A/N: I was struck with inspiration to write this after beating Null in Portable Ops a second time and learning about his past. I've altered it though to fit the EVA timeline.


The Frank Hunter

Shinji stared out the window of his teacher's car at the large amusement park.

It had been several weeks since his father had abandoned him. His teacher, noticing his depression decided to try and cheer him up by taking him to an amusement park.

The teacher stopped the car, getting out.

"Alright, we're here Shinji."

But even as he got out, he noticed that Shinji wasn't budging – he was simply staring out the window.

He sighed – he knew that because of what happened to his mother and his father abandoning him, the child's psyche would be permanently imprinted with this for the rest of his life. Countless feelings would well in him – guilt, fear, pain, anger – none positive.

That was why he had decided to bring Shinji here – maybe for a moment, he could forget those emotions, and be who he was…a child.

The teacher smiled. "Come on, Shinji. Don't worry, we'll have a great time here."
Shinji turned to look at him with haunted, bleak eyes.

Ignoring the pain he saw in those eyes, the teacher's smile grew brighter. "I promise. Don't worry, I won't leave you."

Shinji whispered the first words he had spoken in several weeks. "You…you won't?"

"No, I won't – I promise."
His mood changed significantly as he got out.

The teacher smiled as he took his hand, leading him into the amusement park.


The teacher succeeded that day. For the day, as Shinji rode on the rides, had fun and won prizes, he could become a normal kid again.

But sadly, today was truly the end of his childhood.


As Shinji and the teacher walked towards their car, Shinji was smiling more than he had for those few terrible weeks.

Suddenly there was a huge, metallic groan in the distance.

"What's that?" Shinji asked in curiosity.

The teacher frowned. "I'm not sure, Shinji. I'll…"


The man dropped to the ground, a bullet between his eyes. Blood oozed out of the hole as his glasses dropped to the ground and shattered.

Troops in dark garment ran forward, killing anyone who stood in their way.

Shinji collapsed on the ground, staring at his teacher's dead body.


The troops ignored him – he was only a little boy, of course. How could he hurt anything?

Shinji cried again, for the second time.

He didn't notice as a massive mechanical machine lumbered through the park, a madman standing on it.

"SNAKE, ARE YOU HERE?" He bellowed. "Where is Naked Snake?! Come in person or I'll kill more people!"
Several soldiers were scouting the area for more victims until they were suddenly silenced by the swiftness of a knife.

And there he was – the man himself, his short grey hair and large trench coat flowing in the wind. "I'm here – and the name's now Big Boss, Jack."

"So you know who I am?" The man known as Jack sneered. "Then you'll remember that fateful mission during the Vietnam War where you left me for dead in the jungle?"

"I'm sorry Jack," Big Boss replied, "We couldn't afford to compromise the mission otherwise…"

"THE MISSION!" Jack laughed with a roar, waving his arms in the air. "It was always that, wasn't it Snake? You were always dedicated to the mission, the mission took priority, it was always the mission. You would die for the mission, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," Big Boss replied. "And you would do the same."

Unbeknownst to Big Boss or the Metal Gear, a small, sniveling boy crouched over the body of his dead guardian.

"You…you said…" Shinji sobbed, "You said you wouldn't leave me. You promised you wouldn't leave me. You promised… you PROMISED!"

A sudden dangerous, murderous glint appeared in his wet eyes.

Big Boss was ignoring him though, focused on Jack. In his gloved hand behind him, he pressed a small remote.

And BOOM! The legs of the bipedal tank dissipated into flames. The Metal Gear tumbled down, Jack stumbling off as the explosives the secret members of FOXHOUND placed while Big Boss was distracting him taking effect.

"It's over," Big Boss stated. "The Metal Gear you stole is finished, and so are you."

However, Jack had other plans as he struggled up badly wounded, a pistol in his hand. "It's not over till it's over, Snake! I'll… AGH!"

A single round from a FOXHOUND sniper on the other site of the ruined park took care of him.

Big Boss smiled, turning around to leave –


A lone soldier in dark garments aimed a rifle at point-blank range at his head. He began to pull the trigger…


AUTHOR'S NOTE! Sorry to leave you hanging like that but an explanation of this fic. I will keep doing it while I am in Metal Gear fever, and if you haven't noticed from the title Shinji becomes Frank Jaegar…better known as Null or the Cyborg Ninja.

If you haven't played the MGS series – PLAY IT NOW. Otherwise you'll have no idea of who Naked Snake, Big Boss, Metal Gear or FOXHOUND are – or at least get a rough plot idea to understand it.



The soldier dropped the rifle, staring in shock down at his torso.

A bloody knife appeared in his torso before it withdrew. The soldier dropped to the ground, blood oozing from his wound as he died.

And as he died and gazed on the face of his attacker, he uttered only two words… "Frank Jaegar."

Big Boss stared down.

Before him was a small Japanese kid, gripping a bloody knife. His clothes were all covered in blood as his eyes held a predatory glint to them.

Suddenly the predator faded as the child returned again. He fell to the ground, dropping the knife with tears in his eyes.

"Wh…What have I done?"
Big Boss then realized as he looked around. At least 12 soldiers, with knife slashes in them.

He checked them. They were definitely professionals, probably ex-Special Forces. A mix of different nationalities, as that other soldier had uttered German before he died.

How could a little boy have killed so many people?

The words hit him: Frank Jaegar. The frank hunter. Then…?

Big Boss stooped down to the kid's height. "What's your name, kid?"

The boy stared up at the American and surprisingly enough he spoke without hesitation. "Shinji Ikari."

"How old are you?"

"F-four…" (A/N: Damn can't remember the age when Gendo abandoned him!)

Big Boss took the bloodied knife, turning it over in his hands. It was a simple Spetsnaz type knife. He slipped it into his pocket, although he didn't know why.

"I-I killed them…didn't I?"

Big Boss couldn't tell how this would affect a child. "Don't think about them. It makes it easier to cope with."

The older man stood up, giving him his hand. "Come on, kid. Don't worry, I won't leave you."

"You…you won't?"

"I won't. I promise."

The teacher's smile grew brighter. "I promise. Don't worry, I won't leave you."

Shinji whispered the first words he had spoken in several weeks. "You…you won't?"

"No, I won't – I promise."
Shinji took his hand as he led him forward.

A/N: I know a bit short, but I wanted to get this first one over with.