A/N: This story used to be a part of Snarktastic, which was a series of one-shots. I am posting this on its own for two reasons. One, while it was originally intended to be a drabble, it ballooned into something so large it can stand on its own; and two, posting it separately will make it easier for someone on the look out for certain characters or genres to find it. Snarktastic was originally written during the lull between seasons two and three; therefore all the stories are set somewhere in there

Word Count: 383

Prompt: Surprise!


Rodney turned, coffee pot in hand, and kept his eyes trained on Elizabeth Weir, who stood a little ways away from him on the balcony that branched off from his room. She was staring at the ocean...or maybe she was staring at the sunrise...or maybe she was staring at nothing. Who knows.

"You want some coffee, Elizabeth?" He asked, holding up the pot.

She either didn't hear him, or wasn't in the mood to respond, because all she did in reply was continue to stare at the vast puddle of blue that stretched in front of her.


Still no answer.


She snapped out of it and turned to look at him, still looking like her mind was a million miles away, "Yes, Rodney?"

"I asked you if you wanted some coffee."

"Oh," she waved a hand dismissively, "No...I shouldn't really have caffiene."

Rodney narrowed his eyes. That sounded suspicious.

"Shouldn't have caffiene?" He asked incredulously, "Did Carson try talking you into that too?"

Elizabeth turned to look at the ocean once more, "Well...he did mention it during my check up yesterday."

Rodney joined her on the balcony coffee pot and mug still in hand, intent on convincing her to have a cup of morning coffee with him, "I swear, he's been trying to convert the entire staff to decaf everything."

"Well, not the entire staff, Rodney," Elizabeth answered, looking wistful, "Mostly just us girls."

Rodney didn't hear her or wasn't paying attention, because he kept talking without acknowledging her, "The science staff practically lives on coffee. It's one of those things we need in order to keep saving the city day in and day out...I don't know how he expects us to survive without caffeine for the rest of our lives."

"Oh...it won't be for the rest of my life," Elizabeth said, the wistful look turning into a smile, "Just for the next nine months or so."

"Just like that voodoo doctor to try and-"

Rodney blinked as his mouth caught up with his brain.

"N-n-n-nine months? You mean you're...you're...you're...p-p-p-p-p-"


"I'm gonna be a f-f-fa-"



Elizabeth chuckled, "That was my favorite coffee mug, you know."

Rodney, still stunned, said the only thing that came to mind, lame though it may have been, "I'll buy you a new one."


A/N: Written especially for EB 'cause I owe her a McWeir after so long without one...