Mshinata: A lot of people asked me to do this type of fan fic, so I decided to do it! Haha get ready to be tortured Sasuke-kun! –Evil aura surrounded her-

Sasuke: I'm scared. –Hides behind Hinata-

Mshinata: Be a man! Anyways, enjoy! I do not own Naruto or any character specified in this fan fic.

Hinata was a care free, loving girl that worked as an assistant librarian. She had long dark indigo hair with white pearled orbs as eyes. But now…she just wished she was shy and timid like when she was 12. Ever since she became more confident, everything changed about her. Her eyes became more lavender than white; her hair grew longer and silkier…but what changed the most was her body.

Almost every guy in Konoha would look at her while she walked past them. Hinata didn't mind as long as they didn't touch her in the wrong places.

Anyways, back to Hinata regretting her life right now.

Hinata had just received a job offer as a model. A model?! She just couldn't believe she accepted it. How could she say no? She had to make more money for her and her cousin. After they both left the family, they decided to work for their money. Since Neji was so smart, he became a teacher at Konoha University.

Hinata was walking down a hall with a woman with short black hair.

"Hinata-san, Tsunade-sama will see you now." The woman said with a smile as she opened the door and left.

"Arigato (), Shizune-san." Hinata politely smiled back and entered the office.

"Hinata." The woman said and took out her hand to shake Hinata's. She had blond hair and amber colored eyes.

"Good morning, Tsunade-sama." Hinata said and shook her hand gently.

"Starting today, you will work as a model. Of course, I have to warn you, some models in this agency are pretty damn bitchy." Tsunade said as she let go of her hand and sat down on her chair behind her desk.

"W-what do you mean?" Hinata was afraid to ask but asked anyways.

"You'll see. Anyways, have fun! Shizune will let you meet your designer for clothes right now. Shizune!" Tsunade called.

"I understand, Tsunade-sama." She entered the room and then bowed. She signaled for Hinata to come and follow her. Hinata did as she was told and left the room.

"I hope that girl's as strong as she is beautiful." Tsunade sighed. "People around here aren't particularly…normal."


"This is your own special designer, Yamanaka Ino. Ino-san, meet Hinata-san." Shizune said. She pointed to a girl with blond hair in a pony tail. Her side bangs covered the right side of her face and she had dazzling sky blue eyes. She was really beautiful.

"Wow…Tsunade-sama didn't lie. She really is pretty!" Ino said while circling Hinata. "Oh, where are my manners? Of course, I'm Ino." She took out her hand and Hinata shook it.

"It's very nice to meet you, Ino." Hinata smiled at her.

"Oh my…You have SUCH an amazing smile!" Ino said and hugged her.

"T-thank you?" Ino clung to her like glue.

"Yamanaka, let go of her." A deep voice said from behind the two girls.

The two girls turned and a man with pitch-black hair with bangs hanging in his face was glaring at Ino. His long hair was tied in a low pony tail and he had pitch-black eyes just like his hair.

"Itachi-san, you know she's pretty. I just can't wait to dress her up!" Ino let go of Hinata and squealed.

"As Yamanaka mentioned, I'm Uchiha Itachi." He gently took Hinata's hand and softly kissed it. It made Hinata blush a little. He was so handsome and prince-like but…why did he seems so familiar?

"You are so corny, Itachi-san." Ino sighed. "He's your own photographer, Hinata-chan. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him." Ino glared at Itachi and his face was expressionless. He let go of her hand and walked off.

"I guess it's time for your photo shoot, Hinata-chan!" Ino grabbed her arm and dragged her to her big dressing room.


"Did you hear, Sasuke-teme? There's a new model in town." A guy with blond spiky hair with sky blue eyes said.

"Whatever." The man with pitch-black eyes and hair sighed.

"It's a girl, too." The blond said to Sasuke.

"Naruto, it would be better if it was a guy." Sasuke replied.

"Oh, 'cause your gay? Right…I almost forgot." Naruto said.

"Shut up. Just because I don't like girls, doesn't mean I'm gay." Sasuke said. They were sitting on chairs on the set and were about to do a photo shoot.

"Right…" Naruto nudged him. "You know what's awesome? She'll be at the photo shoot today. I wonder if I can get her number…"

"Naruto, you don't know her, and yet you're already thinking of seducing her to a pulp." Sasuke sighed.

"Hey, every model's beautiful. Look at Sakura-chan, she's so hot, and yet you reject her?!" Naruto sighed.

"I have my reasons." Sasuke simply replied.

"Okay everyone, here's our new model, Hyuuga Hinata!" Ino yelled across the set.

A girl with dark long indigo hair tied up in a pony tail with white lavender eyes walked in. She was wearing a blue sailor uniform. It had a blue mini skirt one inch above her knees and a short sleeved uniform top (like a sailor top in Fruits Basket P).

"Wow, she's freaking hot." Naruto said and stared.

Sasuke had to admit that Naruto was right. She was hot, but all girls were the same. She was going to fall for him, and as usual, he would brush her off like an annoying fly. In the end, he would tell her that she was annoying and seeing her as being timid, she'd probably be depressed. Of course, he would ignore her depression.

"Hinata-san, come over here please." Itachi said as he offered her his arm and she took it.

Sasuke suddenly became angry. Why? Because he just hates him for being such an ass wipe.

Hinata stood at the photo shoot.

"That girl is hot and all, but she's not cut out for modeling." A girl with pink hair and green emerald eyes said to a girl with two Chinese buns with brown eyes and hair.

"I don't know. We'll just see what she can do, Sakura." The girl replied to Sakura.

"TenTen, can't you see? She looks like the shy and timid types. No guy on the whole planet would like a model like that!" Sakura chuckled to herself.

Sasuke was eavesdropping. For once, Sakura was right. Every model had to be bold and proud to be hot. Even though Sasuke wasn't too proud of being sexy, he was bold. Girls liked that anyways.

Itachi was whispering something to Hinata, and she nodded.

Sasuke was shocked. Hinata was posing in ways that seemed shy and embarrassed. Why would Itachi want to do that? Was it because he was a pervert? Maybe…but that didn't seem to be the reason.

"What the hell is that girl doing? That's not in the hand book of modeling." Sakura said and crossed her arms.

"I got to say, she'd be a great actress if she wanted to be." TenTen laughed. "Her look of shyness and embarrassment seems so realistic. You know, I've heard that being shy and timid is the new way to win guys' hearts."

"No way!" Sakura exclaimed and turned to TenTen. She looked back at Hinata and saw that she was done.


"Perfect, Hinata-san." Itachi gave a genuine smile. She blushed and then smiled back. "You didn't even have to take have re-dos."

"A-arigato." Hinata said and bowed.

"That was simply amazing, Hinata-chan!" Ino ran up to her and hugged her.

"Well well well…I can see that you're involved in this, Ino-pig." A girl with pink short hair with emerald green eyes flipped her hair.

"She's my new doll, Sakura. Stop with the name calling. It's getting very childish." Ino squeezed Hinata tighter. Hinata sweat dropped.

"You're calling me immature? Ha! You're the one who couldn't make it to model!" Sakura laughed.

"I'm not going to stoop to your level. I'm just going to say that it has always been my dream to design clothes not show them off." Ino let go of Hinata and stood up straight.

"Sure…" Sakura flipped her hair and walked off. She stopped. "Oh and by the way, your little "doll" won't last for long." She chuckled and walked off.

"Sorry about her. She's just a drama queen." A girl with two Chinese buns with brown eyes walked up to them. She shook Hinata's hand. "I'm TenTen." She smiled.

"It's very nice to meet you. I'm Hinata." Hinata smiled back.

"So it isn't an act, Ino-chan?" TenTen turned to Ino.

"Nope, she's 100 shy." Ino said.

"Wow, Hinata-chan you better watch out for Sakura. She's…well…" TenTen paused for a moment.

"She's an evil witch." Ino finished it for her.

"You know she used to be really nice." TenTen said crossing her arms.

"Yeah…whatever. Tomorrow, you'll be having another photo shoot here, okay Hinata?" Ino said.

"Okay, I got it." Hinata turned to leave when she bumped into someone.

"G-gomenasai ()." Hinata said rubbing her head.

"Whatever. Just watch where you're going." A deep voice said. Hinata looked up and saw someone who looked like Itachi except he had short hair.

"R-right." Hinata walked past him.

"That was totally a moment, Hinata-chan!" Ino ran up to her.

"What do you mean?" Hinata said confused.

"You just had a romantic moment with a famous model." Ino said putting her hands on her hips.

"What? I barely even know him." Hinata was in a thinking pose. But then again…he did look quite familiar just like Itachi had looked familiar to her.

"That's so cute!" Ino hugged her.

"Do you have a crush on him, Hinata-chan?" TenTen appeared right in front of her.

"He seems quite rude." Hinata replied.

"Wow, you're the first non-fan girl to EVER say that!" TenTen laughed. "That's good. He's a player after all. You better not get involved with his evil ways. In the end, you'll just get dumped."

"So…he uses girls as…tools?" Hinata asked. Ino had finally let go.

"Yup, he uses them until he's bored." Ino said cheerfully. "C'mon, let's get you changed into your normal clothes and then we can go out for lunch!" She dragged Hinata along, and TenTen followed.


Naruto started to laugh.

"S-she thinks y-you're rude!!! And…s-she thinks y-you use girls as tools! That is SO true!" Naruto was trying to calm himself down but he failed.

Sasuke and Naruto had hidden behind a wall to eavesdrop on what the three girls were saying. Sasuke had angry marks all over his face. Naruto was right…AGAIN! Sasuke was rude…but only at times when he thought it was necessary. He saw Ino dragging Hinata along when Itachi came up to them. Itachi had said something to Hinata that made her blush. Ino and TenTen were delighted about something, too.


After that, Itachi was walking with the three girls.

"What the hell is Itachi doing?" Naruto whispered.

"I don't know, but let's follow them." Sasuke said and grabbed Naruto's arm.

"Why? You're scared that Itachi's going to steal your little girlfriend?" Naruto said playfully.

"I don't even know her." Sasuke sweat dropped and continued to drag Naruto along.

Really…how childish of him to even THINK of that… Sasuke had a little tiny tinge of blush on his face.


"Where do you want to eat, Hinata-chan?" TenTen asked Hinata. Hinata had changed into her old clothes and they were now walking down the sidewalk.

"Um…it doesn't really matter." Hinata said. "I just have to get home by 6pm."

"Aww…how boring. You have a curfew?" Ino pouted and crossed her arms.

"My older cousin is a bit…protective." Hinata sweat dropped. If Neji had seen her with Itachi, he would certainly kill him.

"I can understand that. My mother is very protective of me." Itachi said putting his hands in his pockets.

"But that's your mother. My mother died after when my little sister was born." Hinata said.

"Aww…" Ino and TenTen said in unison. They started to cry Anime/chibi style. "So…you don't know what's it like to have a mother?" They both asked Hinata.

"I guess not…" Hinata said.

"That's okay; we'll be your Nee-chans!" Ino and TenTen both hugged Hinata.

Hinata blushed.

"You're suffocating her. See? Look at her face. It's turning red." Itachi brushed them off and put his palm over her forehead. Hinata blushed furiously. She had never had a guy touch her forehead before…well…Neji doesn't count. He's her cousin. (Neji: HEY!!! WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! Me: Oh nothing…-smirks-)

"Well, you don't have a fever. Do you want me to take you to a doctor or something?" Itachi said as he removed his hand from her forehead.

"N-no, I'm fine." Hinata said waving her hands in front of her to tell him that she was fine.

"Well then, it's my treat then! I know a great ramen shop that will make taste buds go wild!" Ino said happily and grabbed Hinata's arm. She dragged her off in the direction of the ramen shop.


"Wow, Itachi's never touched a girl's forehead before." Naruto said. The two guys were hiding behind mail boxes.

"He's just trying to show off." Sasuke said.

"I don't know…it seems like he really takes interest in Hinata-chan." Naruto said nodding his head.

Sasuke didn't know why but his insides were burning…a little. He didn't know why. Maybe because Naruto said "Hinata-chan?" No…that couldn't be it. Sasuke shook his head to get rid of the thought.

"I know he doesn't." Sasuke said and continued to follow them as they walked.

"How do you know?" Naruto asked dumbly.

"Because he's my brother…" Sasuke sweat dropped.

"But you said you never talk to him." Naruto said.

"Y-you know what? Shut up! I know he doesn't like her." Sasuke said and clutched Naruto's arm tightly and dragged him in the direction of where Hinata, TenTen, Ino, and Itachi were going. I know he doesn't. I know he doesn't! Sasuke chanted in his mind. If he did, he would have raped her by now…OH FUCK! Sasuke ran faster to catch up with the group.


The four young "adults" ordered the special ramen. They sat down at a table near the front. Ino and TenTen ate greedily while Hinata just ate with tiny slurps. Itachi stared at the trio and wondered why Hinata wasn't like TenTen and Ino.

"I'm surprised you don't eat like them." Itachi finally said.

Hinata wasn't noticing the other two and decided to look. She sweat dropped. They were eating and ordering more ramen like they hadn't eaten in three days.

"I guess it's because I was taught to do things with class." Hinata said nervously.

"With class, huh?" Itachi finally started eating.

"Y-yeah…my mother wanted me to become a polite young lady." Hinata had a tinge of blush from embarrassment. "She can sometimes be an overprotective mom." She chuckled a little.

"My mother can be, too. But…she's dead." Itachi said. He stopped eating and looked down at his bowl of ramen.

"My mother's dead, too. But my sister always says that I look like her more each day." Hinata smiled. "I guess that's why we're so close."

"You're lucky. I have an annoying brother." Itachi sighed and began to eat again.

"Well, at least you have some family, right?" Hinata asked.

"He's my only family…unfortunately. My father kept blaming us on our mother's death, so he moved far away from us. He practically hates us now." Itachi said continuing to eat.

"I'm sorry."

Itachi looked up at Hinata. She was done eating and looked down at her lap.

"I know what it is like to be hated by your father, but…my father I guess has changed his mind about me since…my father keeps imagining me as my mother." She sweat dropped and gave a nervous smile.

"That's nice. At least you're father loves you now." Itachi gave one of his genuine smiles again. Hinata blushed a little and looked back down at her lap. Wow…she's still the same Hinata, huh?

"Ahh…I'm full." Ino said and licked her lips with greed.

"Me too…Ino you're treating us, remember?" TenTen said.

"Oh, fine." Ino pouted and gave the money to the chef. "Keep the change." Ino stood up and gave a curt wave. "Let's go guys!"

When the four young adults exited the restaurant, Itachi held the door for Hinata.

"Thank you." Hinata said and smiled.

"Ah, but the pleasure's all mine." Itachi said as they exited. And as usual…she can make me smile for hours…


"Wow, I've never seen Itachi smile like that!" Naruto exclaimed, but luckily, Sasuke covered his mouth. Sasuke's hearing was second to none and heard the whole conversation at the ramen shop.

It seems like Itachi knows this "Hinata." Doesn't that mean I have to know her too? Sasuke thought to himself. The two guys were sitting at a table not too close but enough to not be seen by the "Weasel", Itachi. (HAHAHAHAxD Sorry, Itachi means weasel.)

As the four left the restaurant, Sasuke stood up and paid for his and Naruto's meal. (Poor Sasuke-kun had to waste a lot of money on Naruto-chan. [ ) As he saw the gesture that Itachi gave Hinata, his eyes shot wide open and he gave a dangerous smirk.

"Uh…that's not a good sign, Sasuke…" Naruto said nervously following Sasuke out the door.

"Let's give the new model, Hinata, a warm welcome…shall we Naruto?" Sasuke's smirk grew wide and his eyes beamed with bad-ass-ness.

"Does this involve mostly you?" Naruto asked nervously as they walked down the sidewalk.

"Of course…Itachi is my brother. I'm the only one to torture him and to find out if this girl is my fan girl or not." Sasuke said amused.

"Oh damn it…don't hurt the girl! She's going to fall head over heels for you with that move!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Too late…I'm already thinking of when to do it. She's all mine, sucker." Sasuke's smirk grew wider (if it could). What could this "bad-ass" model be thinking?

To be continued…


Sasuke: What?! No I'm not! –Sweat drops and blushes-

Neji: You touch my cousin, and you're dead! –Gets out kunai-

Neji starts chasing Sasuke and Mshinata starts laughing.

Mshinata: Like I promised, I made it SasuHinaIta. –Trying to stifle laughter-

By the way, here's the age chart so you guys aren't confused.

Ino: 23

TenTen: 24

Sasuke: 23

Sakura: 22

Itachi: 27

Hinata: 22

Naruto: 23