A/N: This story used to be a part of Snarktastic, which was a series of one-shots. I am posting this on its own for two reasons. One, while it was originally intended to be a drabble, it ballooned into something so large it can stand on its own; and two, posting it separately will make it easier for someone on the look out for certain characters or genres to find it. Snarktastic was originally written during the lull between seasons two and three; therefore all the stories are set somewhere in there.

Word Count: 157 (I TRIED to cut it down. It would NOT let me)

Prompt: Alcohol


Rodney's nose twitched. Something was tickling the inside of his left nostril, though for the life of him, he couldn't figure out what.

He cracked one slightly bloodshot eye open and winced at the sunlight that streamed through his window, blinding him temporarily.

Rodney brought his hand up and brushed at his nose.

Hair. It was hair.

That's what had been tickling him in his sleep.

Lots and lots of dark strawberry blonde hair.

Who did he know that was a strawberry blonde? Furthermore, what was said strawberry blonde doing with her hair up his nose?

Something, or rather someone, shifted against him and there was a sleepy grumble that invaded his hearing.

Now with his eyes wide open, Rodney's head snapped towards the sound to take in a very naked, very drowsy Laura Cadman at his side.

"Damn McKay," she said, stretching with a sleepy but sated grin, "I ought to get you drunk more often."