Hi everyone! Even though my story is labeled as "finished" someone suggested that I add this tiny fragment to wholly complete it. Not much, but after a lot of consideration I decided to submit it.

Aaron lay in the shade of a partly-fallen column, staring silently up at the clear white sky. The city of Ishbal spread out around him. Usually nobody came here, but ever since his father's death, he had felt the need for solitude. It was his own way of grieving.

The very instant after he gave a tired sigh and closed his eyes, a peal of thunder cracked directly above him. Aaron threw his arms over his head instinctively and didn't look up for a short while. When he finally did, his face showed only confusion.

The sky was still clear overhead, just as it was hundreds of miles away where a young girl had vanished between worlds and reappeared only seconds before the thunder sounded here.

On the far side of the ruins, a group of people who were bruised and starved stared at the desert around them. One boy gazed at his neighbors with wide, half-dead eyes.

"Are we alive?"

No one answered. No one was sure. One woman rose shakily to her feet and leaned against a broken pillar, barely able to support herself. She shaded her eyes and tried to see into the distance, but the world was too bright after the darkness of the room she and the others had just been in.

A wind blew past, tugging on her raven-dark hair and waving it like a banner. Fortunately someone saw it.

Aaron approached in something close to fear, but also concern since all the women and children appeared so weak. Every sorrowful thought of his deceased father vanished on the spot as he looked at the girl clutching the pillar and staring at him with a mixture of pleading and defiance.

"Are you refugees?"

They stared at him, close-lipped and unsure of his loyalties. He held up his hands disarmingly.

"Don't worry, I'm a friend. I'll get some folks to bring water and supplies here as soon as possible. Would one of you mind coming with me to Liore to explain? I can only carry one person on my motorcycle."

She glanced at the people and one of the mothers holding her emaciated ten-year-old child to her breast nodded. The woman turned back to him and took an unsteady step forward.

"Whoa, careful! I hope you can hold onto me while I drive. All of you are pretty weak. Here, you can have my water. You seem to need it more anyway."

She accepted the canteen graciously, but gave it to one of the women behind her. They carefully passed it around, making sure everyone had a sip, and then the extra was given to those who needed it the most.

He felt guilty for not offering sooner. "Uh, my name's Aaron."

"I'm Noah," she whispered in a withered voice. "Is this…Amestris?"

Again, thank you for reading my story and I hope this provided more closure than the previous ending.