Bella's POV

After conferring with Carlisle, we have decided that the sudden spur of memory was caused by the death of Victoria.

This is Carlisle's theory:

I was connected to Laurent when he changed me. Something in his venom connected him to me and that was how he 'deleted' all of my memory. He didn't actually delete it; he just hid it away, hoping I'd never figure out how to access it.

After Laurent died, it released the strongest hold on my memory. I now had access to these lost memories if I knew how to access them. However, there were still boundaries. I could get to some, but not all.

Victoria was connected to Laurent and therefore connected to me. She had to die so that the last of my memories could and would be released.

I had to do this though. I had to be strong enough to get my memory back myself. I had to be the one to kill her.

Carlisle also believes that if I had been the one to kill Laurent, I would have been able to access more of my memory faster.

In other news…

Edward proposed to me. I haven't given an answer yet but I'm strongly leaning towards 'yes'. Alice sees that I'll say this so she is already planning my wedding. Wonderful.

Honestly, I think the most unbelievable part of all of this is that he still wants me. I've done more and worse things to him than he has ever done to me, yet he still wants me.

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