3 Max

Max of Water, a student of Seamus, and a teacher of water. The light had warned you of the coming attack, Yet no one listened. He is stronger than ever. Why didn't you listen to me the first time? Don't more people for they are in danger. Seth still guards the roads to New York. Listen to I as you would the light. I am wise, like the light. For when Seth finds you, he will kill you. I have witness his power, and what he can do to us all, For it was him that killed Seamus, making his body rot. Seth his an evil we can afford to fight, Leave him for now, and teach you selves more on focus. With that power, we can defeat them over time. As I said before, don't enter New York. Instead, wait, for too many lives have been destroyed, due to Seth. I will be sending you another letter to you, after New Years Day, Before that day, remember to use the power of focus. And light will guide you on the right path. It will protect you like it protected me, As I lived through the hardest nights. Now I must end short, Let the light be with you always.