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RahXephon: Since Shinji is so well trained now it's almost impossible for anyone to survive a fight with him – possibly other than Big Boss. This is why the fight scenes are so short. And if by 'serious' you mean a more hardcore action fiction, then you won't find one here. If any of the characters in the game rushed blatantly in guns blazing, they would've been killed long ago.

And if you mean the story, well it's just the beginning and Shinji's development, still inhibited by those years he lost in the culture tank is only slowly coming out.


Still holding the SAA revolver to the man's head, Shinji lowered his Scorpion. "I'm in Outer Heaven?"

Big Boss smiled as he walked forward, towering over Shinji like a teacher over a student. "That's right. I've read the CIA reports on you…the only success in a project labeled a complete failure. Not only that, but with skills that are nearly on par with The Boss herself."

"The Boss?" Shinji asked.

"My mentor – she taught me everything I knew, and more." With his trained eyes, Shinji noticed that Big Boss seemed to darken at this memory.

"But how did you know I was going to be here?" Frank Jaeger asked.

"Good question. Technically I shouldn't know how you were going to be here…but an old friend of mine at the CIA had planted a tracking device in your suit – after all he had built it. Knowing of your connection to me, and once hearing you had disappeared he contacted me instead of the usual cronies."

Shinji tugged at his sneaking suit. "I should have gotten rid of it, but it was too invaluable of an asset to simply throw away."

"And I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that it was useful. But while you're here, won't you mind giving Revolver Ocelot back his weapon?"

Shinji frowned as he looked back at the man in a cowboy outfit. Twirling the gun in his fingers, he stopped it and offered the butt of the gun to him. "Sorry, it's nothing personal."

Ocelot took it without a word, pushing it back into his holster. "You're pretty good, kid."

"High praise coming from a man like yourself," Big Boss chuckled.

"He did hold me hostage with my own weapon," Ocelot grumbled.

"Still high praise. But let's cut to the chase. You came here because you wanted to be trained like us, correct?"

"Yes," Shinji affirmed.

Big Boss considered this for a moment. "Considering the fact that you're already well trained, better than the majority of the soldiers here, the only way you're going to get benefit from any type of training is directly from the FOXHOUND soldiers or myself."

"So do you want me in?" Shinji asked.

"Given your mission success rating, doubtless skill as a soldier as well as the fact you escaped from NERV and Japan, survived there several days and got here without anyone noticing you, I'd say you're a pretty viable candidate."
Shinji snapped off a salute.

"Unfortunately you won't be able to go by your name of Shinji Ikari – we don't want anyone to know you're the son of the NERV commander and frankly I don't like that bastard anyway."


"Therefore while here you will go by the name given by that German soldier – Frank Jaeger, but to make it easier we'll make it Frank Hunter."

"Yes sir!" Shinji saluted. "Thank you sir!"

"You will be immediately located your barracks. Wash up and get a new set of army fatigues, then come out to the mess hall for dinner at exactly 1800 hours."

"Sir, yes sir!"

"Ocelot, would you be kind enough to show our new soldier his barracks? Barrack 6-B. I have other matters to attend to."

Ocelot snapped off a salute before turning to the boy. "You – come with me."


"Big Boss assigned you to Barrack 6-B because it's completely isolated." The gunslinger said. "My guess is he wants to keep your stay here low profile so don't go chatting to anyone you're not authorised to."

And he was right – the barrack with the label 6-B on it was very far away from the rest of the barracks, surrounded by bushes and trees.

Ocelot opened it, leading Shinji into a large room with several beds and a shower.

"If I'm supposed to be staying under low profile…" Shinji began, "Then why am I going to dinner?"

"I think that's his idea of 'hiding in plain sight', but I'm sure he has his reasons."

Shinji put down his plastic bag of things on a bed. "Does no one come here?"

"Apparently it's haunted by the ghost of a soldier that killed himself."

Frank Hunter frowned.

"But it's just actually an old rumour spread around by Big Boss. He knew these barracks, and its isolation might come in handy."

But Shinji didn't believe it. "So…hardened, well-trained soldiers are afraid of some little ghost rumour?"

"You'd be surprised by how many are superstitious."

As Ocelot turned to exit, he added, "Oh and by the way, nice technique you pulled back there. But I promise you, the time we train won't be as easy."

"I'm looking forward to it," Shinji replied.

Both snapped off salutes at each other before separating.


At 1800 hours, Shinji, now named Frank was in a fresh set of army fatigues he had found in a closet.

Coming out of the barracks, making sure no one saw him he made his way to the mess hall – conveniently placed just down the track, about 100 metres down from his barracks.

Walking in, the mess hall was completely packed with soldiers.

Grabbing a tray, Shinji was given a can of soldier's rations and a spoon by the soldier cook.

Amazingly, no one had noticed him. Even with his pale, youthful face and white hair no one seemed to even take more than a glance at him.

Seeing Ocelot waving at him, he walked over, taking a seat at his table among many other strange people.

"So this is FOXHOUND?" Shinji asked.

He looked across from him, to see a variety of different people at the table.

His situational awareness also told him that the other soldiers were avoiding them.

How interesting…

"Correct," Ocelot affirmed. "This is FOXHOUND unit, the finest special forces group in the world."

Just as he said that, a slicing sound, not able to be normally heard by normal human ears whistled through the air.

Shinji's eyes narrowed as he grabbed the wrist holding the knife underneath the table, before twisting it and disarming the attacker.

He brought it up, twirling it in his fingers a few times. "Nice knife. Let me guess, standard issue?"

"Good reflexes," a graveled voice said.

Shinji looked up to see a hardened man with a bandanna wrapped around his head.

"I read your CIA mission history file," the man said. "I didn't quite believe it then, but I believe it now…Null."

"Technically that's not my codename anymore." Shinji said. "But I guess it'll do."

"I'm Solid Snake," the man said, offering his hand.

The two of them shook hands.

"Nice to meet you," Shinji said.

"Nice to meet you."

Shinji frowned as he looked to the man next to him, who had just done a perfect imitation of his voice.

"Stop messing with the kid, Octopus," the only woman at the table groaned.


"That's Decoy Octopus," the man said again in another perfect imitation of his voice. Clearly he was enjoying this.

Turning around, Shinji looked at the woman. "You're the only female in the camp."

"Say that while we're on the field, and I'll shoot your legs off with my rifle," the lady growled. "So what if I'm a woman? Can't women do rough stuff like men?"

Shinji noticed the badge on her chest. "You're Sniper Wolf?
Sniper Wolf grinned. "You noticed. Perfect shooting – I've never missed."

Somehow I doubt it.

"She has," a cool voice stated.

Shinji turned in surprise to see the final special member of FOXHOUND.

It was a mysterious man in a strange, black suit. Instead of eating the food normally, he was sucking it through a straw into his mask, creating a strange image.

No way. You can read my mind?

"Correct. I'm Psycho Mantis, and I'm the most powerful user of psycho kinesis in the world!"

Frank leaned back. "What an interesting bunch of people."

Revolver Ocelot sipped at his drink. "That's right – and that's also why we've never failed a mission, and aren't planning to."


A/N: A short little update here since I'm so busy now. Chapters may take a little longer than usual, and it may be more rushed. If you think I'm evil for making the FOXHOUND soldiers seem like good guys, if you really look at MGS 1 closer they really kind of were. Even Psycho Mantis said before he died that Solid Snake was "one of them", and they wouldn't have tried to capture Metal Gear REX because Second Impact would have completely changed the Metal Gear timeline, and it could have changed many people.