That's what happened so far:

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That's what happened so far:

Funny, really. Ginny shook her head. Especially that Harry Potter was concerned. His choice of marriage was a surprise to everyone, even Ron. Well, he couldn't be blamed – she WAS good-looking. But Ginny never really liked her. After all, Harry's wife was never the brightest, although very kind and caring.

Ginny smiled again. She would never have thought Harry to be married to…

On with the story…


… Padma Patil. (how unexpected lol) . Ginny laughed quietly when she pulled out parchment and quills. He had attended the Yule Ball with her twin sister Parvati. And everyone thought that he was hopelessly in love with her, Ginny, or rather – Cho. Everyone was really surprised when they started dating. Not even the golden trio had known.

Draco turned up later that evening when everyone had already finished eating. He was wearing an expensive black cloak, his hair was tousled and looked tired. "Ginny, darling. How was your day?" he asked, kissing her longingly.

"I had lots to do. They were filming a break-up scene between Blaise and me!" Ginny said with a wicked grin. Draco's eyes flew open.

"And who broke up?"

"Blaise…. well, because OBVIOUSLY I had betrayed him." Ginny rolled her eyes.

Draco laughed loudly. "I hope you are not betraying me in real life."

"What are you thinking, darling?" Ginny smiled and kissed her husband lovingly.

"Would you like to eat something? Mum left something for you. It's those filled dumplings you like so much." Ginny grinned.

"Oh yes, I'm starving." Draco said longingly.

While Ginny was busying herself with pots and pans, Sasha strolled into the kitchen. "Dad!" he said, throwing himself into Draco's arms. "Sasha… how is my little boy doing?"

"Very well. Uncle Ron showed me how to play chess today." Sasha grinned enthusiastically.

"Oh DID he?" Draco said in a strained voice, sounding fake.

"Yes. He gave me great tips." Sasha's eyes lit up.

"He did, did he?" Draco said with a frown when at that moment, the door opened and Hermione and Ron walked inside.

"Hi Draco." Hermione smiled politely at her former enemy who greeted her back. Ron didn't say a word and Ginny sighed and served Draco his dinner.

"So, how is it going in the ministry?" Hermione asked him.

"Lots to do, lots to do." Draco rolled his eyes. "We've got tons of paperwork at the moment."

"Same with us. Hourly meeting of the aurors. Crazy, I'm telling you." Hermione shook her head sadly.

"I heard that, yes, the aurors are planning lots of meetings. And they are thinking of inviting us – from the department of Magical Sports and Games." Draco burst out angrily.

"What do you expect, Draco? The Quidditch World Cup is going to take place in 3 weeks! Of course we have to work together and cooperate." Hermione shook her head.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Ginny and Ron said at the same time, both being bored to death by the business talk of Hermione and Draco.


Draco and Ginny opened the door and there were… Harry and Padma as well as Lavender and Oliver Wood.

"Harry!" Ginny cried happily, embracing her ex. "Padma." she hugged his wife as well and then proceeded on to Lavender and Oliver. "What brings you here?" Ron asked completely nonplussed.

"We dropped by to say hello. Padma had to collect flowers for her sister's wedding – as you know, I will be the best man, so I came with her – I had my day off today." Harry told them.

"Really? Who is Parvati going to marry?" Ginny asked with wide eyes.

"Don't you KNOW, Ginny?" Padma asked with wide eyes. She, so much like her sister, loved gossip.

"No." Ginny and Ron said at the same time.

"Terry Boot!" Harry said as if they were crazy.

Ginny's eyes were round. "That good looking chap from Ravenclaw who also was in the DA with us." Lavender giggled, though shut up when she earned a reproving look from Oliver.

"I know him. As you might know, I was in the DA myself." Ginny scowled.

"Well and therefore we came by to deliver you the wedding invitations as well. Ron, bring Hermione… and you Ginny, bring… Malfoy." Padma sniffed.

"Thank you, Mrs. Potter, but his name is DRACO." Ginny said stiffly.


"Cho Chang?" Ginny was completely nonplussed.

"Hi Ginny. Actually, I am Cho Davies, now." Cho smiled.

"Married to Roger?" Ginny asked, not trying to show any emotion. However, she almost wanted to hit that girl when she nodded. Why did she have EVERY boy that she, Ginny also had? Michael Corner, then Harry Potter and Roger? Yes, even CEDRIC had kissed her – on a party – as a dare. But still. No one knew that of course. Ron would go ballistic.

"What are you doing here?" Ginny asked in a fake cheerful voice.

"I've got an audition."

"For the role of Nancy?" Ginny asked, wrinkling her brows.


"Good luck." Ginny said stiffly.

"Thank you. I will need it." Cho said looking around at the other 9 contestants.

Where WAS Draco? He was supposed to pick her up. Ginny didn't favour he presenece of Cho Chang any longer.

"So you are Mrs. Malfoy now?" Cho's overly-dramatic voice brought her back to the earth.

"Yes. And as you might know, we've a son called Sasha." Ginny said through gritted teeth.

"Ginny Darling." a voice called in Ginny almost sighed in relief.

Cho threw a dazzling smile at Draco. "Draco, how good to see you." she said embracing him.

Ginny threw Cho a death glare. Draco was lost but acted his part well. "How are you Mrs. Davies?" he asked politely.

"I'm fine. How do you know?" Cho asked with an exaggerated glance around.

"Department of Magical sports and games." Draco said smugly.

"Wow." Cho said in a low purring voice.

"Yes and-" Draco started but was interrupted by Ginny.

"Enough small talk. Draco and I are invited at Pansy's. Have fun at the casting." Ginny said loudly.

"Okay okay, I'm coming ginny." Draco had got the hint.

"Have fun." Draco waved at Cho who pouted slightly.


"I hope I don't have to work with her – she is a nightmare." Ginny said grumpily to Pansy and Blaise.

Pansy had invited them to a nice dinner in their garden and it was a beautiful summer's day outside.

"Why weren't you at the studios today?" Draco asked Blaise.

"I wasn't in the series this day. I broke up with Ginny, because she had betrayed me and now she keeps mourning over me and her memories that will appear in black and white on the screen and she is really sad and mourning. Well, I've got a big day tomorrow."

"Why?" Pansy asked curiously.

"Because I will have spent the day in the forest, thinking about everything… and well, forgiving Ginny once more and I came back, declaring my undying love for her. And since I spent a day in the forest, my hair will look tousled and I have dirt and twigs everywhere. I will have to be in the hair and make-up room at already 7:00 in the morning." Blaise looked thoroughly unhappy, ruffling his David-Beckham-like hairstyle.

"You will survive it." Pansy said kindly.

Blaise looked doubtfully at his girlfriend, while Draco and Ginny laughed.

It was perfect.

The end.