Well, after a much needed hiatus from typing, I have returned! Not with Bones fics, but with my most favourite fandom ever: Obernewtyn.

Basically, these are little oneshots that pop into my head randomly. Most are prompted by a quote. :) This story is dedicated to Dani, who has been begging me for an Ober story for so long. Who am I to resist those puppy dog eyes:P

The Mindstream holds the essence of all individuals. It contains memories of all that has, will and could be.


"Rushton will kill me for letting you go to danger." – Domick, Farseekers.

"So, it's all finalised then. You'll split up at Rangorn, and travel to Sutrium alone, where you will try to get a job in the Councilcourt."

Domick nodded an affirmative, "I'll get it done."

"I trust you." Rushton hesitated. "It's just that.."

"You don't think I can do it?"

"It's not you I'm afraid for."


Rushton let out a sigh. "I wish she wasn't going. You know what she's like with danger."

"She does seem to have a knack for getting into sticky situations," Domick agreed. "But she also has a talent for getting out of them. And saving everyone else as well."

"Yes. I suppose." He crossed to the window, and looked out over the gardens. "Could you keep an eye on her, for me?"

Domick raised an eyebrow. "Do you know what she'd do if she found out?"

"You're a coercer, she's a farseeker."

"Yeah, but she can be scary…when she gets that look in her eyes…like if you stop her from doing what she wants, she'll take you out." Domick chuckled. "No offence, man, but I don't want to get in the way of that."

Rushton met his gaze, his eyes troubled. "Just, try and keep her out of danger, would you? Passively."

"Passive? A coercer?" A grin appeared on Domick's face. "Maybe I'll just do some aggressive steering. If it's needed."

Rushton nodded. "That'll do. Thanks."

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