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Chapter 6

Eating lunch with Ms. Kiko and Ms. Tamako, ignoring class as our sensei droned on, sitting out of gym class and watching the girls do track and field for the day, more class that I ignored…it was all a blur. My heart pounded as the clock drew closer and closer to the final bell…the bell that would sound my end when school would be over and my hell would begin in Rei's club.

I flinched when the school bells chimed. Well, maybe that's an understatement.

"Nii-chan! Are you alright?" My sister asked concernedly as I laid on the floor, my body sore from the sudden thud.

"Y-yeah…" I gulped. "I mean, NO, I'm uh….Ow…In pain. Yes! I uh, I don't think I can make it to the club today!" I lied at the last second. But all I got was a displeased frown from my sister. My heart shriveled a little at that expression on her face…

"Nii-chan…" she huffed. "I'm not stupid. I know you're nervous about being in the club with us, but try to at least be a little open-minded and not so childish, okay?" As she got up from her desk, she yanked me to my feet with inhuman strength and ease! Oh GOD she was strong! "Now, you're coming with me whether you want to or not. If you stay with me and my club after school, you'll be safe from other girls and anyone that might try to…do something to you," she said with a frightening tone and glare that would make Father seem like a pleasant fellow…I swear I shrunk a few inches from that tone and face!

"O-Okay…" I gulped as I grew pale.

"Good!" my twin suddenly became her chipper self from before and took my hand, leading me to a small gymnasium. Inside the air-conditioned room were girls in sports bras, spandex briefs and short-shorts, and light hand and feet coverings as they kicked in formation, attacked sandbags that hung from the low ceiling, and fired punch and kick after punch and kick at attack pads held by their friends…all while yelling loudly with every hit they made. Between the kiyas and the sounds of hands and feet making hard contact with the pads and bags, it was a frightening cacophony. All eyes darted to me as the girls all stopped what they were doing, lining up in front of the gym entrance. I panicked, shutting my eyes and preparing for another god-awful petting session, but as I opened my eyes to look, all girls were on their knees and bowing before Rei and me like we were feudal lords or something.

"Welcome, Ikari-sama!" they all greeted me with voices befitting samurai to their master.

"Um…Hi…?" I blinked.

"Nii-chan," Rei faced me and bowed as a martial arts student would to her master. "These fifty-five young ladies are here to protect you here on the school grounds and wherever possible. Your position as the last man on Earth cannot be summed into mere words for how important your well-being is, that is why," Rei bowed before me like the other club members on the floor, and then they all recited at once,

"We of the Ultimate Collective Martial Arts Club hereby pledge our lives to serve and protect you, Ikari-sama!"

I was a bit taken back by all of this. It was like I was a noble in Edo times…And these were my bodyguards…Except they were all cute and strong middle school girls! Rei raised her head with a smile.

"And I, Captain of the club, promise that we shall do all in our power to make you stronger, so that the future generations will remember their patriarch as a strong and able man."

"Osu!" the girls all grunted in unison.

"Um…Thank you…" I awed at this display of loyalty.

"Now then," Rei beamed as she and her club members all stood up. "We need to get you suited up for your first day of practice."

"Wait, you're serious?!" I leered as Rei took my hand, just giving me enough time to kick off my shoes as she dragged me to the locker room. Thankfully, no one was in there right this second. In the back was a box of unopened sports garments that the other girls were wearing. "Let's see…these should fit you," my sister smiled as she handed me what looked like a sports bikini top and a pair of skin-tight boxer-shorts, all in the same spandexy material as the other girls' uniforms. "And these too," she handed me the fingerless gloves and toe-less and heel-less socks. "Well? Get dress, nii-chan," she smiled as she folded her arms across her chest.

"Um…can't I get some privacy…?" I felt my cheeks warm in my blush.

"It's okay," a girl came in from behind, my skin prickling in fear. "We aren't gonna ogle you like the girls from earlier did," she explained as I saw her change before me!

"Aya, you're leaving early?" Rei asked blinking. "Did you at least get your warm-ups and basic forms?"

"Yeah, sorry Captain," she bowed before stripping right before my eyes. Her form, though girlish, was toned with a bit of muscle visible in an attractive way to me…Were all girls in the club like this??

"Is there a good reason for the sudden leave?" Rei asked as she too undressed…I quickly stared at my feet the rest of the time.

"Yeah…Sadly…" the girl headed to the showers as my sister followed her. "My mom called and wants me to babysit my baby sister while she and Papa go out for the evening."

I looked up in shock, at the last two things she said. Papa? Baby sister??

"Ah, well, I'll allow it then. Though, you're gonna have to stay late to make it up tomorrow," I heard my sibling sigh. "Well, take care of your sister and I'll see you first thing after class." With a mutual goodbye, Rei returned, still naked it seemed as her skin shined with a slight sheen from the shower room's steam.

Quickly I looked away again.

"Nii-chan? What's wrong?" she quickly went to where I was facing, which prompted me to look the other way again. "Hey, quit avoiding me," I heard her pout as she directed my gaze to hers. "Hm…Your face is a bit flushed…" She then felt my head, my heart pounding as I tried not to stare at her developing bosom. "And your temperature is a little high…Oh no…Nii-chan, are you feeling ill??" she panicked.

"R-Rei…C-Could you please put something on….!" I shut my eyes tightly.

"Hm?" I heard my twin sister muse as she took her hand off me. "Oh! Sorry, I was about to change when Aya went to the showers. Sorry, nii-chan," Rei giggled as if it were a simple matter like accidentally leaving your shoes on while entering a house. When I opened my eyes, I beheld the sight of my sister showing an amount of skin that I was comfortable with. Bathroom incidents and the one from a second ago aside, this was my fist time really seeing her form. Rei's body was more toned than the girl from just now, with little to no baby-fat whatsoever. It was as if her body was the perfect mix of strong and lithe all at once! I had to shake my head to get my mind away from the fact that I was staring at my sister's body…

Her top was a snug grey tanktop with a matching set of form-fitting short shorts. Her hands and feet had heel and wrist gloves on with slight padding on the upper parts in a shade of blue. The colors really seemed to fit Rei's already cool hair and skin tones now that I took a good look at them.

"Well?" she blinked. "Get dressed, nii-chan!" she giggled with a warm smile.

"Um…Can't I get some privacy…?" I shivered at the thought of being naked in front of anyone, sister or not.

"Well, this time I'll give you some," Rei sighed. "But from now on, you'll be changing coed with the club members. Of course, I'll be with you as a security measure."


That wasn't comforting, even if her intentions were pure…

"Um…Alright…" I felt my face blaze in shame.

"Well, meet me outside and we'll get your training under way, nii-chan," she patted my rear in (what she thought) was a friendly manner.

"She's your sister…" I grumbled in sorrow as I undid my uniform and folded it on the bench. I was putting on my shorts when the Aya girl from earlier came into the changing room, her towel not even covering her body as she sighed happily.

"Waaaah….Nothing like a nice hot shower to- Oh," I she blinked as her towel dropped, revealing her maturing form. "My my," she gave a toothy grin as she picked her towel up and went over to her locker to dress. "So, that's what one looks like."

I said nothing as I tried to pull the spandex-like tanktop over my chest.

"Sorry, about that Ikari-sama," she apologized politely like she and the girls spoke earlier. "I was curious if it looked any more appealing in person than as a text book image. Besides, you got to see me twice now, so I'll call us even. Well, I best be going," she came from her locker fully dressed in her school uniform (what would have been a male uniform from my world).

"Oh! Um, wait a sec," I turned to talk to her.

"Hm? What is it, sir?" Aya blinked.

"Um…Well, you said you had a baby sister…and a dad…right?"

"Yeah," she shrugged. "OH! You must have not been told, huh?" she laughed girlishly. "I see. Well, I can't tell you now because I need to head home, but ask the captain about that little detail. She'll be able to tell you all about it. Well, farewell, my lord!" she then bowed properly to me as she left the room. This daimyo thing was gonna take some getting used to…

"Nii-chaaaaan…." I heard my sister growl as she came into the room, waking me from my pensive moment as she pulled my arm with inhuman strength as she dragged me out into the dojo. Thankfully I was all geared up (though the shorts hugged my….equipment a bit tightly…), and not a moment too soon as Rei and I were encircled by the fifty-five femme fighters of fourteen years.

"Now then," my twin began. "We of the Ultimate Collective Martial Arts Club stress one thing more than anything else. Do you know what that is, nii-chan?"

"Um…Strength?" I shrugged worryingly as all the girls stared at us like hawks.

"No!" she thumped my forehead punitively. "Basics!"

"Basics!" the girls chanted enthusiastically in perfect unison.

"Basics?" I blinked.

"Yes, nii-chan!" my sister beamed. "Strength is meaningless in a fight if you lack proper control and coordination to utilize that strength into proper attacks and blocks. Think of the human body as water."

"Well…Aren't we seventy-something percent water anyways?" I blinked again. Another finger-whack to my forehead shut me up for my insolence.

"Concentrate, nii-chan!" Rei frowned. "Now, the human body is like water. It's fluid in its motions. Like water, we can be calm and still; gentle as a stream or pool. But like water, we can also be a devastating force; like a crashing tsunami or roaring river. The balance of strength and calmness is what martial arts is all about, nii-chan," she smiled then. "That's why mastering the basics is crucial. Even if you're incredibly strong, someone of a weaker physique can throw you to the ground by using your body's force against you. Think of it like diverting an oncoming flood with fjords or walls."

"Um…I think I understand…" I quirked an eyebrow at this mumbo-jumbo she was talking about. Water? Basics? Fjords?

"Alright, a demonstration is in order," she sighed. "Nii-chan, come at me with all you've got."

"WHAT?" I gawked at her request.

"Hit me as hard as you can. Or run and kick me. Try to land as powerful of an attack as you can muster at me."

"R-Rei…I'm not going to hit you…"

"You won't, trust me," she smiled happily.

"Right, exactly what I'm saying. I won't hit my sister."

"Gah…Okay, we'll have to force the attacks out of you then," my twin narrowed her eyes at me before her body jumped in place into a fighter's stance, her fists raised as she leaned back to lunge at me.

"Wha-! Rei!?" I gulped as I leered at the offensive stance and posture of my sister.

"If you don't attack me, nii-chan," she took a deep breath. "I can't guarantee you won't get pummeled. HYAH!" she lunged at me with a cosmically fast punch to my face. I managed to avoid the jab, but only to have Rei bring her arm in a chop to my chest, winding me as I staggered back in recoil.

"Rei! This is crazy! I can't fight you!" I panicked as my voice cracked at a horrible time.

"Nii-chaaaaaaaan….!" Was all she said to me (in a haunting manner, at that!) when she turned her piercing gaze back to me, flinging her form at me with a side-kick to my gut. Without even realizing it, I grabbed her shin in mid-flight and yanked my sister off her standing foot, sending her to the floor on her side.

I paused at the position this landed me in. I was stunned. Did I just knock down my sister? Crap!

"Not bad, nii-chan," Rei smiled triumphantly as the girls all applauded. "Mind you, in a real fight you'd have to do more than just pull your opponent to the ground, but it's a good start."


"Good! Now then, onto basics!" she cheered as she hopped back to her feet and I was taught for the next three hours how to kick, punch, and block in their most basic forms. When all was said and done (and after several water breaks) the club was adjourned as we all headed to the showers….well, all but me.

"Nii-chan?" Rei paused as she looked back at me. "C'mon, we need to shower up," she smiled with such purity….er…well at least it looked like purity.

"Um…I'll shower when we get home…" I waived the offer.

"Nii-chan…" my twin groaned as she hauled me over her shoulder! Was she a lumberjack or something?? "If you're going to be the next generation's grand patriarch, you have to be comfortable around the female form. We already said we won't get you in a petting session like before anyways."


"No buts," she huffed as she dropped me into the locker room and stripped me and then handed me a towel, a washcloth, and a bar of soap. "Now, wash up and do it thoroughly, nii-chan," she smiled as I covered myself. In the steamy bathing room I could here the chatting as the girls all talked and lathered themselves.

"Oh! Ikari-sama!" one girl called for me, her front sudsy. "Could you get my back please?" she asked in a chipper tone.

"Mee too!" others all offered.

"Um…S-Sure…" I felt my face grow red in embarrassment as I kept the towel around my front and hesitantly scrubbed each girl's back. When I felt a wet and warm set of hands on my back, though, I let out a yelp that probably sounded like a girl's.

"It's okay, it's just me, nii-chan," I heard Rei as she scrubbed my back. "My, you're tense…" she cooed as she rubbed my shoulders and back muscles expertly.

"R-Rei…" I sighed as I became limp all over…except one spot.

"Wow," one girl looked over at me. "It's bigger than I thought."

"Yeah, kinda cute too," another giggled.

"Wha-what?" I tensed again and covered myself clumsily as I almost slipped.

"It's okay, Ikari-sama," the girls all smiled back. "We know better than to grope you and stuff."

"Th-Thanks…?" I blinked as Rei's tentative hands continued to make my body loosen up. After all those kicks and punches, I was so sore…

"Now the front," Rei chirped as she went in front of me with a soapy washcloth and started to scrub my front side….starting with my bare chest.

"R-Rei!" I scooted back. "I can handle that myself…" I felt my head go dizzy as my relocating allowed me to see all of the girls naked…with shining bodies…and…

…I felt my mind cloud as something warm dripped from my nasal passageways and then felt a brief bang to the back of my head as everything went black.

"So…Blacked out from perversity, huh?" I heard Asuka's voice.

"A-Asuka…?" I blinked as I found myself suspended (naked) in a world of abyssal darkness in front of an equally naked Asuka.

"Nope, just me," she winked back.

"F-Fairy?" I tried to cover myself and look away, only to see the fae girl where I turned my gaze or even if I tried to close my eyes.

"Yup! So, how do you like your accommodations thus far, Shin-chan?" she asked as I got an eyeful of her form. Something was off about her appearance though…

"S-Sorta…I'm not too comfortable with being in a martial arts club, but it could be worse…" I gulped as I realized what was different: her boobs.

"It could be better too…" the fae grinned as she took note of my staring, fondling herself in front of me. "Ooohh…These are soooo much better at this size…Too bad about this world's Asuka…" she then pouted.

"Why?" I asked with uneasiness.

"She's not nearly this gifted. In fact," she smiled evilly once more. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw her breasts...shrink? They were smaller than Rei's! "She's barely developed compared to your world's Asuka. Yup yup yup," she nodded.

"How's that even…possible…?" I gulped. It felt weird to be staring at an Asuka that bordered on flat-chested compared to her counterpart.

"All that lovely military training and working out, probably. Working out keeps a girl's hormone levels down. And during puberty, it sorta stunts breast development and gives them irregular periods," the fairy sighed. "But, all things considered, you're getting a sweet deal with this world's Asuka."

"Wait a minute…" I blinked then. "If this world's Asuka has really small…um…ones…how come Rei's are-?" I stopped myself, but she already knew what I was saying.

"Oh MY! Shinji likes his sister's boobs!" she called out (not that there was anyone to hear). "Hehehehehe…Got a sister-complex after all, huh?"

"I-I do not!" I shook my head, flustered. Then, I felt a warmth envelop my chest, starting from my lips as the fairy dissipated to black and the world went dark completely. As I opened my eyes, I felt the warmth come against and a familiar scent invaded my senses…

As I opened my eyes, I found Rei was kissing me, her hot breath filling my lungs as I flailed in shock!

"Pwah!" my sister's lips smacked as she got off me, with a relieved expression and a blush. "You had us worried there, nii-chan," she sighed happily. "Too much steam made your nose bleed and then you fainted."

"I…I did?" I blinked as I sat up, seeing that all of us were still naked but with the showers off. The decline in room temperature was apparent with everyone… "Uh-! C-Can we go home now, Rei?" I blushed as I shut my eyes, wanting to cry in shame as my body shivered in that certain way it does before the blood goes south of the equator…

"Well, you're washed up now, so sure. Let me help you up," she said warmly as I was hoisted up with ease and toweled. The other girls went about doing their things as they continued to shower while Rei and I left, my eyes still shut tightly. "Are your sinuses hurting, ni-chan? You've had your eyes shut tightly for a bit…"

"Um…I just…want to respect everyone's privacy…" I said in a half-truth. In actuality, I was worried I'd get another nosebleed and faint.

"Well, that's honorable of you, nii-chan," I heard her chirp as she pressed my folded uniform to my chest for me to take. "I'll be sure to cook you a nice meal tonight to get your stamina up," she added as I heard her head to the other side to her own locker. I dressed as quickly as I could, opening my eyes to see my sister was fully clothed too (thank God).

"Well, let's head home!" Rei beamed as she took my hand and we went home. As we made our way inside after making it by sunset, Misato was busy rummaging through the fridge, inaudible grumblings echoing.

"DAMMIT!" she screamed in rage as she stood back up, revealing she was topless. "That goddamned bitch Commander Ikari!" she ruffled her raven hair in ire before seeing us at the door, silence pervading the stares we exchanged. "…Um…I mean…" she was quick to change her tune as I noticed Rei's glare. Dear lord it was the same as Mother and Father's!

"Yes…?" my twin put her hands on her hips angrily.

"Uh…Sh-She d-did a very g-good thing…I mean…" Misato quickly began to sweat in fright. "I didn't really need all that beer I spent good money on and all, so of course having someone take it away while I was asleep today without reimbursing me was perfectly acceptable…"

Then, I saw something so frightening it almost made me wet myself.

"Good!" Rei cheered. "Glad to know you approve of Mom's decisions and wouldn't be, oh I don't know, saying unnecessary things about her, right?" she then narrowed her eyes in a smug glower.

"Y-Yeah…." Our guardian quivered. "I…I should be using coffee to wake me up before the night shift anyways…"

"Now, if only we could get you to dress decently while living co-ed," my sister quickly added as Misato covered herself in forced shame before heading to get a top on.

And what was I doing this whole time?

"Nii-chan?" Rei blinked. "Why's your face all red? Do you have a fever…?" she asked concernedly as our foreheads touched.

"It's nothing…" I gulped. Great. I'd technically seen Misato's whole body unclothed now…My world's Asuka would have killed me for all I've seen thus far…

Rei and I went to our rooms to get into casual wear, Rei staying in her room for a bit as she checked her emails. I was in the kitchen getting out what was left of breakfast when I heard my sister come up to me.

"No no no," she giggled. "Nii-chan, I'm going to be making you a fresh dinner, remember?" she smiled as I looked over to her. "Think of this as your reward for working so hard during practice. Besides," she added as she sat me down at the table. "We'll split the cooking chores. I'll make dinner, you can make breakfast, and we'll prepare lunch together. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure," I smiled back. "I'm anxious to try your cooking, Rei."

"Then just wait for a bit while Iron Chef Rei Ikari whips you up a culinary treat!" my twin proclaimed with energy as I watched her prepare our meal. I soon remembered what Aya said earlier.

"Hey, Rei?" I asked as my sister looked over her shoulder to me briefly in response. "Um…Aya said she has a…um…father and a baby sister…Uh…but I thought all men were gone save me, and so…you know, no more babies could be made if that were true…Right?"

"Oh," she stopped cutting the celery for the soup. "You don't know, huh?"

Considering I'm not from this world, yeah

"Well, babies can still be born, they're just clones of women. And Aya's father is actually her mother's wife. She probably is the one who works and provides for the family while her birth mother is the housewife. Their daughter is probably cloned from her stepmother and was made through her birth mother's ova."

"Uh…Totally lost me there, Rei…" I sighed.

"You know how cloning works, right?" she turned around to face me expectantly.

"Biology never was my best subject…" I could feel my cheeks redden.

"It's okay," my twin smiled. "I'll make it easy to understand. Basically, two cells are used to make a clone: the donor cell and an egg cell. The donor cell is from the person you're cloning, the egg is from a woman…usually the surrogate mother. Now, basically, the nucleus in the egg cell is removed and the donor cell is completely injected into the empty cell, then a special electric process sort of activates the cell and makes it divide and develop like a fertilized egg as a ninety-nine percent copy of the donor and is one percent related to the egg cell's donor. So, in a sense, the girl is a product of both women."

"Wow…" I awed at this info. "So there's still a birthrate?"

"Pretty much. Not as much as when men were around, but the human population is still growing bit by bit. Of course, you'll help it grow even faster, nii-chan," Rei winked.

I could feel my ears burn in at such a remark. I had almost forgotten about my role as the last male…But I'd probably just be doing it in cups and giving them to Ritsuko or some OB/GYN and not actually engaging in the fertilization process…What a downer…

"Oh, by the way," I asked once more. "When are we going to see Mother?"

"Hm?" my twin blinked after putting the cut vegetables into the cooking pot. Apparently we were having western beef and vegetable stew tonight. "Well…" she thought for a moment. "Mom did email me today about arranging a day together, just the three of us, but said that it would have to be in a few weeks, sadly."

"Oh…" I sighed.

"Sorry, nii-chan." I felt a warm presence envelope my form as I looked to see Rei was hugging me. "Mom's always been busy like this. It's hard to get used to, I know."

"Did…Did she ever just leave you alone…?" I asked with a slight crack in my voice as I remembered how Father abandoned me in my world.

"Sometimes, but-GAH!" Rei jumped as we heard the hissing of overflowing water hitting the electric stove coils. "Crap! I set it too high!" she quickly let go and hurried to our meal as she lowered the dial and took the large pot off the hot coils temporarily. "Whew…Hate it when that happens…Okay, it should be fine now," my sister quickly went to the freezer and found a packet of beef that had a bit of freezer burn on it. "Yeesh…Well, it's not expired, so it should be fine for the most part," she sighed before putting the whole slab of beef into the pot carefully, then propping the lid onto it.

"I didn't think Misato would have beef in the fridge…" I quirked an eyebrow at Rei's discovery.

"I was going to make beef nabe with curry mixed in," our guardian spoke from the hallway, clad in her crimson uniform and khaki shorts. "You two better behave while I'm gone. And save some for me too," she gave a brief smile before heading out.

"Poor Misato…" I sighed.

"Well, at least she'll be off your case for a bit, right nii-chan?" my twin beamed as she set the timer on the stove and then took a seat next to me at the kitchen table.

"Yeah…Um…" I looked away. Why wasn't she suspecting anything like Misato was? Mother didn't act as surprised when I arrived either…Weird.

"Oh!" Rei straightened up. "Nii-chan," she turned to me with a smile. "Mom also mentioned something in the email I got from her. Nerv will be sending you an up-to-date laptop like mine so Mom can talk with you via email or instant messenger. Isn't that great?"

"I get to have my computer?" I blinked. "Wow, yeah, that's awesome!"

"Also, Misato is gonna bring you your cell phone that Mom got you too. It'll have Misato, Mom, and my numbers already in it in case of emergencies. Though," she added with a serious expression and tone. "Don't call Mom unless you absolutely have to. She's usually too busy for even me to call."

"That makes sense," I nodded in assent. "But if she emails regularly, that's fine with me."

"Yeah, she's pretty reliable with that," my albino sister nodded as we sat and chatted together, Rei finishing the stew preparations before we chowed down. This night together…it was wonderful. I know it's kind of rude to say this, but I liked this world's Rei better. Her kindness and gentleness were what I really wanted in a good friend. Add that to the fact that she was my sister in the end, and I felt doubly blessed to have her here with me in this world.

To Be Continued…

Author's Squawking:

Well, sorry for the long update. Once again, I had to cut the chapter short. Sorry for disappointing all you folks that wanted to see Rei and Shinji fighting the Fourth Angel, but I didn't want to swamp myself with a major headache and post something some people wouldn't have the time to read all of. No biggy. Next chapter will be told interchangeably between Shinji's POV and a few third-person parts, and fret not, there will be some drama to the series after this chapter. Not nearly as angsty as the original Eva series, but I will just say that it wouldn't be Eva without a few mind-screws and some darkness near the end. I'm still debating on where I should go with the ending, or if I should just make it go into a sequel series…Gah…I hate being a lazy prick with too much ambition, it drives me NUTS!