Starts about halfway through Eclipse when Jasper begins to teach the Cullen's about the newborns. Eclipse spoilers.

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Chapter One

Jacob glared at the closeness of Bella and Edward, feeling disgusted at how she could be attracted to such a monster. After all it was vampires that they were all meeting to discuss; newborns to be exact. She wanted to be one of them when they were responsible for all the murders that had been occurring.

Edward snarled warningly, snapping the young werewolf out of his thoughts. Edward knew that when and if Bella became a vampire, he'd do everything possible to help her control the blood thirst, make sure she didn't slip. He knew his whole family would; after all Bella was part of their family now.

Getting impatient the pack transformed back into their human forms, appearing from the trees in only in their pants.

"What's the delay for?" Sam demanded.

"We're just waiting on our last member. She should be here soon." Carlisle replied politely.

Embry and Quill wrinkled their noses when Carlisle mentioned another member that was coming. Jasper snarled at the increased disgust that was radiating from them, earning a hard look from Carlisle.

Bella looked at Edward confused. Tanya's family weren't coming and she knew the Volturi definitely wouldn't be on the guest list.

Edward hesitated before leaning down to whisper into her ear. "We have a younger sister that lives in England. She goes to a…boarding school."

Emmett grinned at the hesitation in Edward's voice when he mentioned her school, "Just hurry up and tell her Ed. She'll find out soon enough.

Ignoring the nickname he sighed, "She's a witch. She goes to a magic school somewhere in England. We haven't seen her in a couple of years because of the laws against our kind. She's old enough now that she can come home if she wants to."

Bella stared at Edward in shock, "Do you really think I'm that gullible?"

Edward gave her an insulted look, "I'm telling the truth. Ask any of them."

Bella looked at Esme, knowing that she or Carlisle would be the most reliable. At Esme's kind nod Bella gave Edward an apologetic smile, leaning up on her toes to give him a kiss.

"She's running extremely late though." Jasper murmured worry flickering through his eyes.

"She'll get here Jazz." Alice said comfortingly, "You know she will after being separated from us this long."

Sam growled, drawing their attention back to the awkward werewolves, "How much longer do we have to wait?"

"Not long…" Carlisle was cut of as a bright electric light filled the field, a small body flinging from it.

"Shit!" The girl cried as she was flung roughly across the field, flipping over now and then.

She stopped in front of the werewolves, a loud thump emanating from her as she landed on her back. Groaning she picked herself up, muttering angrily and incoherently. Dusting the grass of her she froze, feeling eyes on the back of her head and turned slowly.

"Er…hi?" She said awkwardly, "I'll be over there…now."

Before they had time to respond she quickly walked back over to the vampires where Esme pulled her in to a hug. She was passed around all the Cullen's for a hug, yet she stayed closest to Jasper when they were all finished.

Eyeing her suspiciously Sam asked as politely as he could, "Who's the girl?"

Her awkwardness vanished instant and was replaced by teenage attitude. She crossed her arms defiantly and raised an eyebrow coolly, "What's it to you?"

Jasper grinned proudly down at his little sister but quickly covered it when he received a sharp glare from his father. Esme gave the girl a pointed look and she sighed, the teenage attitude disappearing.

"Well?" Sam demanded his tone icy.

"This is our adopted daughter Aurora." Esme said.

"Great. Another leech we have to put up with." Embry muttered.

Rosalie snarled, "She's not a vampire mutt."

Shocked silence spread over the field and was broken by another wave of Aurora's muttering as she peeked into the bag that had been hidden behind her slender body.

"What's she doing?" Quil asked nervously as she took out her wand, looking relieved.

Ignoring the looks she was getting Aurora closed her side bag and shoved her wand into her back pocket.

"Are we going to stand around and stare at the little human or are we going to learn something useful? She asked annoyed.

Stepping up between the werewolves and his family Jasper awkwardly began his introduction, calling on Emmett as an example.

"Emmett's a good example. He relies on his strength just like the newborns will. Go for the easy kill Emmett," Jasper instructed almost tauntingly.

Jacob watched as Emmett approached Jasper and began to dart around trying to catch his brother. Jasper moved with experience and grace and not even Jacob could help but admire the way the blood-sucker moved. As they darted passed the new human Jacob found himself watching her. Her light blue eyes followed their every move. Her long blond hair had bright streaks of red hair through it and it whipped around her head, getting caught in her long ebony lashes. What surprised him the most, however, was that she could keep up with what the vampires were doing.

Suddenly Jasper had Emmett caught from behind, his teeth posed inches from his neck. Frowning Emmett demanded another turn, yet Jasper pushed him back into line with a small smile.

"Me! Me! Me!" Aurora called excitedly, standing up onto her feet and bouncing up and down.

Immediately the werewolves erupted into protest.

"You're seriously going to let a human fight? She'll be dead within the first minute!" Jacob protested loudly.

Aurora's head snapped over to them angrily, her body tense in rage. Black flames coiled themselves around her hands as she began to walk towards them, her eyes turning pure gold.

"Do you have a problem?" She asked in a cold, hard voice.

Jacob stared at her, mesmerized by the power that was emanating from her. Jacob quickly threw these thoughts out of his head and back to what Sam was saying.

"You can't seriously be thinking of letting a human fight in this. What if she's bitten? Or killed?" Sam said angrily, seeming insulted by the mere idea of allowing her to fight.

As Carlisle began to retort angrily Aurora held up her hand, "Its okay dad. I'll give them enough proof of how I can handle myself." She said with a cheeky grin.

Giving them a small wink she shifted her gaze to Sam and before any of them could prepare for an attack Sam was mercilessly thrown against the tree directly behind him, gasping in shock and the pack watched in horror as an invisible force held their leader up against the tree. His breath came out in sharp pants as though he were being strangled.

Paul, furious at her actions, began shaking and soon transformed in to the giant wolf. Without hesitation he charged at her.

"Paul! No! Get back!" Sam rasped but his pleas went unnoticed by the agitated werewolf.

Her gaze softened as she simply held up a hand. Paul, too, was levitated however he wasn't shoved against a tree like Sam. Still not removing her eyes from Sam she lowered the now confused werewolf. When his feet touched the ground he tried to move but failed.

"What are you doing to them?" Embry asked boldly, trying to conceal his fear.

"I'm telekinetic." She said, then tilted her head into a shrug, "Plus a bit more."

Carlisle stepped up beside her, "I think you can release them now,"

With an innocent smile up at her father she gently lowered Sam to the ground and, with a nervous glance at him, released Paul. She watched as he disappeared into the forest, only to return moments later in a pair of tattered boxers. Quil snickered at him but fell silent at the glare from Paul.

"She's unstable." Paul snapped.

Aurora smirked, "I'm simply showing you the advantages in having me help you."

"How exactly is that an advantage?" Sam asked, crossing his arms across his chest though he was giving her an impressed look.

"Oh trying to look intimidating; I hate to tell you the look really doesn't quite pull of while you're half naked." She said matter-of-factly, "Anyways, it's an advantage because while your trying to keep the newborns still and kill them at the same time I can do both."

"How can you do both?" Jacob asked.

"Easily," She said, leaning back on her heels. As they raised their eyebrows expectantly she gave them an innocent look, "Oh, you're waiting for me to continue? Well you see I don't have the problem of trying to keep them still; I can do that with a simple glance. Of course someone will have to do the whole ripping-to-shreds part but then I can do the burning part with a simple click of my fingers."

"If you're their daughter then why haven't we heard of you before?" Sam asked suspiciously.

"I was taken from them when I was twelve after the Ministry of Magic discovered that I was living with vampires. I was pretty much taken hostage and forced in to going to the magic school there, yet I was given the ultimatum that I could go back to them if I wanted to when I was fifteen as long as I returned to the school." Aurora replied her tone sad.

"And you chose to go back to blood-suckers instead of being safe?" Paul asked in amazement.

Aurora glared at him, "I was no safer at that school then I am here. The things that happened there…" She began but cut of, squeezing her eyes closed.

Edward shuddered suddenly, drawing everyone's attention to him. When he opened his eyes they were pitch black and Bella looked at him cautiously.

"What happened?" He snarled.

She sighed, "Let's not get into it here Edward. It's too soon; we'll talk about it later."

"How was the school unsafe?" Sam asked, not kindly yet not unkind either.

She smiled sadly, "In the past two years two people that I've known rather well have been murdered. That's only the beginning of it. Anyway, what's your deal? You guys look relatively human," She asked, changing the topic.

Sam stared at her incredulously, "Did you not see what Paul turned in to?"

She frowned slightly, "Er…a really big dog?"

"We're werewolves."

She froze for a moment and the pack looked smug, yet the look was wiped off their faces as she burst into laughter, clutching the sides of her stomach as her laughter racked through her body. Feeling insulted the pack started snarling and she managed to gain control over her body.

"Care to enlighten what you find so funny about us being a werewolf?" Sam asked coldly.

"You guys aren't werewolves." She said laughter bright in her eyes, "You don't know what a werewolf is. The fact that you can change into an animal doesn't make you a werewolf. To be a werewolf you are physically forced to change during the times of the full moon, having been bitten by a werewolf."

Now it was the pack's turn to laugh, yet her amused expression remained.

"You actually believe those myths?" Jacob asked, wiping the stray tears from his eyes, having laughed so hard.

Aurora's eyes hardened and the amused expression began to fade, "I know a werewolf. I've seen one. It's horrible; they have no choice in what is happening to them. Unless, of course, you're some kind of werewolf freaks." She added. Her eyes brightened again and she turned around to face her family, jumping up and down as though she had never been arguing with the werewolves, "Oh, oh, oh, guess what I did illegally?"

Esme and Carlisle's eyes widened in pre-horror at what their daughter had done but Emmett, Edward and Jasper looked excited at what their little sister had done. Even the pack looked curious. Rosalie, Alice and Bella didn't look too amused.

"What? Come on spit it out!" Emmett said excitedly barely able to conceal his eagerness.

"I became an animagus!" The boys' expression froze as they stared at her in confusion, not knowing what an animagus was. Sighing exasperatedly she explained, "I can turn into an animal."

"Wicked; what animal?" Emmett asked.

"I'll show you. It's kind of ironic, considering the situation." She said with a small glance over her shoulder. "And you have to promise you won't eat me!"

Sighing impatiently the boys nodded at her. Satisfied she gave them a small smile as she slowly began to transform and the pack's eyes widened in surprise as she turned into a medium sized wolf. She had slick midnight black fur and the same bright blue eyes. Jacob grinned down at her and ran into the woods, returning in the form of his large shaggy red wolf. Aurora glanced at him surprised before approaching him wearily. He was a giant in contrast to her tiny form and she slinked back when he stopped next to her. The boys snickered at her slightly fearful expression as Jacob began to jump around her quickly, and she let out a tiny howl in complaint. Getting too carried away Jacob lunged at her. With a tiny squeak she quickly dashed behind Jasper, peaking around his legs nervously to see where Jacob had gone.

Edward chuckled, despite the discomfort he was feeling. His little sister was playing around with the werewolf that was trying to seduce his girlfriend. Jasper cleared his voice, obviously feeling just as awkward. Edward felt sorry for him, seeing his favourite sibling running around with his mortal enemy. It was strange for them all, apart from Bella.

"We'd better get home. You've got to unpack and explain this situation about your school." Jasper said firmly, sounding more like a father to her then Carlisle.

She transformed quickly, giggling and gave her older brother a kiss on the cheek. Grimacing at the smell radiating from her he muttered quietly so she wouldn't hear, "And a long bath."

As they all departed the field, agreeing on the same time tomorrow Aurora cast another quick glance over her shoulder at the retreating werewolf and watched as Jacob said his farewells to Bella.


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