned to see Kyuubi holding him.

Kyuubi looked at him and asked him "Did you mean what you said? Do you really think that I'm…beautiful?"

Manito just looked at her "Hai, I think your beautiful Kyuubi-chan."

Kyuubi didn't know what to say, she couldn't understand what she was feeling when she looked at him. She had always been alone all her life and then this man comes into her life and suddenly she can't think straight.

On the other side of the door peering into the room were three sets of eyes watching the young man and demon to see what was happening, these people were Tsunade, Shizune and Minato's sensei Jiraiya.

Tsunade looked at her teammate "so do you think those two will get together or what?"

Jiraiya looked at her "Maybe, who knows. Tell you the truth, I hope so. The gaki needs a girl in is life, and she looks perfect for him as far as demons go."

Back with Manito and Kyuubi who were still lost in the moment of what just happened, Kyuubi stood up from the bed and walked right up to Manito and looked him in the face and said, "Why do you think I'm beautiful Minato? I'm not even a human, why do you think that?"

Minato looked at her. He knew what she was saying was true, she wasn't human and he knew that fact. To even think of what he was feeling towards a demon was frowned upon by society, yet he didn't care because…he loved her. He was in love with the Kyuubi no Yoko and he didn't care what anyone thought.

Minato looked at kyuubi and smiled and placed his hand on her cheek this confused Kyuubi and he spoke, "Kyuubi the reason that I say you are beautiful is because…what I'm trying to say is that…Kyuubi-chan I-I love you" and with that Minato pressed his lips into Kyuubi's.

Kyuubi was stunned. She couldn't move or think the man who she at first saw as nothing but another human was kissing her, and she enjoyed it. She loved it, she loved him, and it didn't matter that he was a human at all.

To the group outside which originally was three people, turned into a mob of people all trying to get a look at why there Hokage would be in the same room as a female demon. To much of their surprise, when they hear him say he loved her and to see him kissing her with a passion.

Once the two and finished and separated for air they looked at each other each saying the first thing that came out of there mouths was "I love you."

After that was said, a clapping noise was heard and there stood Minato's sensei Jiraiya. Along with Tsunade, a few other doctors and nurses, and a few civilians.

Minato looked at Jiraiya the man may have been a pervert, no scratch that a super pervert, but he was still the closest thing to a father he ever had. And right now he was afraid that he wouldn't accept what he felt for Kyuubi.

Jiraiya looked at his student with a serious look and said "Minato you do realize that having relations with a demon are not accepted by everyone in the world."

Minato looked at his old sensei and replied, "I understand that Jiraiya-sama but I really do love Kyuubi-chan and I would do anything to be with her."

Jiraiya smiled at his student and placed his hand on his shoulder "I'm proud of you gaki you have a good woman there and I give you my blessing."

Minato smiled at his old sensei "thank you Jiraiya-sensei."

Jiraiya also smiled again and said "I also wish to give you a gift as well" he reached into his coat and pulled a book that said Icha Icha paradise vol. 3 limited edition.

At this Minato left eyed twitched and Tsunade was cracking her knuckles ready to kill her teammate, until a loud "HENTAI!" was heard, and Jiraiya was sent flying through the air and crashing into the wall that separated Konoha from the rest of the world.

Minato just looked at Kyuubi to see that her fist was right were Jiraiya's face was, and her fist wasn't even bruised after punching his sensei through a hospital wall.

Minato looked at Tsunade and replied, "I'll pay for that Tsunade-sama," she just looked at him, smiled, and replied "Don't worry about it. You also have my blessing as well, I like this girl."

Minato smiled and looked at Kyuubi she was still mad at his sensei, but he smiled at her. At least she spoke her mind.

Months went by and Kyuubi and Minato got closer and closer they went on dates and spent as much time as they could together and Minato was very surprised to find out that Kyuubi had a soft spot for kids and was often seen at the orphanage helping children and bringing them toys and sweets.

When she wasn't spending time with kids Kyuubi went under Tsunade's wing to learn medical Jutsu to help she got the hang of it quickly and with her nearly unlimited supply of charka she could do the most complicated operations with ease.

Kyuubi was also loved by the village, at first they were afraid of her and thought she was corrupting their leader but they came to see why he loved her and in return loved her as well. There were some that still didn't like her mainly the older generation and Minato's fangirls but they did nothing.

It was exactly one year since the two had meet after coming home form a date at Minato's favorite ramen stand Ichiraku much to Kyuubi disappointment but she didn't mind she just wondered where he put 27 bowls of ramen away.

Once they arrived at Minato's mansion, Kyuubi decided to take a shower and as she was there, she was thinking of all the time she was with the man she loved and decided "its time."

Minato was getting ready for bed when he the bedroom door opened to see kyuubi in a bathrobe dripping wet from her shower but really caught Minato's attention was that her breast were nearly showing and he couldn't look away.

Kyuubi walked up to him and placed her lips on his surprising him as she deepened it, he could feel her tongue in his mouth and he just enjoyed it.

When they broke for air Minato just stared at Kyuubi and asked, "What's gotten into you Kyuubi-chan?" Kyuubi just looked at him and replied, "Minato-kun you know I love you right?"

Minato was confused but answered, "of coarse and I love you Kyuubi-chan what's wrong?" he asked in worry.

Kyuubi just looked at him and replied, "Nothing's wrong Minato-kun, it's just that we've been together for a year and it's been the happiest time of my life. You have always been there for me, even when we first meet you were their for me."

Minato was a little surprised at hearing all this but let Kyuubi continue.

Kyuubi was starting to get teary eye and continued, "All my life I was alone I wasn't born like most Kitsune who are born with one tail I was born with nine tails and everyone was afraid of my power. Even my own parents were afraid of me, I could tell they loved me but there was still the fear in there eyes."

Minato was shocked Kyuubi never talked about her past, he tried to get her to talk about it but she always said it wasn't important now he knew why she didn't want to talk about it. It was because it brought back bad memories.

Kyuubi continued with what she was saying, "I was alone for so long and then I met you, a mere human who just wanted to help me and who wasn't afraid of me. That is when I started to love you."

Kyuubi started to cry into his chest and through her tears she said, "And after all the time I have been with you and come to this decision Minato-kun would you be my…mate?"

To say Minato was shocked was an understatement; he knew what she was asking him she was asking him in demon terms to be his wife and him her husband.

Minato looked at Kyuubi and replied "Kyuubi-chan you are asking me to do something big and it is only right that I do this" Minato got on one knee and held kyuubi's hand and pulled out a box with a ring in it and said "Kyuubi-chan will you marry me and be my wife and I your mate."

Kyuubi looked at him with tear's in her eyes "hai, Minato-kun I will marry you."

And with that Minato got up and kissed Kyuubi again with passion a bit of lust.


While the two were exploring each other's mouths kyuubi let the bathrobe she was wearing fall to the ground revealing all her natural glory as the day she was born.

Minato looked at her body and saw her figure, she had breasts almost the size of Tsunade's, she had a flat stomach and from a closer look red hair just above her womanhood, and seeing this Minato could feel a bit of blood dripping from his nose.

Kyuubi noticed this and smiled and replied in a sexy voice, "So you like what you see Minato-kun?" and reaching into his pants to feel his manhood and this surprised her when she did "it must be 10 inches long!" Kyuubi thought to herself.

After feeling his dick Kyuubi lost it and ripped off Minato's sweatpants to get a better look at his member, and once she did she just stared at it and then took it into her mouth. She slowly began to suck and deepthroat him then taking it out and licking the side of it and listening to all the moans that she was hearing from her lover.

It wasn't long before Minato cummed into kyuubi mouth she nearly choked but managed to swallow it all she looked at Minato and said, "Taste like ramen."

Minato chuckled at this and picked Kyuubi up and placed her on the bed and got between her legs.

Kyuubi looked at him wondering what he was up to until she felt something against her womanhood and noticed Minato was eating her out and she loved it "Minato-kun don't stop it's so good please for the love of Kami don't you dare fucking stop."

Minato had no reason stop and kept pleasing the women he loved thinking "I guess all that time with Jiraiya is paying of"

After ten minutes of Minato licking Kyuubi's pussy she finally came and screamed loud enough for the whole village to hear which they did including a white haired pervert who was writing his next book Icha Icha Kitsune.

Back to the couple Minato just finished giving Kyuubi pleasure when he got on the bed and placed a kiss on her lips again with some of Kyuubi's juices still in his mouth once they broke apart and he positioned his manhood in front of her womanhood about to enter her when Kyuubi stopped him "Minato stop."

Minato looked her afraid that she had changed her mind at the last minute until she said "Minato-kun there something you should know there is a chance that I may get pregnant after this."

Minato looked at her and smiled "I don't mind Kyuubi-chan I would be happy if we had a child."

Kyuubi smiled at him and told him to continued but also saying, "Also I've never been with anyone like this before so please be gentle okay."

This shocked Minato and he asked her, "You've never been with another man before Kyuubi-chan?"

Kyuubi nodded her head "Hai, when a female demon lays with a male for the first time they mate for life and no other male can have that female that's the rule's of demons."

Minato was stunned resizing that if he and kyuubi did this they would be stuck together for the rest of their natural lives he had to be sure "Kyuubi-chan are you sure that you want this?"

Kyuubi just smiled at her futures mate's concern for her and replied, "Go ahead Minato-kun I want this please take my virginity and be my mate."

At hearing this Minato knew he couldn't say no and so he pushed into her womanhood breaking her hymen, causing Kyuubi to scream in pain and tears to build in her eyes.

Minato looked at the women he loved in pain for what he did to her "Kyuubi-chan I'm sorry for hurting you please forgive me."

Kyuubi just smiled at her mate and placed her hand on his cheek "It's okay Minato-kun this is something natural for all women demon or human please continue the pain is mostly gone."

Minato did as he was told and began rocking his hips into Kyuubi's thrusting faster and deeper, and Kyuubi was loving it, "Minato please harder don't stop please don't stop I feels so good oh Kami don't stop."

They kept at it most of the night but were soon coming to a end with kyuubi screaming "Minato-kun I'm goanna cum please cum inside me give me a child oh Kami YESSSSSSSSS."

Minato had climaxed inside of Kyuubi and she felt his seed hitting her womb most likely impregnating but she didn't mind as long as it was by the man she loved.

She looked at Minato and saw his shoulder and said "Minato-kun bite me you need to pierce the skin and leave the mark that will prove that I'm your mate and that no one can claim me as yours."

Minato did as he was told and bite down on Kyuubi's shoulder and she did his marking each other as mates and falling asleep in each others arms.

(Lemon end)

Morning soon came and a loud banging came from the front door Minato and kyuubi heard this and got dressed and went to the front door to find Tsunade and Jiraiya one of them smiling like an idiot and the other really pissed.

Jiraiya stepped forward and smiled at his student "way to go my boy you're finally a man now."

At hearing this Minato blushed and said, "what are you talking about sensei?"

Then Tsunade stepped forward and glared at him "what we are talking about is the fact that you two kept the whole village up last night with your SCREAMING."

Minato and Kyuubi blushed after hearing that they kept the whole village up with their lovemaking.

Tsunade didn't give them time to explain before she grabbed Kyuubi and started to pull her saying "get moving there is no way I'm going to let one of my students give birth to a bastard baby your going to get married and that's that" Kyuubi was blushing and wanted to protest but knew it wouldn't work.

Jiraiya stood next to his student, "Come on gaki we have a wedding to get ready for."

The wedding was to take place at noon and everyone was nervous manly Minato and Kyuubi who were sweating bullets and were each being calmed down by Shizune, the Bridesmaid for Kyuubi, and Hyuuga Hiashi, Minato's best friend and Best man both trying to help calm the two down.

Hiashi tried telling Minato that everything would be all right "Minato you need to calm down your putting a hole in the floor with your pacing and I'm being serious."

Minato looked down and noticed that he was in a hole and looked at Hiashi with a worried look saying "How can I be calm It's my wedding, what if something goes wrong, what if Kyuubi decides she doesn't want to marry what if, what if."

Hiashi was starting to get annoyed and Shizune was there to as she was trying to calm Kyuubi down by giving her a paper bag to breath into.

Shizune rubbed her back saying things like "It's okay Kyuubi-chan just breath everything okay we don't need stress on you or the baby."

Kyuubi looked at her and said in between gasp "Calm, how can I be calm Its my wedding I can barley breath in this damn dress and its virgin white and this baby is messing with my body so how can I be calm damn it."

Shizune just sighed waiting for this to end.

Once everything was set and all the people were there including two people dressed in robes covering their faces.

At the alter Minato stood waiting for bride to be sweating bullets while Hiashi was standing next to him providing support and making sure he didn't make a run for it.

Soon the alter music began and Minato looked to see Kyuubi dress in virgin white gown walking towards him with a little girl in a pink kimono holding the back of the dress said girl was Mitarashi Anko.

Many people began to wonder why the student of a traitor would be allowed to attend the wedding of the two most respected people in Konoha but Minato knew why she was here.

It was most likely because of Kyuubi's soft spot for children and they both knew Anko wouldn't betray the village like her Sensei did and Kyuubi most likely personally asked her to be there.

Once Kyuubi had reached her mate she looked at him and smiled.

Once everything was set the man who would legally marry them showed up and it was Sarutobi.

Minato looked at the professor and smiled "hey old man" and was smacked in the head by Kyuubi who said, "respect darling."

Sarutobi read through the traditional marriage vows and was coming to the end.

"So as the previous Hokage of this village I would like to pronounce these two husband and wife, and mates are there any objections to this." Sarutobi announced noticing a few people wanted to say something but didn't out of fear.

Sarutobi saw no objections and then said "if anyone whishes to give a word of congratulations please step forward."

At this no one expected anyone to step forward until the two members with the hoods stepped forward "we have something to say."

Minato looked at the two not trusting them while kyuubi caught their sent and looked shocked.

The two took off their robes showing a man and a woman dressed in black and white silk kimono's they looked to be in their 30's but what caught everyone attention was the whisker marks on their faces the fox ears on their head and the black and white colored tails behind them they were Kitsune's.

Everyone was trying to figure out who these demons were until they all heard Kyuubi say "Kaasan, Otousan."

At this everyone was stunned in clouding Minato who was soon angry and looked at the two, "What do you want?"

The two looked at the Minato not a bit surprised of his reaction if Kyuubi told him of her past and replied, "Human we are here to witness the marring of our daughter."

Minato got angry "What right do you two have to be here Kyuubi-chan told me about her past how you were afraid of her how you-."

Minato would have went on but Kyuubi stopped him "Minato-kun it's okay I want them to be here."

Minato wanted to protest but he knew how stubborn she was and just went with it.

Kyuubi's mother looked at her daughter "Kyuubi-chan you look beautiful" this caused Kyuubi to blush.

Kyuubi father stepped forward and looked at Sarutobi "Sarutobi-sama we should get on with the wedding."

Kyuubi and Minato were stunned and asked, "you know each other?"

Kyuubi's father gave a fox grin "hai, your mother was a bit of an odd ball and wanted to see what it would be like to marry like a human so we came here and get married under Sarutobi-sama" after saying that Kyuubi mother smacked him in the head "baka Kitsune."

After that Sarutobi finished the vows and the two-kissed Jiraiya snapped a picture of the two.

Soon there was party with everyone laughing and enjoying the food with Jiraiya telling stories of how Minato was a loud mouth brat and Kyuubi parents told of how she used to be a timid child who would jump at a leaf.

While the two were talking Kyuubi's father went up to Jiraiya "you are Jiraiya of the toad correct."

Jiraiya looked at him a bit nervous then noticed him reaching into his kimono and pulled out Icha Icha Parades vol. 1 and said, "Can I have your autograph."

Everyone burst out laughing except Kyuubi who was blushing of embarrassment at her father and her mother noticed it "loosen up Kyuubi-chan your going to get wrinkles and it's not good for the baby either and it's a good book for the sex life."

Kyuubi looked at her mother in disgust "Kaa-san!"

Kyuubi's mother just looked at her "what? It's because of that book you were born in Konoha."

Kyuubi looked at her book in wonder "what do you talking about?"

Kyuubi looked at her and said "we were looking for the latest addition of that book when my water broke and well you know the rest."

Soon after words Kyuubi threw the bouquet in the air and many of the single woman began fighting over it missing it and seeing it land in the hands of Mitarashi Anko causing her to trip backwards and falling into the hands of Umino Iruka blushing while looking at his face.

Soon the party was over and everyone was leaving and saying good-bye and Kyuubi and Minato left for their honeymoon to the land of Hot Springs and were gone for three months.

Soon Nine months passed and the baby was almost due everyone was getting ready for it and so were the soon be parents.

Minato was working on paperwork in his office with one arm due to the other being in a cast because of Kyuubi's mood swings when his sectary secretary showed up saying "Hokage-sama your wife has gone into labor."

Minato heard this and jump straight out the window to the hospital when he got there he heard Kyuubi screaming "GET THIS FUCKING THING OUT OF ME DANM IT."

Minato soon found the room and saw his wife screaming and throwing things and people it took everything Tsunade had to keep her still when Minato did what he was told to do and hold her hand she broke it.

2 hours went by and at the very last moment after one final push a baby boy was brought into the world a boy with blond hair and blue eyes like his father and whisker marks on his face and fox ears on his head and not one tail but ten tails.

Kyuubi and Minato looked at their son looking at the very thing they had created a baby boy not human not demon a hanyou but that didn't matter they would love him.

Kyuubi looked at her mate and smiled and asked, "What do you think we should name him."

Minato looked at her and smiled "how about we call him Naruto."

Kyuubi eye began to twitch "as in the ramen topping."

Minato scratched the back of his head and gave a fox grin.

They heard laughing and saw Naruto laughing.

Kyuubi sighed seeing she was out numbered in vote and smiled "Naurto you have a bright future ahead of you."