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Yeah, the muse is perverse.


Grissom had to admit, the hives were doing well. Given that he was trying to study colony collapse disorder, this was perhaps not quite the desired outcome, but it pleased him nonetheless that his girls were prospering.

And here came the chief of them all, arrayed in glowing white, proud and fierce and hardworking in the service of the community--

He let the metaphor go before it got out of hand; after all, the males in honeybee society were good for only one thing, and while he was happy to provide that any time Sara so desired, he trusted that he had other purposes, both in her life and his own.

Besides, if she knew he was comparing her to a bug, he'd get an elbow in the ribs.

"This is very cool," his beloved said, enthusiastically if inelegantly, grinning through the veil of her hat as she entered his outdoor workspace.

"Actually, the ideal temperature for a hive during the summer is around ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit," he told her, drolly pedantic. Sara laughed.

"How are they doing?"

Grissom explained at length as Sara helped him check each hive, knowing that she was absorbing every word and would soon be almost as expert as he. There was little left that he could teach Sara about forensics, and he did so enjoy feeding a hungry mind.

"How was shift?" he asked eventually as they worked, and Sara snorted. "New girl still full of questions?"

"Well, ever since I set a limit, she's started thinking about them at least," Sara admitted. "No, I got cornered by a couple of Dayshift guys. I swear, half the lab just doesn't believe that we're together."

"Maybe we should get married," Grissom suggested cheerfully.

Sara stared at him for a moment, then started to laugh. "Twice isn't enough for you?"

Grissom shrugged, giving her an innocent look. "We could invite the whole lab..."

She rolled her eyes, walking out of the work area and starting to peel off her protective suit. "You just don't quit, do you? First there was the quickie downtown..."

It hadn't been impulse; rather, it had just seemed natural. They had slipped into the least tacky chapel they could find and exchanged vows in all of ten minutes, a simple quiet ceremony that satisfied them and was above all private. The rings they saved to wear at home.

"You said you didn't want anything fancier," Grissom replied truthfully, following her out and unzipping his own outfit. Sara's smirk turned sweet.

"Exactly. You were the one who decided we needed another one."

"Mom wanted to be a part of it," he protested without rancor. His mother had been thrilled beyond signs when he'd brought Sara to visit, and Sara hadn't objected the slightly more elaborate ceremony in the little church near the beach. Not to mention the honeymoon night he'd managed to arrange... Grissom shivered pleasurably at the memory.

"Twice is enough," Sara said firmly, folding up the suit. "Civil and religious. Can't get more married than that."

He cocked his head, regarding her fondly. "Well, I was thinking...we could start a new collection. Marriage certificates from every state..." He thought happily of all the variations they could try, the special moments they could create. And he would mean each promise, oh yes...

Sara eyed him sternly. "Twice is enough," she repeated.

Grissom smiled as he hung up his hat, and put the idea away to try again later. "All right...honey."

She chased him into the house.