Path of the Divine Soul

By Mena

A collection of things that aren't stories and are too long to be drabbles responding to the challenge posted by 100-series. ----Theme Number 1: Shivering Soul in the Darkness

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Valkyrie Profile or related characters.

Chapter 1: The True Awakening


The icy marble of the floor against her cheek caused Alicia to shiver as her senses returned to her. She groggily opened her eyes and propped herself up on her elbows as she took in the surroundings. Dipan Castleā€”at least what was left of it, seemed to collapse on her from all directions. Squeezing her eyes shut against all the emotions flooding through her, Alicia reached out within her soul to Silmeria. No response.

"So you're awake now."

Alicia opened her eyes and scrambled over to Rufus, huddled in a corner, eyes forlorn. "Rufus! Where is everybody?"

"How should I know." His face contorted into a snarl. "Damn! Everybody was hiding something!"

Leaning toward Rufus, Alicia asked him what he meant. Rufus explained that Dylan had a massive power lying dormant within him and that Lezard had whipped out some advanced magic, but that it all was to no avail. No one had been able to stop the Sovereign's Rite.

With that last bit of information Alicia felt the gravity of the situation plow right into her, stealing her breath. "The Sovereign's Rite--? Silmeria?" Alicia flung open her soul and reached out to Silmeria once more.

"Silmeria, where are you? SILMERIA!"

Again she reached into the bowels of her soul.

Again, no Silmeria.

The constant presence that flooded her heart was gone leaving a void as deep as the ocean.

"What are we going to do?" Alicia's mind was reeling. "Rufus?"

"I'm going to Yggdrasil. There I'll attain the knowledge to become a god and be free of Odin." He stood up with a swiftness and decisiveness that sent Alicia falling back onto her heels.

As Rufus headed toward the entrance of the castle Alicia felt a sense of omission. Once again she was being left behind. She had always looked to Silmeria for the strength and guidance needed for a situation, but now Silmeria was gone. The feelings of insecurity and weakness chewed at her mind when she suddenly leapt to her feet.

She was the Princess of Dipan. This was a destiny from which she could never escape. It was too late for Dipan, but not for the rest of Midgard. She would go with Rufus and end Odin's reign of tyranny over the mortals. She would take back Silmeria from the ones who stole her, and Alicia would show her how strong she had gotten and finally Silmeria would be proud of her.

After all, Silmeria would never leave her.

She always came back.