I've been writing wayyy to much angst these days. Seriously.

But I can't help it XD I just love tormenting people...

This could be called a little sequel to Purpose. Maybe...JUST maybe...If any of you actually remember that craptastic angst fic XD

It was cold. It was wet.

It was a day where time had stopped.

To learn that Mukahi Gakuto, the Mukahi Gakuto, had committed suicide not five days ago was utterly bewildering.

To learn that the once hyper and somewhat crazy red-head kid, always jumping around and getting on everyone's nerves, would commit suicide of all things. That was bewildering.

Oshitari took in a shaky breath. He had promised himself that he wouldn't cry, that he would put on a brave face while he was at the funeral. He figured that he could cry once he got home, when no one was watching.

He didn't want anyone's pity. He just wanted to be left alone. All the pity that was coming towards him just made it a whole lot worse.

He cringed when Atobe put a soothing hand on his shoulder. He braced himself for the pitying words that would come out of his mouth.

They never came.

"Perhaps his death was inevitable," Atobe said quietly.

Oshitari could feel his eyes widen in shock.

Atobe continued. "In this world, you see it everyday. Especially in the news. There are thousands of people, maybe even millions, who think that guys shouldn't be dating guys, or girls shouldn't be dating girls. For some people, it's supposedly against their religion. For others, they're sickened of the mere fact that a guy would actually like another guy. They hate it, and they express their hatred in so many different ways. Television, on the internet, newspapers even. Maybe he just couldn't take the pressure anymore. Maybe he just wanted to run away from it all."

Oshitari was silent, looking at the ground, but not actually looking. It was like he was in his own little world, and everything else was blocked off from all of his senses.

"Perhaps, someone had found out about his situation. We will never know, and it's no use pondering on it forever. What we do know was that he was at least happy for a time. With you."

He could only nod in response.

Time was slowly coming back to life. All he could do was move on.

Yeah...TINY drabble. One of my shortest, I believe XD.

Like I said, I didn't intend to have a specific character for Purpose. It's just that, when I wrote this, I was like, hey! This could kinda be a sequel to Purpose!

And yeah...XD