Me and Bubblez decided to have a competition on how many hugs we could get in a day, and the loser would have to write a fic on hugs. Needless to say I lost. By a very large margin.

It could have been a fluffy fic, but I've had a not-so-good few days, so it's angsty instead.

Bubblez: I BETAd! And it's sad. Horribly sad. But read it anyway. (and can I just say, on a lighter note, that a I managed to get 131 hugs and LadyTimelord got 5:P 100 of those hugs were from complete strangers! Hooray for walking around with a "free hugs" sign!)


As he stood there looking at her stood on the lonely beach in Norway, the image of her was burned into his brain. Her blonde hair, slightly messed, blowing in the wind, her black jacket and trousers clinging to her, the purple fingerless gloves she wore on her hands. The look on her face as he appeared, the way she smiled, and way she cried, the way she wished she was with him.

He remembered every detail about the way she was then. And before.

He remembered every kiss they shared.

He remembered every time she held his hand.

He remembered every time they'd shared a bed.

He remembered every time they made love.

He remembered everything about her.

Apart from the last time they hugged. Of all the things he loved about her, the way she held him, and how he could hold her, one thing that he desired more than anything right at that second…

…was the one thing he couldn't remember.

He couldn't remember what it felt like to hold her in his arms.

He couldn't even remember when they last hugged.

And that, more than telling her she was officially dead, more than her hints about a baby, more than the thought of never holding her hand again.

That was the thing that hurt him indescribably.