A/N: This story used to be a part of Snarktastic, which was a series of one-shots. I am posting this on its own for two reasons. One, while it was originally intended to be a drabble, it ballooned into something so large it can stand on its own; and two, posting it separately will make it easier for someone on the look out for certain characters or genres to find it. Snarktastic was originally written during the lull between seasons two and three; therefore all the stories are set somewhere in there.

Word Count:240

Prompt: eris86 requested McKay/Teyla, plus the Slave Master Teyla challenge on the When Plot Bunnies Attack forum inspired me.


Rodney McKay tugged at the strip of leather bound around his throat. It was starting to chafe and he couldn't get his finger underneath it to loosen it enough to allow his skin to breathe. Very uncomfortable.

A sharp jerk yanked his neck out of alignment and Rodney yelped.

"Ow!" He glared at the woman who had ahold of the other end of the accursed leash and was leading him along, "Must you yank so hard?"

"We must be convincing, Doctor McKay," Teyla replied, glancing over her shoulder at him as she tugged the long leather lead twice more.

"You're going to 'convince' me right into a neck brace if you don't knock it off!" He snapped back at her, stumbling through the mud.

"If we are to escape you must act as though you are in complete compliance with my commands," she answered logically, continuing her purposeful strides towards the gated stone wall that separated the small colony from the outside world, "Females are supreme rulers here and you will draw attention to us if you try being independent."

Rodney stared at the back of her head, trying to bore holes in it with his gaze, "So I'm supposed to just let you lead me along like a pet?"

McKay's answer was another sharp tug on the leash as his new mistress glanced over her shoulder at him once again, mischief in her eyes, "You know you like it."