Hi here is my first EVER fanfiction…EVER. I would really like to know what you think of my OCs.

The sun was setting, delivering rays of pinks, yellow and red. Truly this scene was one of nature's treasures. However this was not the treasure that was on Robin's mind as he urged his horse forward. For you see dear readers, Robin's mind was travelling faster than any horse could.

He was at Nottingham after being away for several weeks chasing an outlaw who was abusing his name and when he finally caught him, the outlaw muttered some news that could be seen as a possible threat to said treasure. His treasure. Without thought, he jumped onto the nearest horse and set off leaving only a cloud of dust and one very anger horse owner and Much, Djac and Allan to deal with the criminal, he knew they would follow him in time. He just hoped he had that time…

It was only when Locksley hall was in his sight that he realised he had not asked for further information from the knave who spoke of Robin's biggest fear like it was merely local gossip. But rest assured once he was sure his treasure was safe he would return to Nottingham and make sure the man paid dearly for the panic he caused that now hung like fog on Robin's mind and sat on his heart like a stone. When he reached Locksley hall and jumped of the panting animal, it also occurred to Robin that he had no weapons or men should the news have any truth to it.

"No time" was all that went through his head as he opened the door and charged through the rooms. Nothing… nothing out of place and no sound. Something is wrong.

Running on pure adrenaline, all that ran through his head was images of his treasure; treasure that took nearly a decade, his blood, sweat and tears to gather and create, something that gave him purpose. He may trust his gang of outlaws with his life but when it comes to his treasure, well, he didn't feel safe leaving his treasure with anybody. These past few weeks have been hell on earth, worrying, being so far away from his most precious items even if he had John and Will guarding them while he and the others went after the impersonator. He knew that they had other duties to attend to and could not look after his treasure every second of the day that he was away. It would only take a second for this threat to be carried out and have his treasure stolen and never seen again.

"Lord, please God no…"

After checking the lower corridors, he took the stairs two at a time. Reaching the top, he spun on the spot contemplating which way to turn. Suddenly laughter broke the tangible silence, stopping it and Robin's heart. Robin, following the sound turned a corner just in time to see a door of a cupboard close.

Relief nearly allowed him to drop right there, however he had to be sure. Reaching the cupboard he flung open the doors, causing three pieces of his treasure to fall out hitting his knees in the process and thanks to gravity and the relief of the sight before him he fell with them.

Robin stared at the three children now sitting in his lap. He gathered them into his arms and held them to his heart as if to content it from its fast beating, to assure it that the children, his children, were safe.

"Hey, you found us! We saw you coming and it was Charlie's idea to hide in here. I knew it was a bad place to hide here. It was too small for all of us"

"It was not my idea and it is a good hiding place. It was your laugh that led him here so it is your fault we were caught!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"



"Brothers, please stop! Father, are you well?"

Brought out of his trance he looked down at his children, his two seven year old twins, Charles and Roy, their dark blue eyes (their mother's eyes) narrowed as they silently continued their argument through their eyes so as to not upset their sister, four year old Kate who at this time was staring at her father with big worried eyes (his eyes, blue hinting specks of green.)

"All the better for seeing you my star"

Upon hearing his name for her, Kate smiled and her small arms found their way around his neck. He played with her reddish-brown hair (again her father's. Truly she was her Father's daughter. Marion often joked that there was nothing of her in her daughter. )


"Where is the rest of my treasure?" Robin asked

The twins got off their father and stood waiting for him. Gathering Kate in his arms he followed them. As they lead him to the western chambers, Robin reflected on all that has happened in the past decade, coming home from the holy lands, the changes of his home, Marion's coldness and the two years spent in the forest until King Richard's return. Oh how he remember that day…

It rained as he and his men stormed the castle, Robin shivered as he remembered hearing the news that Marion had been taken, convicted (again) of helping him. Her punishment: to marry Guy of Gisborne.

The main battle took place in the court yard however Robin was already running through the castle heading to the church and like all good clichés arrived before the marriage could go through. A battle took place between him and Gisborne, swords clashing and insults flying, eventually Marion joined too refusing to be the damsel in the distress more than a moment longer. The Sheriff watched from the side ("The coward" Robin hissed, placing a hand on Kate's auburn hair as she flinched at his words.) Eventually, somehow during the battle, Gisborne found out the Marion was the Nightwatchman and as it turned out, it gave them the chance to disarm him and it was the second time Robin came to slaughtering him. The first was for love of country but this, this was for the love of Marion, hisMarion. His first piece of treasure. He remembers having the blade so close to Gisborne's throat…

"You asked once why I fight, I tell you now. For her! So that one day I can offer her the life she needs… the life she deserves. One were she doesn't have to fight. One were she can have faith in the law, in the land, in its people and …in me. You could never give her that."

And Gisborne being Gisborne, looked him squarely in the eye, smirked asking how he can be so sure about that.

"Because you don't love her!" he shouted, knocking Gisborne out with the hilt of his sword, before adding softly "there is no way you could love her as much as I do"

"Robin…agh" Marion's soft voice was caught off as the Sheriff held a dagger to her neck.

"Oh… be still my beating heart" The Sheriff mocked.

Robin rose from the ground, only once taking his eyes off the Sheriff to give a reassuring glance a Marion.

Both men opened their mouths however before they could speak, the doors flew open reveling Robin's men and a large man, the size of Little John. His red hair glowing as much as his crown, his kind brown eyes now dark slits as he took in the sight before them.

"Seem the King is back in the building" The Sheriff quipped through his teeth

King Richard had made the perfect diversion, giving Marion the chance to not only break free but also make damn sure the Sheriff never had children. Robin laughed at the memory of the Sheriff on the floor, with tears in his eyes and his hands wrapped around himself.

Both the Sheriff and Gisborne made it out that day with their lives, sent across the seas to a French prison. Robin remembers holding Marion close as they were led away.

"Marry me." He simply stated


"Marry me"

"What? Now?"

"You already have the dress" He smiled that cheeky smile of his as he bent his head towards her and for once Marion gave into her feelings. So she slapped him

"What was that for?" Robin gave a mock hurt look as he rubbed his jaw.

"For leaving and so you don't forget this" She stated as she kissed him.

"So… Is that a yes?"

"Yes" Marion giggled as Robin yelled for joy as he spun her around in a circle.

They married the next day and moved back into Locksley Hall after Robin and his men received their pardons. They now returned to their homes and their families.

Nearly tens years flew past since the Lord and Lady of Locksley began their 'Happily Ever After' without much trouble…Trouble…Robin urged his boys to hurry to the far chamber as he remembered why he was in such a rush to return home.

Roy opened the door to revel Marion sitting on a rocking chair holding the fifth piece of Robin's treasure, two year old Ronan. Looking like his brothers with his mother's dark eyes and hair, the youngest son of Robin squirmed with joy at seeing his father. He was not the only one.

"Robin? We were not expecting you back yet; well you were always bad as staying away. I don't remember it much of a problem when there was a war on…mhmm"

Marion's teasing was cut off as Robin put Kate down and in two quick strides was at his wife's side kissing her. A chorus of "ewww" echoed through the nursery.

Marion looked at her husband's eyes and noticed the relief and fear that haunted them.

"Robin, what is wrong?"

"We will speck later on that matter. For now I wish to spend time with my family…my treasure."

His eyes pleaded with her as he picked up Kate and listened to the stories his children told of their progress in archery.

Marion quietly observed her husband as he hung onto the twins' every word and kept his only daughter close to him, his eyes darting to the door or the window where the road to the house could be seen. Something is not right. She stood up

"Are you expecting someone?" Marion asked Robin as she placed the now sleeping Ronan down, walking towards him.

"What? Err…no…no one."

"Well we do have visitors" Kate stated as she looked out the window

"What!" Robin leaped to the window his eyes wide as he franticly tried to name their unannounced visitors. A quick glance of a shield calmed his heart and he smiled as he turned to his children.

"Children. It seems your uncles decided to pay us a visit."

Cries of joys could be heard as the twins raced each other to the door. Kate looked once more at her parents unsure of wither she was allowed to join her brothers. Upon receiving a nod from Robin she ran out of the nursery only to return to give her father a hug.

"You look like you needed one, Father" was her answer to his unasked question. Then she left to meet her 'Uncles'. Although the former outlaws were not their real uncles, they doted on and loved the children more than any real uncle ever could. Djac would listen with pride at the skill Roy and Charles had at their studies and Kate had melted the hearts of the men with her smiles and charm. She was quite taken with the outlaws and looked forward to and loved each and every visit.

Robin sank against the stone wall with exhaustion and relief. The journey was to take a full day and he had made it in half that time. Somewhere in the back of his head he realized that his men also rushed to get back earlier should help be required, his heart lit up at the love his men showed not only to him but to his family. However his eyes darkened as he realized that they were not out of the woods yet.

"Robin" Marion called; she was watching him for some time, "now is the time to tell me what is wrong"

Robin straightened up and placed his hands on her shoulders, looking in her eyes. Neither spoke…until

"Robin, you are frightening the children" Translation: "You are frightening me"

Robin led them to a chair where he sat and pulled Marion onto his lap.

He kissed her head and placed his hands around her waist for he was sure the moment he uttered those words she be out of the chair in a heartbeat.

He placed his mouth near her ear and whispered

"Marion they are back. Gisborne and the Sheriff are back…"