Title: In Your Face

Pairings: Deidara & Haruno Sakura (a little sakura&?)

Rating: M - Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with possible strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and strong coarse language.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto. But I keep Deidara under my pillow (evil laughter)

Chapter One: Terror and... Conflict?


Sakura awoke with a start; she jumped off her bed "shit! I'm late

Tsunade-shisou will have head" she voiced her thoughts, "The Hokage isn't who you should be worried about; hmm" Deidara's voice bought her back to her current reality. "Damn. That's right, I got captured but the Akatsuki" Sakura groaned loudly. "Leader-sama wants to see you, hmm"

"I don't want to see your leader-sama, thanks"

"I didn't ask you, hmm. It was an order"

"WAS meaning it's not anymore? HMM?" The rose haired kunoichi said the last 'hmm' very clear; she was trying hard to piss off Deidara, as she was mad she figured she'd make him mad too. Ops! Not a good idea.

Fortunately for her Deidara had a short temper and was easy to upset. Thought unknown to her pissing Deidara off was NOT a good idea.

"Listen, hmm" Deidara's expression was pure rage "You WILL go and see leader-sama, hmm" he walked over to her and leaned in to speak to her ear "And when that's over you'll have to deal with me, hmm" Sakura quickly jerked away from looking to his handsome face, now twisted in a crazed sick smile.

Sakura just stood there.

"Move, hmm" the clay master shoved her out the door.

There was complete silence as they made their way to the appointed chamber. After a few minutes of walking ( being shoved down the hall by a glaring Deidara) they stopped in front of a door, Deidara opened it and pushed the kunoichi in.

In the dimly lit room Sakura could make out the dark form of who she concluded be the leader, seeing he was the only other person there besides Deidara and herself.

"I brought the kunoichi, hmm"

"Well done Deidara" The dark figure said turning to face the roseate medic

"Do you know why you are here Haruno?" The Pein inquired.

"No" was her simple response.

"Well, all I will tell you as that you will be of use to us, at some time, until then you will remain here, under the responsibility of Deidara. Sakura's heart sank "here? For an unknown time limit? With...Deidara?!?! No! Oh god no." It took Sakura all she had to stop herself from voicing her thoughts


"Yes, Deidara?"

"What am I supposed to do with her? Hmm"

"Do as you please" the leader's almost death word struck Sakura like a hard punch to the stomach.

"Hmm, can I beat her yeah?"

"If you wish" came Pein's calm response.

"Can I rape her, hmm?"

"Deidara, are you not capable of courting a woman into sharing your bed willingly?"

"I am, hmm. But that's not it. This kunoichi was been annoying from the moment I captured her, hmm" Deidara's crazed smile creeping back to his lips as he look the kunoichi in the eyes.

"So" he continued "I promised her I'd. Make her pay, hmm. And right now I'm sure this would work better than a beating, hmm"

"Do as you wish" the leader said, turning to leave.

"Hey!" Sakura called back "what kind of heartless bastard are you? You can't do this to me I..." She was cut of by the leader's harsh voice

"I will not be the one doing anything to you" he coldly remarked, and the next second he was gone. Before she could say any more

"Move it kunoichi" Deidara's voice emanated his evil intentions "we're gonna have some fun, Sakura-chan hmm" Sakura turned to glare at him but he hit a pressure point on her neck and she was out cold.


Sakura awoke to a voice calling her name.

"Sakura-chan, wake up. The fun is about to begin, hmm"

Sakura's eyes shot wide open as she began to call chakra to her fists

"That bastard will be punched into an early grave," her inner scolded, outer Sakura already calling chakra to her petite fists. But her hopes were killed when she noticed her chakra wasn't responding


Deidara leaned into her face, Sakura tried to move but found that her body would not obey.

"Chakra strings" was Deidara's simple response to her unvoiced question.

"Let me go" she pleaded

"I don't think so, hmm"

Deidara stood up and removed his red and black Akatsuki cloak then made his way to the door, locking it.

Sakura's mind was a blank "he can't do this. No! What will I do?" no thinking of anything she began to scream

"Don't bother yeah. No one is here," he said playing out one of his crazed smiles. Deidara made his way to bed, lying on top of the squirming kunoichi, eyeing her carefully for a moment before pressing his lips to hers.

Sakura tried to move her head but he held her fast removing his lips from hers he leaned in to speak close to her ear

"Listen carefully Sa-ku-ra" he let her name slowly roll off his lips "if you fight, it will only make this all the more pleasurable for me, hmm"

Sakura made no attempt to react to Deidara's words, and Deidara brought his lips to hers once more then down to kiss her neck, collarbone stopping at the edge of her shirt only long enough to rip it off her, to again make his trail of wet kisses go down. Down, down, down to her breasts remaining there a while, Sakura trembled as she felt his hot tongue between her breasts

"Damn! How the hell will I get out of this?" she thought, "Oh put a sock in it will you." Her inner scolded her "first of all this is YOUR fault you pissed him off. And second... You're enjoying it and you know it!" Sakura was furious with her stupid inner self and made a mental note to herself 'don't piss off s-class criminals'

"Yes," inner Sakura's voice returned much to her outer self's dismay "We all know that will get you under a hot long-haired blond that wants to have his way with you"

"Shut the hell up. Stupid inner" Outer Sakura cursed her own inner stupidity.

Sakura stopped her inner rantings when she felt something warm crawling up her legs; it was Deidara's hand, making its way to a sensitive spot between her thighs

"Please... Don't," she pleaded with him

Deidara's face lit up in a twisted smile "You're mine now, pinky."

Sakura's body went stiff "and as leader said" he continued "I can do to you as I please" his insane smile grew wider as he pulled her face to his looking into her terrified eyes "I told you... You would have to deal with me. Didn't I?" Sakura was losing hope of finding an escapade, obviously the more she fought back the more he wanted to go on. He wanted to see her suffer.

"That's it!" Her inner rejoiced

"What's it?" she inquired to herself

"He wants you to suffer!" Her inner stated as-a-matter-of-fact

"Ya hun, took you long enough to figure that one out" she scolded herself, while fighting to control herself. Warm... Soft... Damn it felt good what he was doing "Gah!"

"Listen" inner, whispered as is he would hear if she spoke up "Go along with his game"

"What the hell?"

"Yeah, if you go along and pretend you also want him, he'll stop"

"Inner, you're a genius!"

Sakura turned her attention to the blond atop her, who working his way down to her toned tummy. Sakura relaxed her body, giving in to the feeling Deidara's hands were giving her.

Deidara noticing her slight 'change' propped himself up on his elbows breaking contact with her porcelain skin. He moved to her height again, staring at her. Sakura wasted no time, pulling Deidara down to meet her lips. He let her pull him down and kiss him, all the while wondering why the hell was she kissing him? Deidara turned his attention back to Sakura who was now undoing his pants button

"A bit eager are we, kitty?"

"I'm stuck here aren't I? Might as well make the best of it"

Deidara stared at her like she had grown a second head

"Cha! My plan worked perfectly! Shannaro!" Inner Sakura patted her own back while grinning with glee at her brilliance. Sakura kept working on Deidara's pants

"Hmm" Deidara's response was quick, removing his remaining clothing

"Ok! Then, let's have some fun kitty" he said while pressing his bare flesh onto hers, the rather 'large' bulge in his pants making contact with her pleasure button. Deidara moved his hands to work on her skirt while feeling up her thighs

Sakura froze.


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