077. Slur

Sokka raised a brow at the smaller girl across from him. She'd turned fifteen just the day before, seeing as it was way past midnight. He watched as she inhaled, yet another, round of sake. She seemed able to hold her liquor. Well, at least that's what it looked like. However, she had yet to say anything and she looked a little flushed. When she drained another bowl of sake, she held out her cup a few centimeters from his nose. Her unseeing eyes stared at him.

"You've had enough, Toph."

"I h'vn't..." she slurred, holding her cup up against his nose. "Gimme more."

"No. You have to be sober for tomorrow, and by that I don't mean with a hangover."

"'Noozles," she mumbled numbly, forgetting the 's'. "Gimme more, or ya'll end up with a rock somewh're you doesn't want it."

He looked her over. She had obviously had enough, but he didn't want part of the rock bench he was sitting on to end up in his butt. He poured her a bit more. She sloshed it around in the bowl and took a sip, rather than downing it quickly.

"Eh, 'Noozles, get over 'ere."

Still a little nervous about the bench and his rear, he moved to sit beside the Blind Bandit. "Yeah?"

She set the bowl down and grabbed his collar, yanking him closer to her face. "I need to r'pay you."

That was when she pressed her lips against his. She slowly let go of his shirts and pursued the kiss even further, pulling closer him by the back of the neck. Once again making the kiss chaste, he broke away panting.

"Mmm..." she murmured to herself. "Well, 'Noozles, I'ma finish up and then kish you again."

She drained the alcohol and gulped, turning towards him to take another kiss. Instead of what she expected, she felt him pulled her in for a kiss to taste whatever alcohol was still in her mouth.

"Y' 're sober. Don't kish me."

There she went, he thought, arguing with him with a ridiculously cute slur.


Second Avatar fic! I really hope you liked this one. It's another theme.

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