AN: this is all in Bella's perspective unless I say otherwise. This first chapter is really short, I know. The next one is coming soon and it'll be longer, I promise

"You're lucky that I found you Bella." Laurent said. "If you had known what Victoria had in store for you…"

Several things happened in next three seconds. Laurent bit me, he grabbed me and ran off, and I lost all of my memory.

When I woke up all I saw was white. The walls were white, the bed I was lying on was white, the floor was white and the ceiling was white. There was a white door on the other side of the room and another door opposite me. That door opened and one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen walked in and stood by me. She has beautiful dark brown hair and burgundy eyes.

"Hello dear, how are you today?" She said.

"Um, fine." I said, confused.

"That's great. Well, my name is Adonia, welcome to the house of Zenan." She flashed a brilliant smile. "You, my dear, are a vampire." She let that sink in for a second.

A vampire. This was my dream come true, I was sure of it. All I knew was that someone named Laurent changed me and now I was in a house for vampires. Everything before that was blank. Nothing. I didn't even know my own name.

"You're probably a little confused right now but I'm sure everything will make since shortly." Adonia said.

"Actually, no, I have a feeling I've wanted to be a vampire for a long time. I know that someone named Laurent changed me, but everything before that is blank." I said.

Adonia smiled. "Very good. Yes, Laurent is my husband. We've been watching you for about a year. Ever since you discovered that vampires were real. It's been a plan of ours to change you for quite some time now."

"So I'm really a vampire?"

"Yes." She smiled brilliantly again.

"What is my name? I don't remember."

"Your name is Tomber, and you are eighteen."

Author's note: Mwahaha!! The next chapter is coming very soon…

Thinking on the names: Adonia means beautiful (she is a very pretty vampire); Zenan means coldness (house of coldness…vampires); Tomber means to fall in French (she fell a lot when she was human).