I looked myself over in the full length mirror behind my bedroom door, mentally checking off the list of imperfections of my body in my head. I sighed, "I guess that's as good as it gets." I muttered to myself as I grabbed the thick black glasses off of my bedside table and slipped them on. I looked around the room quickly, surveying the sickening girlyness of it all before I locked the door with a key that I kept in my bra. I could feel myself sweating under all of the layers of clothes I threw on. It wasn't unusual for me to be sweating this time of year. In Jacksonville, Florida that wasn't unusual at all. I thundered down the stairs and into the small kitchen. My mother, Renee, was flipping pancakes behind the counter. I sighed again, I just couldn't understand why my mother had to do this to me! She knew that I was trying to go on a diet. You know, sometimes I don't even think she hears me when I talk. "Good morning sleepyhead!" she said brightly, I grimaced, I wasn't in the mood for her cheerfulness. "mmmhm." I replied and turned towards the living room. "hold on there!" she commanded, hurrying to cut me off when I reached the door. "Are you available tonight to baby-sit your brother?" I rolled my eyes, "no." That wasn't actually true but I was sure I could make some last minute plans with Jackie. Anything to displease my mother.

Frown lines appeared on her face. I supposed that these lines first appeared when my older sister got married to him. Renee searched my face for any trace of a lie, I made sure there wasn't. I was fairly good at lying, unlike the rest of my family. "Oh," she said shortly, I nodded and turned away to grab my bag for school. "Well tell whoever you have these plans with, that you have to cancel." She smiled again, everything in her little conceited world complete. I cursed her in my mind, "no, I don't think I will." I replied hotly, she always expected me to drop anything I was doing so it would make her at ease, well I had my own life. Sort of. "What was that?" she said, but I knew she heard me. "I said no." Short and sweet. I turned on my heal. "Are you being rude to me?" I snorted. "Well I don't think so, but that's your opinion, I guess." I walked through the bright living room where my father was getting ready for work in front of ESPN. "Hey, sport." he said distractedly, I ignored him. Grabbing my black and white bag and swinging it over my shoulder I looked my mother in the eye. Her hands were on her hips, the vein in her head pulsed. If she didn't get her way, the whole house became depressed for days. "Well, since you were being rude to me, that definitely changes your plans, you can't go out with your friends tonight." I stared at her open mouthed. Phil looked up finally from the TV and watched us glare at each other.

"Are you serious?" I half yelled, "Mom! That's so unfair!" I shrieked. She shook her head, "you should have thought about that earlier then!" Even though I really didn't have any plans, this made me angry. "You can't do that!" I shouted, "You're not the boss of me! I'm not a little kid anymore." Renee stared at me, "I'm the parent, what I say goes as long as you live under this roof." I breathed in and out slowly, resisting the urge to break something. "Fine," My tone was cold as ice, no, colder. "When I'm eighteen, I'm gone for good." Out of the corner of my eye I saw Phil's jaw drop. "Wait a second her-" "Shut up." Renee told him. My mother folded a piece of hair that had fallen out of place. "Well good then." she said, I saw that her eyes looked watery for a minute but I didn't care at that moment. My dad stood up and walked in the middle of us, of coarse he was oblivious to my mother's eyes. "Come on Phil, I'll drive you to work." she muttered, grabbing her brown leather bag on the couch. She walked swiftly passed me and into the hall, I heard her making noise, trying to find her keys. "They're on the coffee table." I called, spotting the little silver keys next to the remote. Phil grabbed them before my mother could move. "I'll see you tonight." Phil whispered, breaking the tension. He kissed my cheek, I scowled, I didn't know why I was mad at him too, but I was. "Whatever." Phil chuckled and walked out of the room. I waited until the door was firmly shut before I moved again.

My brother walked down the stairs cautiously, "Is it over?" he asked, ready for me to pounce on him. He didn't like that I was the one to drop him off at school now, since Phil's truck broke. I nodded and waved him down the stairs impatiently, "come on we have to go now, If your late blame mom." he smiled, I smiled too. My brother was okay for a 12 year old. A little immature maybe, but he likes all of the bands I like, and that was cool with me. All though, I do think he might be gay, he likes the movie, Annie, way too much. When I opened the glass door a wave of uncomfortable heat blew into my face, I sweat even more as I walk to my beat-up jeep. At times like these, I question myself for wearing a long-sleeved shirt, coat, and jeans, but then one look in the mirror silences these thoughts. I threw my bag in the passenger's seat while my brother hopped in the back.

The school's weren't far from the house. I quickly kicked Todd out of the car when I stopped outside of the middle school and drove away so I wouldn't get another detention for being late. Thankfully I made it inside before the late bell wrung, so I had enough time to bitch about my mother to my best friend, Jackie Smith while I grabbed my books for the next three periods. "We were doing something tonight?" She asked confused, I cracked a smile. "No, I just wanted to make her mad. Anyways that's not the point! She expects me to be at the house all the time! I swear I sometimes think she confuses me with my older sister. Who, bye the way, had no life at all before she moved in with her dad." I had only met Bella's father once, when I was nine. We were all on vacation to see her in the little Washington town just outside of the town her father lived in. I remember Bella and her husband, Edward gave each other funny looks before we all got in the car. My mom and Phil didn't come, Renee thought it was awkward being in the same room with Bella's father. I was too, I observed that he didn't have much of a life without my mom, just like Bella didn't have much of a life with my mom.

My classes before lunch dragged on, by fourth period I thought I was going to die of hunger because I skipped breakfast. As I walked back to my locker again to grab my stuff for the classes after lunch, I remembered the math homework I hadn't done. I swore quietly, and dumped all of the crap I had in my bag back into the locker and filled it up again with knew crap, the most important crap being the unfinished homework that I'd "forgotten" about. I didn't like getting help on homework. My parents always worked out the problems different from my teachers, that frustrated me. Sometimes, I'm forced to call my sister on the phone for help. I always hated when Edward answered it is always awkward, I never liked Edward. He almost never talks to my brother and I directly. Anything close to a conversation would be this, "Do you kids like McDonalds?" We would reply yes, that would be it. I don't even like McDonalds, I just say yes to any questions he asks so I can run away and hide until someone else talks to me again.

The whole 10th grade class had lunch together, unfortunately. The seniors boys are so much more fun to look at. Jackie and I always complained about this. The boys in out grade were okay, we've just known them our whole lives. I dropped my books onto the nearest table in front of me and sat down, Jackie joined me soon after, so did some of our other friends. "Are you going to eat anything?" Erica asked, I shrugged and struggled to read the complicated word problem in front of me. "here, you can have these." Erik threw some potato chips at me, I looked up, surprised. He smiled at me from across the table. Jackie pinched my arm, I gave her a look that meant, "knock it off," she giggled. Erik had always liked me, I found it annoying. Jackie thought it was the funniest thing, that's probably why I was so annoyed in the first place. I popped the bag of Lays and took couple yellow and greasy chips. I munched them down quickly. I ignored that constant chatter around the table while I read the problems and answered them, probably incorrectly. After a while, I resulted in jotting random numbers down just so when the teacher glanced at my paper she could see that I wrote something.

Math and Science went okay today, I smiled to myself as I walked out the front door of the school with Jackie. I drove with her in the Jeep down to the middle school to collect my brother. I pushed the ON button of the radio. My newest CD blared for a minute until Jackie turned it down on instinct. "How are you not deaf by now?" she muttered, I smiled, so did Todd. I drove down the street to my house a little faster than necessary, just to be home. I sighed as I placed the car in park and shut the engine off. Unbuckling my seat belt, I grabbed my school bag from Jackie and we all made our way to the front door. Todd had the house key in his pocket, I lost mine ages ago, mom hasn't gotten around to replacing it yet. She was a very forgetful women. I decided as I walked into the kitchen that my anger for her evaporated. I found that I was done being angry, I was just sick of thinking about it. The cell phone in my pocket made beeping noise. It must be an old message from Renee, since my phone was shut off all during school. I pressed the "okay" button and listened to what she had to say. "Hi, baby. Look, I want to start over fresh okay?" I nodded, forgetting that she wasn't really talking to me. "I just called top say that I love you. I'll be at the house when you get home." I looked around, where was she? I walked all around the house as her voice drowned on in my ear. I still couldn't find her. When the message ended I clicked the phone shut and called, "mom?" No answer. "She isn't here, I checked." Todd called from the kitchen. I leaned on one foot so I could see him, his books were all spread out on the dining room table. Already doing his homework, I shook my head. Typical Todd. "Where is she then?" he shrugged.

I sighed, she probably got lost on the way home from dad's work. But she would have called and asked if I could go look up where exactly she was on Map Quest. I found Jackie on my couch listening to my iPod that I left on the table the night before. I waved and flipped on the TV. Right when I sat down, the door bell rang. It was probably Renee asking us to open the door for her, she lost her key too. I saw through the glass a big blue blob. I opened the door curiously, it was a policeman. He was fat, with grey hair and small eyes, I giggled to myself. "Hello," he said kindly but I swore he looked a little sad. I nodded and smiled. "Are you Delilah?" he questioned. "Yes." He nodded, "I don't know how to tell you this, but you parents have been in an accident." The smile on my face was frozen there, but I felt my eyes get really hot and wet. The policeman proceeded to tell me what had happened, I couldn't understand anything he said. I only caught the words, "died on the scene." and "is there anything I can do." I shook my head, I felt the tears in my eyes, but they were stuck. I swallowed and it hurt. My parents were never coming home to me again, they were gone, and it was probably all my fault.